When USC Imitates A Movie

Ever since the Mike Bohn-Brandon Sosna press conference last week, I can’t stop thinking about the movie, “Caddyshack.”

The image below of Bohn-Sosna reminds me of this scene:

Spalding Smails:
I want a hamburger… no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake…

Judge Smails:
You’ll get nothing, and like it!


25 thoughts on “When USC Imitates A Movie

  1. It is more like a Lorry and Hardy small film. Lost, dazed, and confused wit h out a good ending. Or worse yet, it is Apocolypse Now, it is very surreal.

    For Just Rent, I will make it easy for you, surreal means weird and it makes no sense and there is no logic. Gotta dumb it down for the guy.

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    1. D’oh, “Lorry and Hardy” is surreal. Just not “very surreal” PT.

      It’s Laurel and Hardy you mincing, douche bag.

      #SUCC Enquish Ph.D.’s, what a sham – “I smart, caus I went ta THUCC uneversidicity.


      1. Hey, rents!!!! K-mart is having a blue light special on men’s suits. According to a source, a few size XXXL are still available. Run, don’t walk

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  2. Hey, wolfman!!!! I will take it, you were on a donut high when you made this post. It ranks high on your list of super-lame comments. And!!!!! when can we get some unbias reporting on what’s taking place on the practice field

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    1. There is nothing to report you stupid bitch! USC sucks and we all know it. So choke on the next penis down your throat!


  3. And I thought you were going for Groundhog Day when we do the same stupid thing over and over.
    You might try saying the ending of Casino Royal when Bond get smacked in the neither regions with a knotted rope, because watching the team play occasionally feels that way
    Or maybe the odd couple? No wait that’s a movie about Scott and Helton.


  4. I’m on-board with any Judge Smails-Bicho Carol Folt references. “I’ve sent young men younger than you to the gas chamber … I felt lIke I owed it to them.”

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      1. I agree with you about Plaschke, Charles he’s been acting like a real biatch lately. Going all pussified and woke latley. The whole L.A. times rag is a nothing but a propaganda mouth piece for the left woke movement including sports.


  5. Keely gonna be displeased…
    Told ya it was the player’s parents. Helton so bad parents of kids on other teams are dogging him. #RecallBohn2021


    1. Football so bad, you can’t give it away. Meanwhile, Troy Aikman and Casey Wasserman both of whom helped fund Chip’s contract, have politely declined to give any more $$$ to this train wreck.

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      1. And this year’s attendance will be lower than that. Every coach in the last 25 years has been fired. They haven’t won a rose bowl in about 40 years. They haven’t been to a major bowl in about 25 years. They aren’t even an afterthought.

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      2. Sounds like they don’t want to donate to the chippers donut fund anymore. He’s been cut off.


    2. What a fucin joke, no comments just like on Fox news; so everyone can rip on Helton about how pathetic his recruiting prowess is in his own back yard.. Just like they turn them off at Fox news so everyone won’t get in an uproar about how fucin pathetic Joe Talibiden is.

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  6. My comment was @ smacky d’s link This stupid ass reply order put me at the bottom. Always some fucin nonsense with this blog!


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