USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Callen Bullock

The new Boy Wonder led USC with eight tackles in his debut. What will the coaches do when Isaiah Pola-Mao returns?

Drake Jackson

What a difference an interception makes. Other than the pick, he had two tackles in the game.

Drake London

The star lived up to his billing.

Coach Bohn

USC scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter so he can keep acting like everything is hunky dory.


The Pac-12

Washington suffered its worst loss ever at Husky Stadium. Coach Not Vaccinated loses to Utah State. Justin Wilcox loses to Nevada. Stanford barely scored vs. Kansas State. Oregon almost lost to Fresno State.

Graham Harrell

You and I know this guy is often full of it but his Air Raid couldn’t produce against San Jose State? Even some diehard USC fans might be questioning him now.

Mike Bohn

The athletic director at USC gets to decide the final attendance figure. To release the attendance as 54,000 is laughable/criminal.


It is now a “stat” to list how many times a receiver got targeted in a game. I’d rather know how many times a cornerback got targeted.

Coliseum concessions

You know there is a small crowd. And still at least one concession was out of water at halftime. I heard some nightmare stories with the “cashless” concessions and there were few drinks being sold in the stands.

With no fans in almost two years, USC wasn’t ready for center stage. Or even a game with few fans.

You got a problem? Have a $16 beer! Forget about it!

USC women’s volleyball

They just had a tough road trip with losses to undefeated Creighton and defending NCAA champions Kentucky. Still, USC should beat Creighton.

USC is now 3-3. The good news is it plays struggling Hawaii this weekend.

66 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. womens vball sure hit bottom fast after they fired one of the best coaches ever…typical sc these days…kiffin and sark are looking good,out from under the recent attitude of sc regime…it all comes from the top and rolls own hill

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    Pac12 Football
    3-6 including losses to the Big8, Montana, Nevada, and Utah State. George Kliavkoff good luck on that next TV contact.

    Charles Clay Helton
    Someone said he was crying in the locker room!?

    Sua Cravens
    Supposedly outspoken, sucks up to Mike Bohn like most USC football alumni.

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      1. Serious question: Is the video featuring Carol Folt, 9 students, Tommy Trojan and Traveler —ALL wearing masks —supposed to be funny? Or does it represent USC Medical Policy?

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  3. Winners and Losers of the week
    USC football, it’s players and it’s fans. A school with such a great football tradition shouldn’t be subjected to Clay Helton and his inept OC any longer. Leading a very average, out talented and probably awestruck ( I don’t know why ) MWC team 13-7 a little into the 4th quarter is a joke, the final score does not indicate how inept this team is coached.

    Opie Harrell. There must be high school coaches that can call a better game than this clown. His silly offense can’t function near the goal line because space is so limited, he has no clue about a running game and the OL isn’t coached to run block to begin with, fail.

    USC attendance. You can claim there were 54,000+ people there but everyone knows better, it won’t get any better going forward. And maybe you can make the game day experience more miserable, expensive and inconvenient for people to stay away, I’m sure someone is working on that as I type.

    The PAC 12 aside from ucla. UDUB loses AT HOME to Montana. Three other schools schedule FCS schools with more to come. Washington State loses at home to MWC Utah St., Cal loses at home to MWC Nevada, Stanford looked inept, and how about their coach SMILING after a loss, Shaw is a FRAUD. Arizona looked better bad still bad, Oregon St looked better, Oregon was looking ahead but probably aren’t all that, MWC Fresno St probably should have beaten them in Eugene.
    With all the Mountain West schools being scheduled by PAC 12 schools, maybe the PAC 12 and MWC conference should merge. They could call it the Pacific Mountain Shitshow, aka PMS.

    Gomer Helton. ucla wins a big game to overshadow Gomer’s team looking inept as usual, no one in the press will will care, no one will ask him hard questions, the USC rah rah sites will gloss over his ineptitude, he’s the Teflon Coach making millions

    Luke Fickell. He’s going to get a lot of money from some school. Would he even want the SC job if offered ? If an SEC or BIG 10 school comes after him, USC will be out of luck unless he’s already told Bohner he’ll come if offered. But remember, Fickell worked under Tressel as well as Meyer at OSU. Tressel resigned because of mis doings and we all know about Meyer, WOKE Carol may not sign off on him if Bohner offers him the gig, guilt by association and all that, not to mention it’s going to cost a lot to buy him out, hire him as well as pay good money for top assistants, we all know how WOKE Carol feels about wealthy boosters helping out.

    Ucla. You tell me which LA school’s football team is headed in the right direction

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  4. The Biggest Loser Donald J. Trump Headed For Bankruptcy Again…

    Thw Russian Mafia wants tbeir money, filing bankruptcy won’t save Trump from a hitman.


  5. New Orleans, Louisiana Trumplican Losers’…what did they think was going to happen to their shit hole city after a hurricane when it’s built below sea level?


      1. What part of, “Trumplicans run the cesspool that is the state/shit hole…Louisiana.”…don’t you understand?


      2. Karma — You’re scoring …but it’s kinda useless cuz tebow doesn’t realize you’re scoring. The best reply is merely George Burns’ “Goodnight, Gracie.”

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  6. What on earth is a souvenir chicken nacho? I guess if they were Unlimited Souvenir Chicken nachos the $20.00 price. But souvenir chicken sounds like something leftover from a comedy club. And why are they more expensive than supreme nachos?
    I guess not going to a game costs me important knowledge.

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    1. “longer he’s being coached”…my bad.

      If you want to call the incompetence Helton and Goober are teaching, “coaching”.

      USC is getting the dumbest of the dumb high school players. Anyone who commits to playing for Helton and Goober must be fucking retarded.


    2. There was an LA Times puff piece on Slovis and how his private qb coach fixed his mechanics over the summer. In other words, none of the SC coaches knew how to do it last year. It’s a hallmark of the Helton era that players leave playing worse than when they arrived.

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      1. Slovis throws like a bitch…chuck & duck 2.0

        If they don’t get Dart in there soon they’re going to be in a world of hurt.


      1. Funny…but I hope we’re ready for them. [We’ll get our own test in South Bend. If we come outta that with a “W” we’ll be just fine against the other Kelly-coached team].

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      2. Let me see. Isn’t LSU a sub .500 team the last 2 seasons (this and last) and didn’t they have to evacuate to Houston game week due to a hurricane?
        Ruins have wins over 2 weak opponents, let’s let the season play out before we declare them “back”….

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      3. Pisley, you anal carbuncle, UCLA is 6 – 1 vs SEC teams since 2000.

        Clown U, on the other hand, eagerly bent over early in Alabama’s 52 – 6 victory.

        #SUCC FB: Cue “Give it to Me”


    1. Pudly —I wrote a long reply but it got “moderated” for no earthy reason [only comments about clits are allowed, apparently]. Basically I said we’ll be fine if we don’t allow Notre Dame to dictate the pace. ALL of Kelly’s teams seem to panic when the opponent takes it to them —the way Florida State did in the 4th quarter.

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      1. USC is still awful and you won’t beat either Kelly team. How much of a Clay Helton cocksucker can you be? Never mind, you are the biggest cocksucker there is. You talk shit all year and after 1 lackluster game MG is a Helton fan. Not sure what game you watched but USC still looks like the same piece of shit they’ve always been. You are the epitome of Clown U. 😂😂😂


      2. And the ruins beat….

        1 .500 team and one that had to evacuate from a hurricane and is sub .500. Look at the lsu scores from last year and ruins are BELOW #5 in both scoring and defense. WOW‼️


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    2. u…r..correct, but even a broken clock can be right…right???
      have to admit chip learns, unlike hellton, and has finally hit a groove that may lead to some victories.

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  7. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Pac 12 probably played it’s way out of any chance of making an appearance in the CFP with their abysmal performance this past weekend.

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  8. I have never been a Helton fan, but I have to say that I now feel that Helton is no longer the main problem at SC. It is Harrell.

    The overall culture of the SC football program seems like it has turned around. It is alot more serious about winning and player development. They are not committing stupid fouls and have a real S&C program in place.

    It is now the offensive scheme and the culture on the offensive side of the ball that is deficit. This is all on GH. I think that GH is a very young coach who needs to be mentored by a better coach for a while, but at USC, Helton isnt able to be a mentor. He hired GH and Helton actually tried to learn from Graham. Big mistake. After defenses figured out how to play against the air raid, Graham doesnt have the ability to counter it. Sure the run offense was better yesterday. But they still dont have a go-to answer in the red zone.

    Todd Orlando didnt talk to the media after the game. I think that is because he didnt want to have to lie about his thoughts on the offense. He knows it is a joke and is tired of GH’s BS, in my opinion.

    It might be a good thing if GH finally realizes that his shit does stink. He might be more willing to make changes. Or maybe he will just continue to blame “player execution” for every problem. That must be nice. Create an offensive philosophy where it is the player’s fault if we are out-coached.

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    1. Hey Helton Humper Sunshine Pumper, no one here is buying your bullshit. Helton has always been the problem, Goober just made the problem worse.

      Tell your asshat colleague’s in the athletic dept. that you didn’t fool anyone.


    2. Great analysis. Add to it the fact BOTH Graham and Helton feel Graham is superior to Helton. Graham makes no bones about telling players he wants Clay out of the day to day operation of the offense. What does this mean? Graham has no one (certainly not Bohn) telling him he has a long way to go as a coordinator and a play caller….as a consequence nothing has changed in the last 2 years. Same plays. Same mistakes. Graham really is nothing more than a former college talent who lacks the capacity to keep up with (forget ‘stay ahead of’) the very average d-coordinators in our conference.


    1. Pretty sure that Fuck You & Tbutthole go together (I mean, of course they do).
      And, yes, anyone who watches Kedon throw & sez he throws like a girl has never thrown a football in his life.

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    1. Maybe West was a decoy. Maybe he was never gonna play against USC. Maybe this was the plan all along.
      This could mean a bit of trouble but nothing we can’t overcome.

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      1. As a matter of fact, fuck Shaw and fuck McKee too —no more games. Let’s get it on …and send them back to crazy northern California where they belong.

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      2. I think MG feels a tad bit of concern that Shaw may out coach Helton and that ragtag coaching staff. Stanford is just gonna drop eight and watch you struggle. Prepare to be embarrassed in Prime Time! 😂😂😂


  9. Please it cannot be true that the great Sam Cunningham passed away. Probably one of the greatest athletes ever at USC, and from my hometown the great city of Santa Barbara, CA. He along with former USC Lineman Booker Brown were sensational at Santa Barbara HS, and later at USC. GREAT MAN, GREAT PERSON, AND ONE OF THE GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYERS EVER.

    I remember once time I was working out during the summer at La Playa Stadium in Santa Barbara with Sam and his kid brother Randall. I asked Sam why isn’t USC recruiting your younger brother Randall out of Santa Barbara HS, and he told me USC is only recruiting him as a defensive back and punter because Paul Hackett did not think he could play qb at USC so he is going to sign with UNLV………. THERE IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF ONE OF THE MANY MISTAKES PAUL HACKETT MADE BUT IT ENDED UP WORKING OUT JUST FINE FOR RANDALL AT UNLV!

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  10. That offense lacks the ability to put together long drives and they have trouble in the red zone. That’s all because of poor O-Line play. It’s feast or famine with this offense.


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