Here’s A Reason USC Won’t Hire Lane Kiffin

I spoke to a USC administrator today about the national media’s penchant for mentioning Lane Kiffin as a candidate at USC.

“This is the biggest hire of Mike Bohn’s career. I don’t think he wants to be remembered as the guy who simply rehired Lane Kiffin,” the administrator said.

Even if you believe Kiffin is a better coach today than 10 years ago, and he is a better coach, this is the issue: Bohn wants his guy. He doesn’t want some guy Mike Garrett hired.

But it makes for good conversation to keep mentioning Kiffin.

I also hear Urban Meyer mentioned by fans. Is anything he has done the past two years made him a more attractive candidate to Carol Folt? I don’t think so.

28 thoughts on “Here’s A Reason USC Won’t Hire Lane Kiffin

  1. Go after Kirby Smart. Haven’t read anywhere that SC should reach out and make him say no. He hasn’t beaten Saban yet and if he doesn’t this year, why wouldn’t he go cross country and bring SC back to prominence. He’s a great recruiter, locally and nationally. Physical football is part of his DNA, so no worries there. He’d have an easier time to get to the playoff from the PAC12 than from the SEC.

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    1. Forgot to add that winning a Naty [or more] at SC would put him in the pantheon of great SC coaches and raise his reputation as being a saviour of what is now a pansy program.

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    2. LOL! Kirby Smart is never going to leave Georgia, his alma mater. He’s SEC through and through. Might as well go after Saban. (Not kidding on that. Saban would have a chance to turn around his third program. And I don’t think he’d complain about the cost of living in LA.)

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      1. Already stated that in a previous posts, definitely my first choice. Saban much like Meyer would be the first coach to win a Naty with 3 different teams. The point is make them say “No”. If you don’t ask/pursue, you will definitely not get a top level coach.
        While Smart is a Dawg through and through, if he can’t break through the ceiling to surpass Saban then onto Plan B because sooner or later shit happens just ask Dabo, a Bama alum who coaches at Clemson.
        There’s ties to schools but they only go so far the Just Win Baby principle applies, eg Harbaugh at Michigan, took a 50% paycut or he was fired. Coach O at LSU and Louisiana native is on hot seat.
        If Smart doesn’t win this year, he may feel that it’s time to look for better opportunities. If such is the case, at least SC told him, you are welcome and wanted here.

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  2. If your going to pay top buck for a head football coach why not go after the best and Kirby Smart is certainly one of them. If you hire someone other than a proven national championship or college playoff coach you certainly should pay alot less. I don’t know how much Luke Fickle is making now, but the longer you wait to see the deal the more expensive he will be in January especially if his team makes the playoffs.

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  3. Too bad. Kiffin is an excellent coach. But I like what you said…..”this is the biggest hire in Mike Bohns life”. That tells me that we will probably get a pretty good coach because he can’t afford to make a mistake.


    1. It’s obvious it’s an important hire for Bohn’s future. The bottom line to the hire will be Caruso, how much is he willing to spend to get his stated “World Class Football Coach”

      Money isn’t everything for a coach and his family, but it trumps most everything else.

      Is Caruso willing to make that extra effort to bring USC back to prominence?
      He’s not been a loser in life, so, the ball is in Mr. Caruso’ court!

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      1. Caruso has what it takes to get ANY deal done…. if he wants the deal. I’ve been wondering how much Caruso cares about Trojan football…


  4. Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian are both fucking idiots.

    Norm Chow gave them a perfectly good offensive playbook and those two aforementioned clowns screwed it all up.

    After Chow left USC amd Dumb and Dumber took over the play calling, Matt Leinart said that he audibled out of about 85% of the play calls sent in by Dumb and Dumber.

    So don’t give me this crap that Kiffin and Sarkisian’s play calling produced more yards than when Chow was offensive coordinator because it was Leinart having to audible out of constant bubble screens and call plays that actually worked that gets the credit for that season.

    And a goddamn monkey could call plays at Alabama with their massive offensive line and would gain a lot of yards. Those two idiots Kiffin and Sarkisian are clowns, they’ll flop, just give them time…they always do.

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  5. It is Luke’s job if he wants it.
    James Franklin is next in line.
    Bill O’brien is choice #3.
    After that is anybody’s guess.
    Wasn’t PC the 4th or 5th choice by Daryl Gross/Mike Garrett in 2001?
    I will guess that Chris Petersen is the 4th choice followed by Eric Bienamy at 5th!

    What about the contract extension for Andy Enfield?
    I am not too excited about Tad Boyle from Colorado by the way!!
    I’d rather have Jason Hart return.

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  6. Lmao … let’s hire the dbag that started the decline of SC football (as it’s horse shit backstabbing OC). That quits on his teams and programs regularly, gets his ass fired as often and even gets punched by his assistants. The creep did get the last laugh after getting his dumb ass fired on a tarmac … stuck with one of his shit head assistants forever, Gomer. Kiffin is only one saying USC wants to hire him. Sorry ass fraud of a coach.


  7. This is Kiff’s 11th season as a head coach. He has had 3 good seasons so far, maybe a 4th on the way. At best, he would be 4 good seasons, 7 seasons not good. That should disqualify him right off the bat.

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  8. With all the payouts USC is having to shell out today, they probably couldn’t afford to hire anotber babysitter for Lane Kiffin…

    J.K. McKay says he is not George Orwell, this is not 1984, and he is not Big Brother watching over Lane Kiffin.

    “That’s not how I see it,” McKay says, “and not how Lane sees it, either.”

    “Yes, Lane has been something of a lightning rod,” McKay says. “My job is to keep him off ‘SportsCenter.’ We’ll look up at the TV screen at that little scrawl across the bottom and I’ll say, ‘See, you’re not there. Way to go.'”



  9. John Robinson had two shots at being head coach and if he hadn’t been left with crap for players we may never have seen PC.
    I don’t think Kiffin would make a good fit at USC. I mean there are still signs of distrust on campus. The last time I was there I saw a sign that said, “No Parking-Fire Lane.”
    We need a home run hire.


  10. Scooter,

    Has Bohn started to talk to different coaches about the job or is it too early to start that? I hope Bohn is putting out feelers to see who is interested. I don’t think it will be anouned until around Christmas so as not to upset any team. But I do think they will have selected someone by Thanksgiving. this is my opinion

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  11. I blame Bohn and a little bit of Folt for Urban Meyer turning into Mercer Mayer. The pain and anguish of having a picture of himself enjoying a small friends gathering at a local club is probably unbearable. But the media did what the media does best. And we all know that he would never had been able to find a trendy nightspot here in Los Angeles…and if he did, he would have been wearing a mask.
    Mike Bohn next time an opportunity presents itself, take it. Screw Folt (no not that opportunity) and get the best coach available. you could have promoted Helton to assistant towel boy and just weathered the storm. Now poor Urban is languishing away in the NFL.

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    1. Everybody connected in any way to the “let’s -give- Clay -another -chance- after- the- Holiday -Bowl” decision (that would be Folt, Bohn, Clay and Urban) has been seriously hurt. The only difference is Urban realizes it…..the others are in denial.
      Still, when you get to be Urban’s age it’s best not to grind with blond bimbos in a public setting while a dozen people film you.

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      1. Yes, even Clay would have been better off if he was fired after the Holiday Bowl, instead of being pseudo-tarmac’d a couple of weeks ago.


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