Mike Bohn Gets A Labor Day Endorsement

Here’s Su’a Cravens’ Labor Day endorsement.


38 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Gets A Labor Day Endorsement

    1. Bohn isn’t the worst A. D. in the world —and some of the criticism here (mostly mine and yours) is a bit over the top — but to hand out an unqualified compliment like that is suspect. As a general rule, you wanna make your butt kissing more subtle……

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      1. Su’a knows plenty ..& I respect that…and him. But whenever you volunteer a full-allegiance compliment serving your own interest you undermine your credibility.

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  1. Love USC and USC football alumni, but they’re a bunch of pussies when it comes to publicly criticizing #ClayHelton, #MikeBohn or the current state of USC football. #ReggieBush #MattLeinart #WakeTheFuckUp

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  2. Watching a replay of the game I saw things others had mentioned. For instance someone pointed out the refs ignored after play unnecessary roughness against London. After a play in early on the second quarter Drake was surrounded by three players and a fourth came in and locked his arm around London’s head, ripping his helmet off his head. London had to leave the game, but by rule he should have been awarded more yardage and had to leave the field.
    As for blocking at times it seemed as if the line hadn’t practised against live bodies. The tackles didn’t engage across the line. They reared up and posed like football trophies, and then chased the opposing player toward Slovis.
    The zero running plays for a score inside the red zone was evidence of missed assignments when the pressure is on.
    Oh and this is not my first post, just the first as this identity.

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    1. There are no 2 ways about it—the refs let SJS get away with a lot of cheap crap the whole game…. and they were trying to cheapshot London right outta the game….

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  3. Sua Cravens would’ve given Pat Haden, and Lynn Swann an endorsement, it makes no difference with us USC ass licks . Is a matter of fact, Cravens would give a Chimpanzee the same endorsement if he sat in the athletic directors office 😂

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  4. Of course Cravens endorsed Bohn who probably had to approve his hiring for the USC pre-game radio show

    I don’t see many of our former players attending games- Marcus, Charlie White, Cody Kessler, AD, none of them have endorsed Bohn, and seem to have lost interest in the program which is bad.


  5. I do think that Mike Bohn is a good AD. I think that he seriously wants to bring back the glory days. I think that Carol Folt is trying to not stand in the ways(without rattling all the “woke” crowd which runs SC…..quite a bit different from Max Nakias who was part of the “woke” crowd). Mike Bohn is head and shoulders above Haden and Swann who were just “yes men”.

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    1. Three Natty’s by the Women’s sports program in a challenging COVID year is pretty good, IMHO.

      Time for the men’s sports to bring home champs.
      Bohn is a good AD with some good moves at CU (brought in tons of cash and built some great facilities at CU. Transitioned CU from the less competitive Big 12 to the Pac. Hired Tad Boyle). Looks like he did a good job at Cincy.

      I’ll RESERVE FINAL JUDGEMENT to the end of CFB season. I’d fire the HC with a 10-3 season.


      1. FU,

        You are a despecable piece of feces. U get your jollies by ragging on people. Ur act is old. Get a new one or move on. Michael Gurarino is ten millions time better than you.


      2. I can’t just accept him just because he’s president. The guy is totally incompetent. He doesn’t hire the best person for the job, he hires the most politically correct and ‘Woke’ person. That’s why he gets inferior people working for him. People who, like him, are also incompetent. He’s got one man(or woman…..I’m not sure anymore) that is a department head(part of his cabinet) who has a beard and a mustache and wears a dress. When is the last time that happened? Answer….when is never!


  6. Cravens had natural talent and could have been an NFL star, but 3 head coaches in 3 seasons and 3 different positions in that time led him to jump too early. USC failed to prepare him for the NFL it’s as plain as that. I had to look him up to see what he had done in the NFL. Basically he quit. My guess is injury and attitude took the fun out of football. He had a chance, man he had a chance but USC blew it and he gave up.

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      1. So GTFO? Go Trojans Fight On? I thought TO was a bruin..

        Oh my feet hurt from jumping to conclusions….my sides hurt from my belt pinching my fat rolls

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  7. the situation with Sua Craven’s is, that he has not built up a reputation that can say that endorsement about Bohn. He is brand new to the announcer’s table. If it were Pete Arbogast then maybe I would believe him. But with Sua, he is too new to say that.


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