USC Monday Buzz: There Were Some Missing Parts Vs. San Jose St.

One interesting aspect of the San Jose State game was who did not play.

There was a lot of build up in August about some young receivers and you didn’t see freshman Michael Jackson playing. You didn’t see the oft-injured Kyle Ford, who is supposed to be healthy. And you didn’t see John Jackson.

Normally, you want to give reserves some playing time now. But the Pac-12 is so bad I’m not sure it matters. USC-Stanford used to be a big game. Does anyone think the Cardinal have a chance this week?

USC opened as an 18-point favorite.

61 thoughts on “USC Monday Buzz: There Were Some Missing Parts Vs. San Jose St.

      1. Was Scott taking a shot at Helton personally when he headlined this piece as “Missing parts”?


      2. pudly’s mom has man hands, she can really beat a tree.

        She still ain’t worth a whole nickel for a nights work


    1. That’s right! I believe your sorry ass school can lose to anyone on that cupcake schedule! They are still a terrible program. It’s gonna feel good to see you knocked off this high horse.


      1. Somewhere out there, there’s a little boy thinking of the meanest things he can say to make the hurt go away…

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      1. UCLA FB is 45 – 43 – 3 vs Stanford all-time.

        #Question: Pisley, why do you leave your head up your kazoo? I’m thinking it’s because your pinhead is severely constipated?


    1. Oh no, I forgot the “T” in Stanford. No doubt his royal head up his kazoo, Dear Pisley, will land on my mistake like a fly on fresh dog sh*t.

      #SUCC FB: Tough as a bowl of little marshmallows


      1. While you do resemble fresh dog shit, both in mentality and smell, I have no intention of pointing out your substandard posting…

        This is Wolf’s site after all.


      2. The “Sanford” comment (obvious jab at the venerable & honorable Coach Shaw) was about as evilly racist as it gets….

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    2. Fuck you Owns!!
      You got any money to back up your mouth.? ucla is a big blue sissy
      afraid to go on the road. LSU lost five games last season.


  1. San Jose should’ve been a cakewalk which would’ve allowed for everyone to have gotten valuable playing time. Alas Clay Helton is the coach and everything including player development is F’d up. Stanford is better than San Jose.

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  2. JUST FIRE Gomer Claydo HE’ll ton. And that Will Get RIDD of the PROBLEM. . Then go get a Top Level Coach and Start Recruiting 4-5 Star Offensive line man That can BLOCK and Push the other teams Defense backwards. USC Can have a Running Game. .

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  3. We all know we are stuck with Clay for now. That said, what I liked on Saturday (I napped a bit during Q2 and Q3, they seemed like they went on forever) were:

    emergence of leadership in both Drakes

    34 carries for 160 yards, 4.7 average versus 97 yards per game, 3.7 average last year, 120th out of 127 teams in 2020. IMO SJSU defense was not any worse than the average team USC played last year.

    excellent pass rush when Drake Jackson was on team. Great speed, quickness, strength, he influenced the whole D.

    The freshman Bullock (who wasn’t even a regular corner in high school) is a football player in every sense of the word. We had way too many missed tackles, but not by that kid, he knows how to wrap up.

    Special teams are still a worry, as is failing to get Christon onto the field outside of kickoff returns, and too many second and longs on offense.

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    1. Special Team play will get better. [Nixon knows better — first game jitters]?

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    2. trojans967 – there are improvements for sure, but when I watched UCLA play LSU I realized that the chance we beat UCLA this year is pretty slim.

      there are just so many coaching failures on the offensive side of the ball. the Pac-12 South has 3 programs that can beat us – UCLA, Utah and ASU.

      I’m pulling for the team, but really feeling like what I saw last week is going to make it hard to win the Pac-12.


  4. But you just did point out my “substandard” post, Pisley. Pisley and his sibling flies cavort on fresh dog sh*t.

    #SUCC FB: Tough as dust motes.


    1. Nah, I replied to your substandard reply to yourself that was directed at me. But don’t let the truth get in your f’n way.

      mud, dumb as dirt only wetter


  5. Clays best line at the post game presser was when he called San Joe a top25 team. Damn. Look, I get that Helton aint the first guy to use a lil’ creative license when reality doesn’t match the hype, but good gravy… top25? That’s the equivalent of ol’ Quiver Lip Clay telling us he nicknamed his penis “Superman”.
    Note to Clay: Bro, just cause your shiny head is too big for your body doesn’t mean you have to get all misty eyed when a reporter wants to know why your team is grossly underperforming (again). Some follicle challenged coaches, like Bruce B, actually bring their big boy pants on game day…

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    1. So mean. Thank you.
      According to Phil Steele both San Jose State and BYU are top 50 teams (barely—coming in at 49th and 50th).
      [I never want to see Clay cry on camera again…it makes me too sad]…..

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      1. P. S.
        If Coach Clay used that many bad words (or the same bad word that many times) in 60 seconds, Coach Folt would give him the spanking of his life….

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      2. Mom is Spain Spanish, the ol’ man Czech y Norwegian. Guess which one provided the hair gene (hint: starts with a “N” and ends with a “N”). On the bright side its made getting a haircut a no fuss, no muss deal since HS freshman year hellweek: a 1 on the sides, a 2 on top, but if ya fu*k up the top, a 1 all the way around. I call it the Optical Illusion Style.

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  6. USC Monday Buzz: There Were Some Missing Parts Vs. San Jose St.

     “and you didn’t see freshman Michael Jackson playing. You didn’t see the oft-injured Kyle Ford, who is supposed to be healthy. And you didn’t see John Jackson.”

    Michael and John Jackson strained their pussies playing with each other during practice and Kylie Ford pulled her cltoris and will be out three to four weeks


      1. MG’s wife’s clitoris surely isn’t worn out, he spends more time here in this blog than he does with his wife.

        He probably doesn’t even remember what a clitoris looks like.




      2. I suspected the “Mrs. Business” was in the rearview —- join all the rest of my lawyer friends…….


    1. “They need one more wide receiver to step and make his mark and they have a lot of great candidates who can accomplish that.”



      Clay and Goober have only recruited about 40 WR’s over the last three seasons and 99% of them haven’t been worth a damn.


  7. STANFORD …indians of old had some real good teams & q/b’s in 50’s and into 70’s…then the program went political as did the whole school; some how some body decided to hire Harbaugh and they were back 15 yrs ago,and now they seem to be drifting ,but it ‘ain’t over yet’ Shaw still coaches like a real coach. They have not recruited as well recently,that is part of it,hope sc wins,just doubt hellton 100% of the time.

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    1. David Shaw 90 Wins, 36 lossses as a HC in 10 yrs: that’s an average 10-4 season. Not bad.

      I think we see a good, ball-control Stanford team Saturday night.
      If I needed the cash, I’d take Stanford and 18 pts.
      (ie, USC wins by less than 18)


  8. Lane Kiffin might not have worked out as USC , but he is an offensive genius. I noticed his teams still pass the ball alot, but through experience he uses 3 backs in the red zone to run the ball or power football. Graham Harrell needs to do the same thing put some extra blockers in front of the running backs to compensate for a poor offensive line. Harrell, appears too stubborn to make adjustments, and thinks you can pass the ball all day in the red zone which is proving to be false.

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    1. Rewatch the game.
      There were 2 back sets many times.

      I like Vavae and Christon in the same backfield with misdirection slants by Christon.
      Get him into the open field and Stanford will be eating his contrails.


  9. Lots of variety in the Ol Miss offense Kiffin runs. They also run the option in the red zone to keep the defense offense. After watching our 1 dimensional offense it is quite exciting watching an offense that has several options especially in the red zone.

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    1. As offensive minds there isn’t even the beginning of a comparison between Graham and Lane. Pete Carroll was aware of Lane’s emotional limitations as a coach —but he knew he was one of the top minds in college football when it came to play calling (Lane called the 4th and 9 play at Notre Dame that set us up for the win)…..

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