USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Drake London

Ship the Biletnikoff Award to Heritage Hall this week. It can always be returned. Like a Heisman.

Keaontay Ingram

It only took five games for USC to find its No. 1 tailback and discover a running game. Against Colorado, of course.

Luke Fickell

The Cincy coach is going to field a lot of job offers after the season.

Michael Trigg

He caught two passes and the local media deemed it a breakout game. Who am I to argue?


Kedon Slovis

He’s got a lot of endorsements and is the No. 1 QB. But it will feels like he is a placeholder until Jaxson Dart returns.

USC defense

I can’t imagine this unit stopping a good team and defensive coordinator Todd Orlando’s stock has dropped this season.

Kenan Christon

He’s been removed from team activities and USC hasn’t said why.

Graham Harrell, Part 1

He faced lowly Colorado and couldn’t even get former Buff KD Nixon a reception in the blowout?

Graham Harrell, Part 2

A lot of people were texting me Sunday after the Rams game to say Harrell is no Kliff Kingsbury.

39 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Luke “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” Fickell won’t be coaching the Trojans because LSU is set to fire Ed Orgeron and make Fickell an offer he can’t refuse.

    You Luke Fickell fanboys are out of luck.

    That country clown wouldn’t have been able to handle Los Angeles, that hick needs to stay in the sticks where he belongs…Baton Rouge will suit him just fine.

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  2. When I see the words “Ship the Biletnikoff Award to Heritage Hall”, I am thinking “Wow, what is up with Scottie – where is the snark?”

    Then I read the words “It can always be sent back. Like the Heisman.” He got me.

    Scottie, while you are at it, have the 2023 award Biletnikoff Award in waiting for Trigg. He could be freakishly good. London plus another 30 pounds of strength.

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  3. The Biggest Loser Donald J. Trump clowned his own self by being so senile he put his pants on backwards…





  4. Losers:

    – USC admin for recognizing the change of leadership from Helton so late
    – USC players, who gets talked into playing for Helton if you are a coveted recruit regardless if it’s USC? NFL future is more important.
    – USC coaching is horrible. These victories say little but the losses say a lot.
    – Is Mike Bohn’s rolodex deep enough to get the right coach? Is Luke Fickell and Franklin the only two viable candidates? Why not hire a search team?

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      1. Haden was lazy and totally abdicated his due diligence to a search firm. They call around and get names. Haden could have done that himself, and as a football guy, he should have been better at it than the recruiters.

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      2. Haden is good at bending his elbow, getting money from foundations for doing nothing, turning a blind eye to many things on his watch as an AD, blathering on that he’ll never set foot in Indiana because of their gay laws and then faint at ND which I believe is still in Indiana.

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      3. Korn Ferry Consulting searched and searched —and finally came up with….Sark. [During their EXTENSIVE background checks they never uncovered Sark’s drinking problem….. which EVERYBODY in Washington knew about]…..

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      4. Haden did not go with the search team suggestions. He hired the search team and then went off on his own. It is well documented that the search team was against Sark cause of his problems. I was present at those meetings.

        Mike Bohn is not deeply connected. Keep in mind of his options versus other opinions/research.


    1. Well sure Ricki, we don’t want you filthy, homeless AH’s pitching their stinking tent on our front lawn. Ricki, why don’t you give the LA River a shot, I’ve heard it’s dry this time of year.


  5. Scooter,


    Fans of USC football that have put up with this crud the last six years.

    USC Football: If Drake London goes down, then USC has lost its offense. SC’s offense is one person and that is London.

    Preception of USC:

    It is just one step above the Clowns at ugly, but not by much. To get back to the promise land, SC must hit a homerun with this hire, or SC will be buried in medicority for the remaining decade.


    Scooter, for his blogs that he writes. I enjoy them and that is what matters.

    Scooter, for being dead honest and top of what is going on at SC.

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      1. Michael,

        Slovis first look is to London. That is his security net. However, Slovis HAS to build his turst with the other receivers. If he does that and throws to them more often, then London will have more freedom from being covered. If I am the Utah def. cordinator, I double team London on every play and make Slovis throw to others. He is not comfortable with this.

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      2. It’s worse than just getting double teamed, P. T. —Drake is getting mauled. I said it (before the Pac 12 Network I might add) after the Oregon State loss: Coaches are telling their defensive backs to grab and hold London on EVERY play—secure in the knowledge that the refs won’t call it 100% of the time —out of embarrassment for calling back to back to back to back penalties. Unless Donte complains to the Pac 12 the ‘grab and hold London’ defense is going to be employed BIG TIME by Utah and Arizona State —two teams with tough, physical-football coaches.


  6. Scott:
    Helton wanted Kliff way more than he wanted Harrell. The problem was: Kliff came to campus for ONE day, watched Helton in action and decided to bolt…

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    1. Before we get too carried away with differentiating between the King and …so many things could go here, so we’ll just be polite and say Air Raider…let’s not overlook Kyler Murray (versus the results that might have been with say Rosen? sorry Mule), and the King’s (non) involvement on the defensive side…wouldn’t be anointing him just yet…a win over the Rams is impressive, but not exactly being done with the Air Raid…

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      1. I hear ya. Let me specify the reason for my preference: Kliff learns & grows. Harrell not so much. Listen and compare the two of them being interviewed. Kliff defends his plans with specifics and particulars …and seems confident doing it. Harrell looks and acts like a college kid —repeating the same old stuff. I think he’s reached his ceiling —and it wasn’t that high….


  7. Scott: Thanks for the update on Kenan Christon. I am not surprised USC has not announced why he is now on the inactive list. All I can say he is a very talented athlete, and I will not be surprised if he transfers perhaps to Georgia so he can run track with his former track coach at SC, and play football. The kid loves track perhaps he will redshirt now, and have a decent chance to start next season under the new coach which might be his best next move.


  8. Graham Harrell is not Kliff Kingsbury that is an understatement.!!!!
    I noticed Kingsbury runs multiple running formations out of his version of the air raid which Harrell would have no clue how to do that.

    Kingsbury is also importantly proving that a DUEL THREAT QB who can run out of trouble on any play is a necessity for an effective air raid offense.

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  9. What about Dan Lanning (Georgia DC) as HC for USC? I know he doesnt have head coaching experience, but he would OWN one side of the football field. Combine him with a really great offensive coordinator, maybe Joe Moorhead. Lanning is the #1 recruiter and with Donte Williams, you have a recruiting powerhouse.

    This only works if Lanning has a clear vision for whom would be the offensive coordinator and can get some top offensive coaches.

    Sometimes there is a coach who is a generational talent and you just have to take a risk. I personally like a HC with defensive background better than someone who came up through the offense.


    1. You and I might get blasted for considering a guy who has yet to have HC experience but it is what it is.
      As a Wild Card guy I was thinking the same guy saturday. It’s basically the best opportunity next to having Nick Saban’s defensive input on his program. He would bring that win first with DEFENSE card in his bag. He would definitely have a major impact on the recruiting of IMPACT players from the SEC territory that PAC12 dreams of having on their teams. He has put up the best defensive groups next to Alabama and that says a lot these days. I would take a good look at him if i am Mike Bohn and/or feel the obvious of this team needs tough defensive first approach instead of what its become lately. Soft, pass first, no run game with talented athletes but not the kind of team that competes with the line of scrimmage against the big boys.

      We’ve hired guys who were OC’s and they brought the pass happy schemes that ultimately were significantly one of the reasons that ruined USC football.
      Lane Kiffin
      Steve Sarkisian
      as Clay Helton as Interim coach of those two firings that foolishly gave Clay Helton the job permantly for beating a joke of a Ucla team led by Josh Rosen.

      So we would be doomed in my mind to bring another guy who strongly believes the best way of winning National Championships is with his offense.

      Run Stopping and lockdown defense that is only on the field for short periods is what gives the Offense its life and we need a guy that is the best at putting that on the field.
      If not Lanning then the next best thing or go get the same version from the NFL.


    1. Not So Fast Department:
      Helton’s Neighborhood Watch Committee handed him a “Get Out Of Town” notice over the weekend…..

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    2. Loser: PJM

      Last week he was announcing how he worked on the AZ audit and how earth-shattering the revelations would be. This week, the audit, having revealed nothing more than a net gain for Biden is old news and PJ is reduced to talking about the former football coach.


  10. Stopping Colordo is not much of a feather in your cap. Minnesota held them 63 yards total offense(-19 yards on the ground). They are not exactly the monsters of the midway on offense.

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    1. Cupcake FB wins are the mother’s milk of the Clown U FB program. Nobody loves a Lions vs unarmed Christian’s FB game like the SUCCster’s.


      1. Like I’ve said before. They have the best opportunity to hire a really outstanding than they have had in a long time. They can’t afford to mess this up. Personally, I don’t think that they will but I could be wrong.


  11. Urban Meyer looks like he’s got plans of exiting early from Jacksonville. All he needed was his cigar hanging from the side of his mouth with just a wife beater on.
    I think he was given a “Hall Pass” from the wife or he’s in some deep doodoo. But it could be he’s defeated from the NFL already and he could be first on USC’s wild card list of coaching candidates. I say pay him more money now and get in his face to clean up the Mike Price act.

    Michael Trigg
    He caught two passes and the local media deemed it a breakout game. Who am I to argue?


      1. My level of humor and seriousness is terrible when read.
        But the reality is every SC fan would take UM even after his 0-4 start. They won’t admit that but they would instantly become Sam Rothstein by placing bets in Vegas on the Trojans.
        That said he’s reported to have lost the respect from the Jags owner and another report claims the “Jaguars players think Urban Meyer is a total joke”.
        He appears to be unwanted in Jackskonville and I would bet USC is disappointed also with his behavior they can’t take a chance on him. I could be wrong but im gonna say it’ll be James Franklin or Luke Fickell.


  12. LOSERS

    Pac 12
    3 out of 5 games upsets including #3 Oregon and #20 UCLA. Arizona State and Oregon State division leaders. Pac12 may never play before 5 pm PT again let alone network TV ever again. Georgy Kliavkoff good luck negotiating that next TV contract.


  13. Winner: Gomer

    He would never put himself in Meyer’s situation as he would need to see the tape first before deciding how to move his fingers


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