USC Does Think It Is Too Small

Max Gibbs, a 390-pound offensive lineman, is playing defensive line this week, according to Donte Williams.

Williams said the move is for the Colorado game but not beyond.

So USC does feel it is undersized apparently. Whatever happened to defensive tackle Jamar Sekona?

These are moves typical of a 2-2 team, I guess. I’m sure Gibbs didn’t imagine he would be on defense his freshman year.

19 thoughts on “USC Does Think It Is Too Small

  1. 390 lbs? What happened? He was 330 a year ago.

    Donte was on cloud 9 a couple of weeks ago after the Wazzu game. I am guessing that now he would like to go back to DBs and recruiting.

    Why didn’t Bohn fire Helton after the Holiday Bowl 2 years ago?

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    1. 390 lbs?!? I bet it’s Gomer masquerading as a player to continue being part of USC.

      The more pertinent question Trojan67 is why they didn’t fire Gomer after the Ohio State game in the Cotton Bowl when it was obvious we were not keeping up with big boys and had lost our way. And then Darnold decided that he had seen enough.

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  2. btw, Everything coming out of the Athletic Department these days (including the stuff they sneak into this blog under silly names) sounds like the stuff all failing corporations say on the way down the toilet. “We are still excited.” “Nothing is wrong.” “We still believe.” “There’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

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    1. Donte didnt realize that getting the interim gig was an opportunity to trash your reputation, not get the HC job.

      I say fire Harrell and see if they can make a few changes every week to the air raid. By the end of the year they might have some offense.

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  3. Scott you are correct! What happened to Sekona, and the stud defensive lineman from Alabama Sophster. The project starter was also Jay Toaia who for some mysterious reason transferred to UCLA, and is now starting. Never before have I seen a project starter in the fall transfer so perhaps Toaia knew something was going to happen with the program soon so jumped ship.

    What also happened to Corey Foreman. In a few appearances he has made this year he too looks like a tall defensive back in size hardly a stud defensive end. Same thing as Drake Jackson vastly overrated player, and yet he was the No. 1 recruit in the country.

    Where is Bru McCoy??????? Will he have to ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ OTHERWISE KNOWN AS USC, and then enter the portal to finally see the field again.

    All these mysteries at USC with few updates. It’s almost like they are trying to hide something or throw in the towel for this season.

    Watch the replay of the Oregon State game. Our defensive linemen all look like trimmed down linebackers at best, and our linebackers all look the size of defensive backs.

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    1. Leaked text from Fickell to Bohn:
      “Please figure out a way of saving Dart, Jackson and McCoy for 2022. No use burning a year’s eligibility on these players –I’ll need them next year.”
      “It’s okay to use Slovis all you want….”

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  4. They did lose a lot of good players off of that defensive line. The main problem at USC is that they don’t win games at the LOS. That’s where they lose the game….at the LOS. We need to get someone in here who understands that games are won or lost at the LOS… Jonathan Smith.


  5. This is a serious thought. I have been reading all day that our defense is slow. If that’s the problem why not put faster players in whoever they are? The sweep can be stopped with well placed speedsters. Honestly when I first started watching (or listening on the radio in many cases) Most players went both ways. Running backs not being used in the air raid would make a good defensive back.
    It’s time to use our resources wisely.

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    1. It isnt about speed, it is about players knowing where to be on the field. It all boils down to the Air Raid offense, which doesnt properly train the defense. Graham Harrell said that his playbook was 2 pages long. How do players actually get better if they only practice 2 pages of plays? and that is all the defense ever sees?

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      1. True. Our players were out of position 50% of the time against Oregon State. But to some extent it’s also about speed….. cuz the other 50% of the time Oregon State was easily running away from and around our defenders.


  6. NO RUN BLOCKING ,NO TACKLING…speed can help you get there ,but you still have to play the ‘smash mouth’ type football and dominate at the point of contact.


  7. At 390 pounds, that could be counter productive. How is his laterial movement and conditioning? How fast will he be? After three or four plays, he might be on the ground gasping for air. Then again, he might be in great shape. But this is putting a bandaid on a deep wound. Coaching and the phlosyhy of football are in deep quesiton.

    I wish the kid the best and I hope he will be okay. I think at 390 pounds, that is not healthy for anyone especially a player.


  8. Scooter,

    We need your blog about USC history. I look forward to each and every Friday and you have CHEATED US out of it? Did you learn your cheatin’ from the greatest cheater of all time, Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden? LOLO. BTW, he was a very serious cheater.

    I truly do miss and always look forward to your Friday blog on USC history. Thank you for putting a joy into my life.


    Pasadena Trojan


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