Does USC Need A Search Firm?

USC is not using a search firm to hire a football coach.

I often find these firms to be a waste of money. But Mike Bohn has a mixed record hiring football coaches, so would it be a good idea in this case?

You might have Bohn and a lackey deciding who to hire. And if they go to Carol Folt with a name, do you think she will have any idea who that person is other than Urban Meyer, who she quashed two years ago.

I don’t think Rick Caruso would be any more qualified on this topic either.

I guess the hope is USC gets a really good candidate, that is too big to fail. We’ve all hoped that before.

But a search firm might come in handy if USC gets into a situation where Jack Del Rio and Greg Schiano are fighting it out at the end. You never know.

  • USC is aggressively renting out the Coliseum. It will have NBC Sports’ “Premier League Mornings” on Oct. 23-24. On Oct. 21, Pasadena Poly will play La Canada in a prep football game.
  • Did you see when USC ran sprints after practice Tuesday because it had so many penalties vs. Colorado, Bohn’s right-hand man, Brandon Sosna, also ran sprints with the team. Whatever happened with that job Sosna interviewed for with the Detroit Lions?

12 thoughts on “Does USC Need A Search Firm?

  1. Scooter,

    If you had a competent AD that did his research, background checks, references, interviews, and use your top notch experience as an AD, then you can most likely make the right decision. However, just like Haden and to a certain extent Garrett, Bohn has no clue.

    SC might want to gather three people with great football experience and who are not interviewing for the job to create a small panel and discuss all those quesitons. All you need is three. You get people like Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, and Marcus Allen as the panelists. People of the caliber should only be selected

    Just Rent, that means you are not on the panel due to your lousy selection of a favoriet team, your ruins, and with you living in a two story carboard box in Cerritos.


    1. Bohn has vehemently denied relying on Carol Folt for input on the search for a new head football coach, “I don’t wanna hear anything Carol has to say on this subject —this decision is gonna be made by Wanda Austin alone!”


    2. Hey PT, have you read M. Allen’s new book: “How to covertly hit and score with a friends or colleagues wife.”

      #Cue: “Gimme Some Loving”


  2. Haden was involved in a kick back scheme with that Corn Fairy BS search firm and with Suck’s agent. No one in their right mind would had hired that fraudulent piece of crap that Udub was looking to dump. And had well documented mental problems.
    This year should be a piece of cake. 3 great candidates all there for the taking. Franklin,
    Petersen and Bill O’Brien. Hard to F this one up. Hell JDR would be good …. any real football coach would be good after the garbage we have seen the past decade.

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  3. USC is completely Soft and undisciplined. BIG NEWS… USC players ran sprints after practice. As a former player and team CoCaptain (1969), we ran sprints every day of the week!
    Coach McKay would be up in his tower watching and using his megaphone calling out the players not putting out and running through the 40 yards.. It made a difference in the 4th quarter when the opposing team was out of gas and especially in the smog of LA… We went 32-2-2 in my four years at USC.. So it worked!! It was easy for me, because my high school (Magnolia, Anaheim) had tougher practices. and more wind sprints… But other SC players were really sucking gas at the end of practice.

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    1. trojanwb,

      When i was a freshman in high school, after a 2 and half practice, every day we ran 14 times 100 yards. We were in awesome shape and the game was a picnic compared to the practices. We looked forward to the day before the game becuase we only ran 7 100 yards. Then on game day, no running except being in the game. I don’t understand why they don’t do conditioning after practice. You need it.


  4. As long as Pat Haden, and Lynn Swann have nothing to do with searching for a head coach, I think It will be a piece of cake for Mike Bohn. He learned from his mistake of hiring John Embree, and Eric Bienemy as his co-head coach at Colorado . They fucked that program up, and ran it into the ground, which is why I laugh at the idea of hiring Bienemy as USC’s next coach. Bohn doesn’t come across as a complete idiot, so I think he’ll hire the right guy, as he did in Cincinnati.

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  5. Mike Caruso may not be the best person in the world to lead a search….. but I think it’s safe to say he’d weigh in on things if he heard Bohn was talking to Urban Meyer’s people……


  6. Yes that Bienemy thing was hilarious … obviously planted by his agent. Once it came out Bohn canned that fat hood rat at Colorado, you don’t hear of him much. Not that he ever had a chance.


  7. You don’t need a search firm. You know who the main players are and their qualifications. Make a few phone calls and verify that they don’t have any behind-the-scenes issues such as a drinking problem.



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