If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

USC is playing LSU in 2024. The first reaction is to ask whether Clay Helton will coach the Trojans in that game? But I’m wondering if there is a better chance Helton will coach the game than Ed Orgeron, thanks to USC’s utter malaise when it comes to making a decision on Helton.

Actually, maybe there is a scenario where Orgeron coaches the game . . . for USC.

It could happen if Luke Fickell decides he wants a different job and turns USC down. Then where does Coach Bohn turn? L-S-U? It would at least make Bohn popular with the fans and alumni.

  • I’m so tired of hearing Mike Bohn talk about hiring support staff that I wonder if he has the courage to even make a coaching change? Especially when USC has an easy schedule that doesn’t include Oregon or Washington.
  • Is it too soon to monitor No. 3 QB Miller Moss now that Jaxson Dart is officially the No. 2 QB? These days it is never too early.
  • Korey Foreman might be the No. 1-ranked freshman in the nation by some, but he’s basically a third-down pass rusher if you listen to the USC coaches. That was basically the role occupied by Keith Rivers his freshman season.
  • USC really wants fans at tonight’s women’s volleyball game vs. Denver. The first 1,000 get a T-shirt and football season-ticket holders were given free tickets to the game.
  • BYU had 5,000 fans at Thursday night’s 2-1 victory over USC women’s soccer. The Trojans are 0-2 with losses to Pepperdine and BYU.
  • If the Pac-12 goes to 8 conference games in 2024 that USC could add a Big Ten game or an Alliance game besides the LSU and Notre Dame games.

And now for some history with a 1980’s flavor:


Can you name the Trojan above making the catch vs. UCLA in the 1990’s? I’ll reveal his identity in the column supplement later today.
USC linebacker Marcus Cotton (58) applies pressure to ASU QB Jeff Van Raaphorst at the Coliseum in 1986.


USC used to be good at card stunts. Here’s one from the 1949 game vs. Washington State.


Otis Day and the Knights made a music video at USC in 1986.


It’s Doctor Munchy’s from the 1980’s! At least the doctor never ran out of food.


It’s the venerable La Barca, a USC institution.

  • Do you remember Nick Shammas? He owned Felix Chevrolet, the beautiful, big, black cat on Figueroa and Jefferson. Shammas bought Felix Cheverolet in 1955 and in 1958 moved to its historic location at  3330 S. Figueroa St.

He also owned seven other auto dealerships but USC fans/students remember him for Felix Chevrolet. I can remember being around USC administrators in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s desperate to get their hands on the property, especially when the Galen Center was being constructed across the street. They never did.

All hail the beautiful, big black cat flexing his legs.

87 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

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      Should have left right then and there, but republicans threw a fit and wanted to stay


      1. Obama was the President then! If he really wanted us out of Afghanistan we would been out. Or was he really that weak? You are really…………………reaching. How pathetic.

        Taliban: “Thank you, Joe Biden! You are our kind of prez”

        Tebowo… is exhibit number one for “You cannot cure stupid”


  1. Great history as usual, including the “Black Cat” dealership. Looking at the 1949 game vs Wazzu, check out the crowd. Those were the days when college football really mattered on the west coast.

    Orlando runs tons of blitzes, so Foreman will be out there much more frequently than just third down and long.

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    1. Speaking of blitzes, I hope USC O-Line is ready for all the disguises they’re gonna see on September 4th.
      67 –Do you think there’s a chance it will be USC (coached by Orgeron) versus LSU (coached by Helton) in 2024? [That would be so tight].
      btw, Do you remember when Tuco in the Good, the Bad and Ugly said that scared people talk too much? For some reason that line came back to me when I looked at tebow’s comments today [tebow IS Tuco —a crafty trickster…. who the audience loves to hate]……

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      1. SJSU returns just about every starter from last year, they will have played a game before they play USC, albeit So. Utah, but a game none the less. Their coach is obviously better than Clay Dough, but who isn’t ? People think SC will just cruise to 10 wins, I don’t see it.

        Tebow is the stain at the bottom of a gas station toilet.

        Biden thinks ISIS is the Bob Dylan song.

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      2. The last time I was in California it seemed like nobody was using the men’s room toilet —they were aiming for the area left and right of it….

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    2. The only thing Tony Orlando can run is a yellow ribbon around an old oak tree.

      Orlando’s defense…pffft! What do you want to bet the first Trojan injury will happen to a polynesian Dawn


      1. Just wait until the woke crowd figure out a reason why the Felix sign is offensive to American society. Then it’s toast.



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  2. Mike Bohn doesn’t have the juice to make a big-time hire. That’s why he doesn’t take the obvious course of action and fire Charles Clay Helton. Once he does that and can’t bring in his old Cincy hire Fickell or Matt Campbell of Chris Petersen, Bohner will be be exposed for the fraud that he is. For now, Bohner can sit back and let fans blame Carol Fraud. #USCFrauds

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      1. Presidente Biden: “It didn’t occur to me they might misuse it.”

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      2. Actually I prefer the story where you and your party stop crying about the loss you took! And I predicted. Then, I will read the story on how your school has been trash for 15 years now. Then I will read about how your school actually trails UCLA in academic rankings. So why the fuck would anyone listen to your inept site clicking rhetoric?? You are white trash!


      3. When you offer real criticism rather than generic sow trash I might listen. But that won’t happen because as everyone knows, sow is irrelevant. sow has no standing in football or basketball until they win something THIS CENTURY. As far as institutional academic rankings, I can match two for each of your one. Tell me, will sow set another attendance record this year as they did in 2019?

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      4. So funny trying to extol the virtues of sow… I find it comical that you choose academic ranking, I’ll find two for every one you can post.. but what really rings hollow is your implying I’m racist. Clearly, I have equal hatred for people of all persuasions, including Caucasian. When you demonstrate tolerance toward others I might even take your criticism as relevant, but as it stands you’re no more relevant than sow’s footballl or basketball teams which haven’t won a damn thing this CENTURY.


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      5. You are a racist piece of shit! Only good news is you will die much sooner than me! 2 for 1? Fuck are you talking about? USC is #20 and UCLA is #17 end of story. USC is nationally known as a clown college. They haven’t done shit in basketball ever! You are the Harold Miner of this blog. You are a waste of time and will crawl under a rock when Clay Helton trots that trash program onto the field.


      6. I’d call you mud, but at least he’s as dumb as dirt. As far as being racist goes, you’ve got that covered as well, much better than most of the amateurs you accuse… foad you little turd in a punch bowl!!💥✌🏾💥✌️💥✌🏾💥💋💋

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      7. That is treason during the time of war. Has a president ever been shot by a firing squad for treason? If not, let Biden, along with Harris, Ding Bat Pelosi, and the rest of the Democraps be the first.

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    1. You really need to consider a better source of information. You must sit the basement at your dead mothers house. Playing with yourself and clicking every far right racist site you can find 😂😂😂. I can’t wait for USC to take the first loss, but we know you will run away and leave MG in the barracks taking all the bullets! Just like that other racist faggot we ran off this blog!


      1. You really hurt my feelings with your homophobic diatribes.. I’m sure I won’t eat for a month nor sleep for at least 3hrs….


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      2. Here’s one on Gavin Newsome and the French Laundry Connection. Selling us out to corporations. The media only telling us half the story about what was going on. Trying to take the citizens of Paradise land.

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  3. SUCC FB plays follow the leader with UCLA and schedules LSU in 2024. What’s more incredible is Wolf hints the bozo’s might try to poach Ed O services should Helton receive his “see ya” invitation.

    Besides winning the CFB NC for LSU, Coach O seems like the same person St. Pat considered unacceptable prior to employing the legendary Sark.

    SUCC: the rational FB program.


      1. Answer: the last sow coach not fired worked back in the day when the internet was brand new, before Amazon was started, before Google, before…

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      2. I really don’t understand how mud keeps posting this crud like sow was relevant in anything other than softball and women’s gymnastics (because we don’t field teams)..

        sow, where coaches go to die..

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      3. Gee Pisley, you chronic anal itch, UCLA has never had five (5) HFBC’s in three (3) years or had to fire an alky AD, like “Fireballs” St. Pat and his premium purchased alky HFBC, “Sark the Magnificent.”

        I mean, who can forget the Boston College game, SUCC snatches a humiliating defeat from the jaws of a bozo victory, choka, choka, choka, choke job?

        BTW Itchy, check this out:


        It seems Dicky-V has no desire to watch Andyain’twinning’s 2021-22 bozo cupcake BB garbage. I mean who cares about an Elite Eight (8), 19 point Loser/SUCCer.

        #Cue: Andyain’twinning’s whiny, pitiful recording of “How come I dona get a Boner BB contract extension?”


    1. Coach O didn’t get the job back in 2013 because Haden, with his white shoes law firm sensibilities, found O to be a little too earthy and perhaps too direct for his liking. What makes anyone think Carol Folt would give Coach O the time of day?

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      1. Not to mention Coach O had a bar fight, I think, way back in the day, WOKE Folt won’t hire him.

        WOKE Folt wouldn’t hire Saban, he’s mean and aggressive and not PC

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      1. Damn ’67, as usual, blind as mole and moronic as Pisley; UCLA will play LSU in home (2021) and home (2124) dates starting a 9/4/2021, @ the Rose Bowl.

        Who’s SUCC FB playing 9/4/2021 ’67? Let me help you ’67, the mighty Clownster’s face SJSt., at the Crumbling Mausoleum – f**king yuge.

        If you buy a ticket to the game ’67, Clown U will throw in ticket to an exciting Denver vs the bozo chicks Volleyball game; a SUCC FB, 2020 Pac-12 S. Conf. winner, T-shirt valued at $29.99; a $2.50 discount coupon for the Clown U soup kitchen; a replica of Reggie Bush’s FB practice Jock Strap; a video compilation of Andyain’twinning’s ugliest BB losses, and the piece de resistance, an autographed Osa Messina arrest mug shot.

        No wonder, Rah-Rah blog members are organizing circle jerks ’cause SUCC has scheduled LSU in 2024 in Las Vegas.

        #SUCC FB: Terrible as a Trump cheeseburger fart.


      2. Your out of conference starts tomorrow…who’s that first game against? Oh yeah the team SJSU WALLOPED. Why do you only tell half truths and lies?
        Out OOC is > yours,

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      3. owns, I don’t even know why I respond to your pretzel logic, if it even fits that description. You could untwist yourself by 90 degrees, and still be screwed tighter than the cap on your mountain dew.

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      4. Tbum always the first to post on this new daily blog and didn’t attend SC.
        At least he’s got that ranking going for him.

        Mule, with infinite wisdom, roots for a school he wasn’t eligible to attend.
        At least he got that going for him.

        FU, filling the gaps with his own brand of assinine stupidy. He’s also *1 in his own mind.

        The three amigo trolls.

        All I can add is,
        OTIS, MY MAN.

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  4. Love seeing the old pictures of the TMB when they were in military style uniforms. Those days, I have been told, all music majors had to march in the band. The band was really small at the time. It is a matter of historical fact that the Stanford band was once a fine marching organization, but that’ll never happen again.
    Ucla on the other hand has an excellent music program and distinguished alumni. (there I said something nice about the other guys)

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    1. THIS JUST IN: Unfortunately, UCLA is in serious trouble (again) today. The Times is reporting Chip’s been feeding the team donuts packed with human growth hormones…..

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    1. Bartner tried dating as many band members as he could right up until the time he retired and had no lead left in his pencil. That’s the story I got from some very reliable sources.

      One source said he would be jerking himself and get all frustrated because he couldn’t get it up, frustrated to the point of physical anger at himself.

      What a damn freak!

      That pervert Rick Caruso is probably the same way as he jerks off to Youtuber’s on his yacht.


  5. In 2024 there is a better chance that both Mike Bohn, and Carol Folt will be gone. Unfortunately, in the meantime it looks like either Clay Helton or Luke Fickell will be the USC Head Coach. The real question is will USC be competitive in football in 2024. Wolf, is 100% correct there are too many internal changes going on within the USC Athletic it’s time to win football games Mr. Bohn, or get out of town. We are tired of listening to your “used car salesman” statements on the current status of the program it’s all about how many games USC football wins on an annual basis. Your fixing the interior of the car within the athletic program, but the exterior needs a complete overhaul including a new transmission which starts with the hiring of the correct football coach at USC.

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    1. Here on the island all the working parts of a car are under the hood ….but…. Bohn is the leader of the pack when it comes to replacing hood ornaments…..

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  6. OK. fans if a head coaching trade was possible would you today trade Clay Helton for UCLA Head Coach Chip Kelly RIGHT NOW.??? This should be an interesting poll!

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    1. Good one Tommy! We all know the answer. I will wait for Dudly 76 to give her answer. probably out getting a dozen donuts herself.


      1. I was but Shazam‼️ I was late as chippie ($1.2M/win) kelly was there ahead of me and bought out the place again. Damn that chippie.

        $1.2M/win…. what an f’n bargain!

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      2. Donut guy: Hi Coach Chip! Maple, Chocolate or Strawberry?
        Chip: “The Usual. 7 Dozen of all three. And can you add more of that human growth hormone you injected yesterday?”

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    2. Chip vs. Clay is tantamount to choosing between Jack in the Box versus Taco Bell. Just skip the meal and wait for the next one.

      (Sorry, owns, I know that both of those fast food chains delight your sofiticated palate. )

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      1. Well he does prefer Taco Bell as they let him work the drive thru window… only because he doesn’t have to remember the magic question “would you like fries with that order”….

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  7. They are trying to rebuild USC football by beefing up the recruiting department, hiring new assistants(how many assistants have they hired in the last 5 years?) and hiring video people but not going with another head coach is an exercise in futility. We need to move on from CH(unless he seriously proves that he can bring SC football back to glory) and once we do that then we will decide who will be the next HC. We need to bring in a proven winner. As long as Clay is there we won’t get quality coaches(who’s going to want to come here and coach for one year) and we will continue to lose a lot of 5 stars from right here in our backyard. And we won’t get quality O-Linemen. Those kids are not stupid. They can see that we’ve gone through about 5 O-Line coaches in the last 5 years. How many O-Line coaches did Toa and Viani have in their 4 years at SC?

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    1. Answer: 3 coaches for the o-line in 4 years….but…look at the bright side…


  8. I totally respect your answers to the poll. Honesty is always the best policy = Chip Kelly anytime over Clay Helton……but then again I would say neither coach is in the Top 5 as best coaches in the Pac 12, and both are overpaid especially Helton.

    I say UCLA has something good going on this year if they can play some defense they have a chance to be very good, and in contention for the Pac 12 South title. Will they beat SC no ……..definitely not at the Coliseum but that game just might be for the Pac 12 South Championship.

    NOTE: PLEASE TELL PRESDENT CAROL FOLT to stop wearing SHORT DRESSES. Your way too old Carol, and your legs look like tree stumps in your recent pictures. Don’t feel bad Carol even Twiggy stopped wearing mini skirts after the age of 30, and your in your early 70’s.

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    1. President Folt: Please don’t listen to tommyd!
      #L.A.TimesNewYearsDay2022Headline: —-


    2. What does being a woman make any difference in how she does business?– For starters, women on the whole are DNA-wired to be nice to men and make babies. And so women spend a lot of time looking for a suitable mate. In business, males may see this female-niceness as weakness, and hence attempt to extract an unfair settlement.

      But at least in the law, over my 50-years experience, women-lawyers are not taken in by the males, and women know their client’s case’s worth, and are willing to fight to the end to make it happen.

      So if you are are a male lawyer, beware of the females lurking in the dark.


    3. I agree that UCLA is going to be good this year. I don’t agree that they won’t beat SC. Somebody predicted that Hawaii would beat them this saturday. That guy is definitely smoking something


  9. Sirhan Sirhan, Assassin of Robert F. Kennedy Granted Parole.
    George Gascon first Los Angeles DA not to argue against Sirhan’s parole. Gascon’s election supported big-time by USC Gould Law’s Jody Armour in conjunction with their joint affiliation with the Soros Open Society.


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