Where Is The Daring Donte Williams?

I told a Pac-12 coach about whether Donte Williams regrets becoming interim head coach?

But if Williams wasn’t the head coach, he might be getting more criticism for the play of the cornerbacks, which has been below par this season.

“They play really soft,” the Pac-12 coach said.

Williams is in a tough position because he couldn’t turn down becoming interim coach and it does raise his profile.

But he hasn’t improved his stock with the performance of the cornerbacks.

And he hasn’t been very daring as a coach, which I would expect from someone who has little to lose.

He’s also not looked ready for prime time according to the Pac-12 coach.

“He’s on the sideline wearing a baseball cap with his shades on top,” the coach said. “That doesn’t look like a head coach.”

  • I’m also tired of hearing USC coaches say they are going to play young players like linebacker Raesjon Davis and then keep them on the sideline. What does USC lose by giving some young players a chance?

23 thoughts on “Where Is The Daring Donte Williams?

  1. Then they wonder why good players from Cali, snub them and go somewhere else. That’s why the recruiting is in shambles. Promising young players a chance to play then snubbing them for upper classmen and kiss asses. I thought Helton was gone already or was Williams told to do this by Bohn to get the interim job.


      1. This is epic. NO one has EVER bragged about ‘first comment’ before…and the first time it happens…


  2. Donte: Is not experienced enough to be a head coach at a major program yet. This just shows you a successful recruiting coordinator, or assistant coach does not always mean they are ready to be head coaches yet. Many coordinators fail when they are given head coaching opportunities because they simple are not ready yet to be a head coach. With time Donte could develop into a great head coach one day.

    What puzzles me is Clay Helton- “Uncle Fester” was not a highly thought of quarterback coach at Memphis, and a terrible recruiter and offensive coordinator at USC, and yet he elevates at USC and becomes a head coach which in itself shows us all how bad the decision makers are at USC, and the true reason the program has now hit rock bottom.

    Can Mike Bohn make the key hire USC needs at this point at time? To be honest I have my doubts especially if he not looking for outside recommendations like Pete Carroll who really know what it takes to be successful at SC.

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  3. It is going to be interesting what happens when the decisions are made. For now it is time to wait and see, and in the meantime go bodysurfing, snorkeling, whale and “wahine” watching in Hawaii. MAHALO!!

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  4. Since we couldn’t get a nationally-televised “Fire Clay Helton” from Bush or Leinart, maybe Mark Sanchez will give us a “Hire _____”!?

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  5. It took two years, but Mike Bohn finally green-lighted Plaschke and McCullough at the Los Angeles Times to publicly call for Clay Helton’s firing. They being the dutiful USC employees that they are, savaged Clay’s fleshy carcass like a pack of starved hyenas. Sorry Clay, it’s Survival of the Fittest in Palos Verdes.


    1. Donte is travelling out to Devin Brown’s high school to watch a game this week. They need to keep him as a recruit because they are going to start playing Dart, Moss will leave and Slovis will also transfer. So they need Devin as the back-up for Dart. Even if they cant tell him the new coach, entering as a freshman, as the backup to Dart, with Dart having only two more years would be appealing.

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  6. I’m not interested in jumping on the hate Donte bandwagon. He’s an intern coach, no reason to waste energy bashing him when he doesn’t have a Prayer of being HC. Hopefully I’ll end up with dementia due to my wife slapping me around all the time and I won’t remember this years.

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  7. USC is only a 5 point dog in South Bend (where odds makers subtract 4 rather than 3 points for being the visitor). Why is Notre Dame such a slight favorite?


  8. If you know the game of football, then you know the defensive line dictates the success of the secondary, and the Trojans are horrible on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Is Donte Williams responsible for that, or the lack of production from the mediocre players that Clay Helton recruited up front?


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