If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

I’m sure there will be some type of video tribute to Sam Cunningham during Saturday’s football game.

But whatever it does will be catch-up.

Has USC even posted a photo gallery of Cunningham?

Has it treated his passing as a loss of football royalty? One bit of news. I’ve heard Cunningham was scheduled for back surgery this month.

  • Remember how a dining hall ran out of food the first week of classes? Now it is becoming difficult to work out. Before COVID-19, the main facility to work out used to be open until midnight six days a week. It currently closes at 5:15 p.m.
  • Former USC guard De’Anthony Melton ranks second in steals per 100 possessions in the NBA (with a minimum 2,000 minutes played), behind only Matisse Thybulle.
  • This is probably the future around USC. A single-story house is being replaced by seven apartments with some ground-floor retail at 1128 37th Drive.
Next Architecture
  • Two weeks ago, USC tailback Kenan Christon was supposed to get more touches according to Clay Helton. Now he is “unavailable” for Saturday’s game and didn’t get a touch vs. San Jose State. So is Christon in health and safety protocols? Or is he transferring?

Either way, no good.

  • Here’s what the ceremony looks like at today’s dedication of the new track office that shut down McClintock St. the past two days. Coach Bohn on left in his customary red jacket.

Carol Folt’s teleprompter initially was displaying her speech backwards. She didn’t look happy when the speech got fixed but didn’t catch up to where she was in the speech.

  • Stanford cornerback Kyu Blue Kelly is the son of former USC cornerback Brian Kelly.
  • USC defensive coordinator Todd Orlando is being mentioned as a candidate at UConn because he was an assistant coach there. Is there enough?
  • Rich McGeagh, a 1964 Olympian swimmer and an NCAA champion in the 400-yard individual event, died on Thursday in Hermitage, Tenn., from COVID complications. He was 77. 

McGeagh was a 3-time (1964-66) All-American at USC. He was a member of the 400-meter medley relay at the 1964 Olympics that won a gold medal. He did not receive a medal because he did not swim in the finals. Under today’s rules, he would have won a gold medal.

USC is allowing Monday Morning Quarterback with Clay Helton. But the first session is on Zoom which keeps fans safety tucked away from making any rude comments.

80 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. Carol is not an old bag. She looks great with the purple eye makeup and salon nails. Everything you could want in a president.
      If you wanna make fun of appearances —maybe start with the smiling photo of Clay. How many times was that shoot put on hold so coach could be given time for his teary eyes to clear up?

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      1. Carol didn’t like the sound of the confetti gun going off…

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    2. That would be a Turkey neck you speak of, that she’s trying to cover up. Anyways she needs to be stuffed like a turkey by Thanksgiving and shown the door.

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    3. Who would she be trying to impress by wasting money, putting lipstick on a pig?

      Folt’s fucking days are over. She couldn’t get laid in a prison so why bother trying to fix wrinkles?


    4. Tommy, haven’t you ever heard of the phrase ” better to be thought a fool than to open your your mouth and remove all doubts”? What I am wearing is a écharpe! Which is the ultimate classic staple of the French wardrobe! I am a woman of the world and will not be denigrated by a halfwit nincompoop. Now crawl your misogynistic chauvinistic loser self underneath the rock you came from.

      Rest of us sophisticants go back to supporting our undefeated football team and our awesome coach, Clay Helton!


  1. Kenan was listed as “unavailable for team activities” as he missed practice all week, as opposed to those who missed due to illness (Campbell) or health and protocol (Pola Moa).

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    1. It’s not a good sign if Clay and/or Harrell can’t find a spot for Kenan. I’ve heard 3rd (actually 4th) hand reports he doesn’t show them “respect”…. but maybe that would change if they let him showcase his obvious talent.

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      1. Obviously, we can finish the season without Kenan —but Helton is showing what a small man he is in this case —he didn’t want Christon running track and now he’s making an example outta him —- as he did with at least two other players who he felt crossed him in 2017….

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    2. Just list Kendra Christon as the latest overhyped bust.

      She’s another girl that pudly said was the greatest thing since sliced bread. That right there was the kiss of death. That girl Christon getting pudly’s endorsement sealed his fate…an inevitable bust.



    3. *****Five-star Julian Phillips set for USC official visit this weekend

      Per Shotgun

      Phillips said he has been speaking regularly with the USC coaching staff and has a strong relationship with associate head coach Chris Capko, who he talks to “all the time really.” Capko has been showing Phillips USC’s campus through photos and on Zoom calls. Phillips is excited to see it for himself.

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      1. USC basketball trending upward in battle for five-star 2022 recruit

        By Zack Pearson | 2:30 am PT

        Andy Enfield and the USC basketball program might receive some good news on a five-star big man in the 2022 recruiting class.

        Five-star center Vince Iwuchukwu is one of the top remaining targets left on USC’s big board, and he just might be the most important one. The 7-foot, 220-pound recruit has a total of 16 offers and has taken one official visit so far, going to Baylor this summer.

        While a decision date hasn’t been set, one analyst believes the Trojans have picked up some momentum.

        247Sports recruiting analyst Brandon Jenkins put in a crystal ball prediction for the Trojans and Iwuchukwu on Friday. He thinks the talented recruit will land with USC. Jenkins is the first to make a prediction for USC and it has a confidence level of 8. Baylor has the three other predictions, but all of those were put in last year or early 2021.

        The Bears were the rumored early favorites for the talented recruit, but now it appears the Trojans have taken the lead.

        USC currently has two commitments in 2022 with their class ranking No. 26 overall and No. 4 in the Pac-12. The addition of Iwuchukwu would certainly boost that ranking up a few notches.


  2. Why wasn’t she wearing a mask ? Doesn’t she know that having no mask on can kill her ? Doesn’t she know that not wearing a mask can spread Covid like wild fire ? OH THE HORROR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. I’m not sure of that. Seriously. Joe gave a speech in Minneapolis after the rioting that BEGAN with “I’d like to once again thank you all for coming. God bless the citizens of Minneapolis & God bless America.” It ENDED with “I’d like to start by recognizing the many civic leaders who are assembled with me here today.”

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  3. Kenon Christian- should transfer to UCLA .to get back at the terrible leadership at USC ……….Helton has wasted so many recruits especially running backs it is rediculous. This guy has talent, and Chip likes running backs that are explosive apparently Helton and Harrell do not.

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    1. They liked him fine…and they recognized his talent…. but sometimes they didn’t like the momentary look on his face when they said dumb stuff or told him lies….so he’s out….


    1. “It’s too damn early for this –but let’s see if I can remember the words –here we go.”

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  4. When your leaders don’t do their job, don’t speak the truth, and don’t properly honor those who’ve come before, distrust takes root and stability becomes a thing of the past. Bidens notecards, Folts teleprompter, and Clay’s rotten apple polishing are symbolic of the shit we used to hunt down and eliminate, but now tolerate. Is it any suprise that this country’s latest gen of “young people” are so easily pulled to and ‘fro? I get that somethings go out of style, but speaking the truth and pride in a job well done shouldn’t ever be relegated to a memory. Weeks over, rant over, time to to chill.

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  5. Kenon Christon might transfer to Georgia who will allow him to run track and play football where USC lied to him, and tried to get him to give up track. At Georgia he would be reunited with the former USC track coach who just left.


  6. Carol Folt uses a teleprompter!? That it displayed her speech backwards is symbolic of her ass-backwards USC presidency. Not exactly charismatic leadership from the midget dictator.


  7. Somebody posted that CAROL FOLT should be wearing a mask.

    If you look closely SHE IS WEARING A MASK————–ABOUT 6 LAYERS OF MAKE UP— Along with all the make up and words from today’s press conference everything is quite toxic including her.

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    What is the name of the original Trojan who rode Traveler in the 60’s around the entire Coliseum track when USC football use to really mean something? Seeing that horse ride completely around the Coliseum track as a kid will never be forgotten.

    Anybody know without looking it up on the Internet?
    No it was not John Wayne.


  9. The new 7 story apartment building is less than a block from my old pad.

    Back in the early 80’s, that area just West of School (and just north of Expo) was a diverse, multi-racial, quiet(er) neighborhood, with a bunch of post-war Vets holding onto their small homes. Lived there 3 years, and felt like part of their neighborhood, even if I threw a couple of barn-burner parties during FB season.
    There was a Black gentleman on our street who kept the most beautiful rose bushes in the front of his clean, tidy home. I think a young Keyshawn Johnson (probably about 10-11 years old at the time) lived a few blocks over. It was a cool neighborhood.

    Progress. (?)

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  10. It is said that Carol Folt will read anything in the teleprompter … “… again thank you for coming out. USC Football go F yourself!” Do it!


    1. She obviously wants you people to go fuck yourselves! Why else would Clay Helton still be the head coach!? BTW what does he do exactly? He doesn’t coach the offense or defense? He doesn’t recruit well or scheme well. How did he get the job? Admittedly, coach O would have presented his own set of problems.


  11. Clay Helton promotion shows how desperate USC is and how far Clay is willing to go in debasing himself. Players and contacts can smell Clay’s fear like dogshit.


    1. Scottie seems to have lost interest in, and/or the energy to find out “inside info” on football. I don’t think we have had any current football info the entire week other than injury/illness reports.

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    1. I shouldn’t be laughing at your post, PJM —but the imagery is irresistible….

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    1. I think it was seeing that clip that made Angelina Jolie leave Billy Bob Thorton….

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  13. Going to first USC game today during COVID 19 pandemic.
    Unreal regarding all the techno mumbo jumbo hoops you have to go through.

    Parking pass – electronic on phone
    Trojan Check – health attestation
    Tickets – electronic on phone

    I pray there is no cell phone tower / internet outage today or I can’t get into stadium.

    What moron got rid of those gameday tickets?
    At least let me print them out from home.

    I will report back tomorrow on my GAMEDAY experience.

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    USC 35 (possibly 42), Stanford 21
    Helton begins game by screaming line from “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” at Stanford bench….


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