USC Picture Of The Day

There’s definitely a contradiction here on the USC campus.

Do no congregate but with a bunch of chairs for a large gathering. The chairs are for Parents Weekend, which is this weekend at USC. Just don’t tailgate.

26 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. Kind of like Biden & Psaki trying to claim the borders are closed, just before 15K Haitians disappeared from under a bridge and went into the interior of the U.S. with no problem whatsoever! Logic is almost non-existent under both the USC and White House administrations.

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  2. USC was once a religious college. My mom said she had to attend chapel when she attended. Maybe they were afraid a Church would break out spontaneously.
    However the point is well made, if they want you 6 feet apart, put the chairs 6 feet apart.

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  3. A contradiction on a university campus. Could this possibly be? Give me a break. The universities in america are themselves a contradiction. They are teaching that there are 50-100 genders and you can be a man today and a woman tomorrow and because you have less pigment under your skin you are inherently racist(critical race theory) and in 10 more years the world is going to end because of global warming and you’re surprised to see some contradictions on the university campus. Every university in the country should have a big sign right out in front of it that says “WELCOME TO CONTRADICTION U, WHERE WE BRAINWASH YOU INTO BELIEVING THINGS THAT ARE COUNTER-INTUITIVE”.

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      1. Yes it is. Why is it that when they tell you to step off a 10 story building and tell you that you’ll just float in the air, you always decide not to do it? Because it’s counter-intuitive. It’s against common sense. But those are the kind of ideas that you get when you step into a modern university classroom.

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      2. Excellent recounting of Montaigne’s famous reply to his sceptic philosopher friend: “When you leave this second room floor will you go by stairs or window?”

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    1. Exactly. But for woke USC, IMHO, there isn’t that much of a difference between Meyer and Carol lecherously totally checking out a referee’s behind at the ND game…


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      1. Carol looked at that poor guy’s butt way longer than Urban looked at the bimbo’s butt….and she had a weirder smile on her face….and she was sober…..

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    2. Carol can’t say yes to Urban. He’s sinned.


      1. He drank a portion of an alcoholic beverage…. and he allowed a feminine form to brush his outer clothing for over 4 seconds…..


  4. It looks politically correct with the sign, but like most things at SC these days there is a definite contradiction. Just like Mike Bohn saying we are bringing in the resources to win a national title that’s our goal, but yet they kept Helton for a year too long. Hard to figure this place out.

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    1. We have an agreement with our tailbacks —you need to do your thing sans blockers.


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