Radio, Radio

I talked about the USC coaching search and the Trojans today on Utah radio station The Zone.

You can listen here.

37 thoughts on “Radio, Radio

  1. Good choice to highlight the Drake. The starting Ute cornerbacks are both freshmen, both listed at 5’10”, which means barely 5’9″, so they will be giving away 7 inches. London will be doubled virtually the whole game. There should be plenty of open guys elsewhere.

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    1. Maybe Utah’s talent isn’t up to Utah standards…but Utah is still one of the best coached teams —if not THE best coached team —in the Pac 12.
      And they’re coming off a nice long break —so they’re all healed up and ready to go. If USC kicks their ass it’ll be a very nice win.
      Then… comes The Big One in South Bend.

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      1. Michael,

        What would you consider a successful season? At this point, I don’t think SC will have a successful season. Two blow out losses killed SC’s identity. They are mediocre. If they get to the Rose Bowl, then I might consider that their season was succesful. Anything less and it is just another season. the only good thing is that Helton got fired and hopefully SC will hire a great coach.

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      2. P. T.
        Great question.
        If we beat Notre Dame and UCLA this year would be a Big Success for me.
        Don’t know if we can throw off Helton’s loser mentality so quickly —but it would be nice if we were ready to play up to our ability and error free by October 23rd!


    2. It all depends on the refs. If they are fair they won’t let Drake give piggyback rides like has done in games we lost. Oregon State comes to mind when the D-Backs were all over London like a tourist on a budget. They got flagged so often the refs got tired of pointing out that USC should look elsewhere for a receiver.

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      1. The refs need to keep throwing those flags as long as the players are committing penalties. If a coach tells the DB to hold Drake as a strategy, they should see the trojans march down the field with holding calls on every play until it stops.

        Jonathan Smith made pass interference against Drake a game strategy, and it worked. Donte should be pointing out to the referees that if they let that happen, it isnt a football game, it is a mugging.

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      2. All the chicken shit Pac 12 refs would have to do is call non stop holding penalties on the team messing with Drake for ONE quarter. The next 3 quarters would be played ‘hold free.’

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    1. Yeah —it is a good discussion. The folks who slam Scott oughta listen –he analyzes the Trojans’ strengths and weaknesses in a very fair minded way….and as the host of the show sez, “Scott Wolf –one of the best when it comes to assessing USC.”

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      1. Another lucky win. The only bastard is you. What do you know about
        baseball or USC living in some volcano in Hawaii?


      2. I’ve been away for a long time —looks like lots of Trojan fans have turned against the Dodgers, yes? ….


  2. Owns,
    I’m now ready to see us give the Giants a beatdown that is long overdue!
    Time to hurt them like when Mike Piazza destroyed them on the last day of the season knocking them out of a pennant to miss the playoffs after winning 100 games.
    Awesome win tonight!

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    1. Hey Sam, St. Louis didn’t roll over for the Dodgers. The Dodgers earned the tough, Taylor walk-off HR win. It was an outstanding playoff game; it was a magical Dodgers win. The club goes to SF on a St. Louis victory high.

      To bad the LA/SF series is a only a 3 or 5 series instead of the better 4 of 7.

      Even so, it’s going to be a great NLDS series. Go Dodgers.

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    1. Check out the interview, Sam. Scott is probably more relaxed than I’ve ever heard him before. He kinda nails what’s going on with the offense right now —too much reliance on Drake —which got us into trouble with Stanford and Oregon State [but I think everyone is gonna be surprised how much we spread the ball around this Saturday]….


    1. Mike Bohn: “Wanna see the list? Do you know the procedure for filling out and submitting a Freedom Of Information request?”


  3. Donte is changing alot of small things, but until you eliminate Grahm Harrell, not sure there can be a major transformation of the team.

    Donte should get alot of credit for simply holding the team together during this year.

    I want to see Dan Lanning as our new HC and let him mentor Donte as DC. Lanning and Williams would simply be the best recruiting duo on the defensive side. Then we just need a great OC to handle the offense. Need great offensive line coach and receivers coach too.

    Head coaching experience is overrated. I want a winner who has been part of a blue blood program. Mario Cristobal’s head coaching record is 56-58 and people talk about him as a great head coach candidate???? Mario is only recruiting well because of USC’s weakness under Helton. With a new HC at USC, UCLA performing better, ASU performing better, Oregon State with a good HC, Mario’s reign of recruiting wins will be over and his program will plummet. He would be smart to take a job at Miami.

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    1. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of Graham. You may only need to get rid of Graham’s baby, Kedon Slovis. Graham is all butt hurt that he’s not Interim coach — he sees it as a slap in the face (which it is and was meant to be). Suffice it to say, there’s no love lost between Graham and Donte at this point. The way for Donte to REALLY take control of this team now (if Bohn would allow it) is to sit Slovis and go with Dart as soon as he’s healthy enough to play. This wouldn’t be punitive —it would be Donte’s way of saying to the offense, “I’m in charge —we’re going with the guy I think has the talent and the personality to jumpstart this team. The Helton/Harrell days are officially over.”


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