Who Will Bother To Find Saturday’s Game?

This week’s USC-Colorado game is on the Pac-12 Network at 11 a.m. (PT).

I wonder how many people will even bother trying to find someplace to watch the game that would have a month ago?

It’s pretty hard to find a bar/restaurant that has the Pac-12 Network. How motivated will a USC fan be after watching the Stanford and Oregon State losses?

I have no idea. I just know there’s not a lot of excitement. What’s left besides Notre Dame and UCLA on the schedule?

Look at how empty the Coliseum was in the fourth quarter on Saturday night in the photo above. The administration/athletic dept. will be happy to forget it even though we’ve all predicted this for months.

  • Anyone who coached at USC will identify with this comment from former women’s soccer assistant coach Laura Janke, who got caught up in the Varsity Blues scandal.

She told a jury the following story this week during the trial of former Wynn Resorts executive Gamal Abdelaziz, who allegedly paid Rick Singer $300,000 in bribes to get his child into USC as a basketball player.

Ali (Khosroshahin) once said to me that there were two ways of keeping your job at USC,” Janke told the jurors on Monday. “It was to win or it was to bring in money.”

Khosroshahin was the women’s soccer coach when Janke was an assistant. And his story will resonate with other coaches, because USC does only care about winning or bringing in money.

24 thoughts on “Who Will Bother To Find Saturday’s Game?

    1. FU –

      Do you have internet privileges at Pelican Bay? I can only imagine what you’re doing for commissary money, you sick m##her f##ker.


      1. PJM…racist bastards like you should be taken in an alley in the Brentwood area condo neighborhood and have your head sliced off. I know just the man for the job!



    1. A blackeye that we will never live down…
      Georgie Porgie couldn’t lie
      He liked pictures of every pie
      Fondled the girls and made them cry
      Georgie Porgie will never die


  1. The Trojans have a excellent chance of beating Colorado, because Karl Dorrell is just as much of an idiot buffoon as Clay Helton. It should be interesting to see if the Buffalos go after Helton after they fire Dorrell, so they can set their program back another 5 years 😂😂


      1. Ha!
        #Helton: “Oh, I hope Brad’s not cheating on Megan! And I’ll die if it turns out Samantha is pregnant with Ethan’s baby!”


  2. Helton has 1 job to date: USED CAR SALESMAN AT FELIX CHEVROLET ON FIGUEROA, and he is thinking about taking it if they hire Mike Bohn as his sales manager.

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  3. Utah-USC on Fox primetime won’t generate any TV ratings nationally. Besides Oregon, the conference is in a state of collapse. Tits up, Georgy Kliavkoff!

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  4. I saw a video interview tonight with Sophster the stud defensive tackle from Alabama, and although he is feeling healthy he is not sure when he will be back on the field. The tone of the interview gave me the impression he would rather sit out the season rather than waste a year of elgibility which is not good.

    We shall see the attitude of the team and the coaches on Saturday I just hope the team does not wave the surrender towel this early in the season which is not fair to the fans or to this university.

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    1. Unfortunately Folt & Bohn waved that flag a long time ago…


  5. Scooter,

    In my opinion, your last sentence is incorrect.SC does not care about winning. If they did, they would have got rid of Helton a long time ago and hired someone competent. The only reason that SC got rid of Helton was because the sports program is losing money by not retaining the +70K fan base. The bean counters calculated that they are losing around $7-10 million a year from loss of attendance in the AD department.

    My quesiton is, if the sports department loses any more money will they get rid of Folt and Bohn and hire comptent people? But if they hired competent people, then the people who hire will be threatened.

    It is one big spin cycle.

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    1. Just having Carol Folt around —to tweet and take selfies — more than compensates for the lost 10 million $$ in revenue, P. T……


  6. I have set a timer (double speak from old guy who doesn’t say DVR) but I will check the score before watching the game. My guess is we will either make Colorado look like Alabama or we will be the lame beating the lame. I just wanna know why we have to say, “wait till next year,” again?
    Another decade wasted


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