USC v. Stanford Game Day!

Some thoughts with the night game vs. Stanford.

Clay Helton and Graham Harrell were watching Downey Warren QB Nicholaus Iamaleava last night, who is a local top-flite quarterback that actually appears to want to go to USC.

UCLA QB coach Ryan Gunderson was also watching Iamaleava.

Later today, we will pick the score. I’m starting to wonder if a four-quarter Tanner McKee will make an impact?

67 thoughts on “USC v. Stanford Game Day!

    1. Well, it looks like Oregon is another team besides UCLA that is going to kick the shit out of Helton’s Trojans.

      Even if Oregon goes onto lose this game vs OSU, they’re still a lot better than USC and
      Dumb & Dumber’s predictable offense that couldn’t run the ball if they played Palos Verdes High School.

      And that clown Tony Orlando with his defense made up of a bunch of Dawn’s, they’re soft, they can’t tackle worth a crap, they’re always hurt…Pffft!

      Stanford 19

      USC 16



  1. Quacks holding their own, without Thibodeaux and Flowe, versus OSU in the ‘shoe. OSU looks to be the slower team. Maybe Pac-12 delivers today.

    USC 34, Trees 16. Ingram rushes for 100 plus and 2 TD.

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    1. Yeah, 67 –that looks about right (we should score a bit more than that, though, against Stanford’s crap 2021 defense).
      Just A Thought: If Shaw let Stanford get completely humiliated on national tv by intentionally playing the wrong QB just to trick USC —he might be a clever coach but he’s less honorable than we give him credit for.

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      1. In one of my top 5 Clown U most humiliating ambush, upset defeats; Fresno St. repletely run-punches Clown U in the mouth in route to a 24-7 victory, in the 1992 Freedom Bowl – TKOville.

        The score doesn’t quite indicate how badly Fresno St.’s run game bitch-slapped the weak, piss-poor, tomato can SUCC defense that night.

        Even more amusing, I remember how the Clownster’s, during the week before the game, were loudly sneering “where the hell is Fresno.”

        #Turns out Fresno St. was in the SUCC end zone – LOL!


    1. marvienna — take a longer look at Stanford’s line and db’s: they suck.
      Expect them to play above their heads today —but that’s still not enough.

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  2. Oregon offensive line is macho. Gomer and USC (If they were playing Ohio State) would be getting their as drilled like F#ck you does on two for one night at the bathhouse.

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    1. Your the only taking up the ass faggot! Kinda like you and the rest of the GOP fuck boys when Trump lost! 😂😂😂😂. Y’all punks just can’t get over it huh! 😂😂😂


    1. Shut up bitch! You are luck you won’t see them this year. Still won’t make the Pac 12 championship game. Why? Because you guys are pussies that need a to douche!! 😂😂😂


  3. Ducks up by 7, 2:40 remaining. And doing this without Thibodeaux, Flowe, and with a Boston College transfer at QB. Hope I don’t jinx it, but well done, Quacks.

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      1. Yeah I remember bitch! Ducks win. Nothing you do or say matters because USC is now officially Oregon’s little brother. 😂😂😂


      2. Fuck You sounds more & more like that sad little soccer coach on last week’s video–“You fucking fuckers–fuck your fucking fucked up selves!”

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  4. Fresno state Choked against Organ and Now Ohio State that is Not as Good as Advertised Not as Good as LAST years Team… Lose by 7 points. … Making Organ look like there the Great est.. Alabama WILL WIN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP


  5. Just watched 2 well coached teams battle in Oregon vs Ohio St. I just wonder how long it’s going to take for USC to wake up and see the damage Clay Helton is doing to the program and realize the critical need to replace him with a proven successful coach?

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  6. Dear Pisley’s, SUCC’s official rosebud, most recent fatuous quote:

    “Snatching defeat out of the teeth(sic) of victory as only sow does…”

    #With a 12 point lead and 10 mins to go in the 4th qtr., Clown U snatches defeat from the jaws of victory losing the CFB NC game to Tixas, when Vince Young, on the last play of the game, waltzes into the SUCC end zone untouched – Oh the humiliation on national TV.

    #SUCC FB: Tomato can FB


      1. Ms. Helton, UCLA has 1/2 a 1954 FB NC; the same year Clown U BB last appeared in a NCAA Tournament Final Four. SUCC BB is also OOOOO ferever when it comes to their winning a NCAA BB NC.

        #SUCC FB: Tough as a your cheap, Chinese, AA cup bra.



    Physical Offensive Line Play——moved the chains kept the ball away from the Ohio State offense. Time of Posession is still very important especially again the super teams.

    Clay Helton and Graham Harrell were you watching. Your currently doing things the wrong way. Oregon will do the same thing to USC once again if USC gets to the championship game, and that is a big if…

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