USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

Pete Carroll

He looks better every day. And is willing to talk about it!

Carson Palmer

He made a rare visit to the Coliseum on Saturday to celebrate being in College Football Hall of Fame.

Mario Cristobal, Luke Fickell, Matt Campbell

The way USC is imploding these guys are becoming demi-gods.

Jaxson Dart

He gets better every week he doesn’t play.


Donte Williams

Being interim coach has become a thankless task.

Graham Harrell, Todd Orlando

I’ve sounded alarms on Harrell for several years and Orlando since last season. Now everyone agrees.

Mike Bohn

He might make a great hire to replace Clay Helton but he’s put USC fans through a lot of hell the past two years.

Brandon Sosna

The Boy Wonder is learning you can’t talk/hype your way through a crisis.

The USC players

They have given up in some of these games and now spend more time talking trash than playing.

39 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Good for the USC players. There is nothing wrong with talking trash. We do it all day long here.

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  2. I guarantee Graham Harrell, and Todd Orlando won’t be coordinating next season, they’ll probably be analysts . Clay Helton couldn’t attract a top assistant coach, or coordinator if his life depended on it, which is why the program was stagnant for 6 years.

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    1. Frankly, no quality coach would work for a fool like helton. Who would want that on their resume? helton firing Justin Wilcox for Pendergast was the best thing that happened to Justin. Working with Coach Chryst at Wisconsin provided him with the life changing training he would have never received at USC. helton was a total incompetent and LIAR. He lied to my face at a fund raising event.

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      1. Helton was a lot of things, but I do not think LYING was a big thing with him. How did he “lie to my face?” We have to know, says Jim Healey’s ghost.


  3. Leaked Pat Haden text to Bohn: “Skip search! Name Harrell and Orlando Co-Coaches for 2022 -2030….

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    1. Your clever humor is welcome. Most of us are not smiling much right now. I am fearful, however, about the hiring of a new USC coach who gets increasingly more needed by the hour. The team needs a change of attitude to change their downward spiraling. Hope is gone. I am worried about who bohn, folt and caruso will find suitable and cost effective.

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      1. I’m worried too, Carra. I have zero confidence in Mike Bohn’s capacity to stick to his guns. Most university administrators are a combination of some cake and some icing. I fear Bohn is all icing and no cake….meaning he might just think he can hire another second rater to replace the one he just fired….
        —Wayne in “Wayne’s World”

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  4. Scooter,

    SC football, Bohn, and Folt have been bashed by most everyone on this board. However, the next set to bash are the acutal string pullers who will actually do the hiring. Not for a moment do I believe that Bohn will have total control over the hiring. This is too big for him. We need the names who will “SUGGEST” to Bohn who to hire. We need to get on their case by emailing them and letting them know that it is unacceptable on what is going on to hire a coach that will be allowed to coach and not be a YES man to bon, Folt or the hiring gallery.

    The next hire will either get SC back where they belong or go further into mediocrity. The problem is, the guys who will decide probably have not clue about what SC football is all about.

    SC football generates around $60 to $100 mil per year when they are winning through donations, merchandise, concessions, attendance and other various reveune streams. I think that right now that number is down to around $20 mil because lack of attendance and losing.

    this is my opinion, SC football is one of those programs that drive the money to the school. Plain and simple.

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    1. The administration at USC needs to look at the Dallas Cowboys as the example of what USC should aspire to in terms of revenues and position within college football. The Cowboys have positioned themselves as “America’s Team” and they generate in the ballpark of $800 million in revenues per year, while the next NFL team generates $480 million.

      So here is the pitch. USC needs to become America’s college football team. We need to break out of the Pac-12, or completely re-write the structure of our deal with the Pac-12 so it does not include football. We need to basically go independent in football, like Notre Dame, and play a schedule that gets increasingly difficult and prominent. So by 2025, we should be playing Texas, Michigan, UCLA, Notre Dame, Florida, Oklahoma and then some other easier teams that are still big media draws. Why even play most of the Pac-12 teams? Maybe we play Washington and/or one of the Arizona teams, since those are also big media markets.

      Since the CFP will include more teams, we dont need to have a perfect record to get into the playoffs, so a 10-2 team that has played all those top teams will still be rated among the top in the country.

      Why subject ourselves to that type of schedule? Because it would generate a boatload of revenues. It would propel USC to the top of the list for every recruit and generate massive revenues in all areas. USC might be the only school that could pull this off. We have great weather for home games and we can play some neutral venue games in Las Vegas.

      The upside for USC is huge, but only if we have visionaries who see the upside.

      And honestly, with a proud alumni base, they could generate at least another $300-500 million a year in donations on top of the direct sports revenue. USC has the unique distinction of being both a top-notch academic institution and potentially the top football program.

      Think big here and stop trying to hire weak administrators like Carol Folt who has ZERO vision.

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      1. Boom … you called it. The NCAA is done no worries about them F us again. New rules basically says you can buy players … so go buy the best. Get a real coach like Petersen or Franklin and beat everyone !


    2. LOL, this ain’t your daddy’s SC anymore. It’s an actual university now, with real students and a somewhat respectable reputation. Football matters not.


  5. Scooter,

    You should have placed Chris Steele and Donte Williams the db coach on the losing seciton. Steel got burned on two ads, one of them being a flea flicker. The db’s coach needs to teach Steele to not let anyone get behind him.

    Korey Foreman had a half a sack and they that it was the best thing. He shared the sack with Hunter Echols.

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    1. I kept telling you clowns that Korey Foreman was a bust. Foreman was tossed like a rag doll all over the place when he was going through those Nike camps.

      You clowns kept listening to pudly dumb fuck and buying the hype. All you had to do was watch a few of those Nike camps and you would have seen Foreman getting handled, tossed around and abused.

      Another waste of a scholarship.

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  6. Scooter,

    More losers:

    both lines, offense and defense. They got their asses blown up. I discussed this with a radio announcer and he agreed. SC used to be a physical team, they are nothing but a punching bag, like the clown one where you hit it it pops back up.

    SC will get punched in the mouth by ND on the first play and that will be it. They will fold like a $2.00 tent.

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  7. Loser Strength and conditioning staff. These days the only thing strong about USC is the stench coming from the game against a team they’re supposed to beat.
    They got pushed around like dinner for a dung beetle.

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  8. I think the fans are the winners for now. Clay Helton is gone!

    We might be right back in the loser category if the right coach is not selected though.

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  9. I foresee Mike Bohn hiring a moderately-talented coach, someone who’s an improvement over Helton, but not a home-run hire. I don’t believe that Bohn has the juice to make a big-time hire.

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    1. Agreed entirely – going to start selling 8-4 + mid-level bowl and occasional loss in conference championship game as a nationally competitive program…


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      1. Can’t disagree with you there…maybe we would have been better off if Kiff was never tarmac’d and had went forward having the players wear the gaudy red cleats…would prefer a miracle (competent hire with attendant changes necessary to course correct)…but don’t see it happening when the string-pullers haven’t been eliminated. Helton was a classic example of symptom versus disease (and as relates to cure).

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  10. Scott Woodward at LSU has hired Chris Petersen (and Sark) at Washington, Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M, Kim Mulkey at LSU, and soon Ed O’s replacement at LSU. This guy runs rings around Bohn and LSU won’t go cheap. Tough for me to be optimistic about USC’s prospects with Folt and Bohn in charge.

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      1. Gruden is done period blow hard big mouth could BS his way out of this mess
        USC would hire Goat Kiffin or even mentally ill Suck back before touching Gruden


  11. I hear Gruden is willing to take over the bozo FB program and toil for that scrawny bit*h Folt and the transgender fa**ot AD, the Boner.


      1. Mighty, mighty SUCC is presently 2 – 3 in the Pac-12 South. All three losses were blow out, ‘dog victories @ the crumbling mausoleum.



  12. F**king Dave Roberts is at it again. With 1 out and Dodgers on 1st and 2nd and needing a run to tie, the genius Roberts sends Austin Barnes, currently hitting .215, up to pinch hit. Barnes promptly strikes out on 3 pitches, two of which were out of the strike zone.

    #Vintage Dave Roberts mismanagement.


    1. Then MOokie Lined out which the fff in short stop jumped up and caught the fff in base ball.. Nothing went the Dodgers Way.. the WIND destroyed the Dodgers Losing 1 to 0 nothing is a killer.


  13. SC BOT did not hire Morton Shapiro as president…they hired a fired folt. She did not give a damn about NC traditions and does not give a damn about SC traditions.
    Shapiro did care and does care. He will be available soon as Northwestern Univ is putting a new school president in place.
    BOT fire folt and hire Shapiro,that is the place to start…he is a trojan alum,loves sc football. That was the beginning of the problems now, &my bet is He would have fired hellton day one and the AD that hired him,extended him, etc…being a bunch of egotistical bums they won’t.

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    1. Absolutely right Tim. That’s where Caruso and the BOT f’d up. They passed on a Trojan (Shapiro) and hired that Midget Dolt. And from that point on the football program has spiraled down. Dolt then hired a weak AD, who didn’t have the nut sack to fire Gomer when everyone could see he was a loser. And now the whole football program belongs in Wolfie’s loser ledger week after week

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    1. BigBear- This is another of those in the category of “even if it isn’t your team”…SF beat MadMax (my favorite current MLBer, so I’m not happy he lost, even though I’m not a Dodger fan per se) on a night where he was at his best…this Giant team is a lot like the three from 2010-14 (seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors, but they keep winning…even without a MadBum in the deck). To the Dodgers side, and as is just baseball more than any other sport except maybe hockey…it can turn quickly (especially when you have LA’s staff)…

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    2. No ’86, it’s just Dave Roberts hosing the Dodgers again.

      So f**k the Giants
      #Kal FB: 1 – 4 and residing in the Pac – 12 North cellar.


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