USC Morning Buzz: Another Scandal To Deal With

What did Max Nikias know and when did he know it?

That might a question after last night’s news that a former USC dean and Los Angeles City Council member (and USC graduate) Mark Ridley Thomas were charged Wednesday with a bribery scheme in which Ridley-Thomas promised to steer millions of dollars in contracts to the school if his son got a scholarship and a teaching job.

Another scandal for USC? We’re all shocked. Some at USC thought this case might disappear and were surprised when the charges were announced.

So will it ever come out whether Nikias knew of this situation?

He hasn’t yet been tied to the Varsity Blues scandal. Yet.

  • Tim Tessalone, who was USC sports information director since 1984, will retire on Jan. 1.

Mike Bohn’s memo on the retirement said, “At a later time, we will share our plans for the communications staff structure and broader external team moving forward.”

That’s the kind of statement to make athletic dept. employees shudder to see what it actually means.

40 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Another Scandal To Deal With

  1. One of trOJans finest doing what trOJans do. Cheat lie and steal. What else is new? You ran out of town only decent man Clay Helton!

    Another note,

    USC top coaching candidate in no particular order is Jon gruden, Urban Meyer, Art Briels, Jim Tressell and Bill McCartney. Racist, sexual deviant, criminal enabler, cheater and hypocrites are the kind of people USC seeks and deserves.



    1. And taxpayers are on the hook for $73 million for ucla’s complete failure for decades to allow their gynecologist to abuse 5,500 women. Who is accountable for that? What kind of organization allows that to happen for 40 years?

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      1. And Clown U is on the hook for $850 million to settle the vile Dr. Geo. Tyndall’s perverted 20 year reign as the SUCC on-campus gynecologist. ’67 you are one stupid idiot, with both feet in your mouth disease – 40 years my ASS.

        #’67 IQ = 27.3


    2. As I mentioned earlier, Los Angeles RUNS on the assumption that it’s okay for public officials to promise public monies to developer friends or people in a position to do them some favor — and the beneficiaries, in return, give some back as campaign contributions. This has been going on for 60 or 70 years of dem rule. As bad as it is, it pales in comparison to what Hunter and Joe are doing in D. C…..

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      1. You’ve mentioned now twice how the Democratic machine in L.A. runs, I would think the U.S. Attorney knows as much about that as you do and as such and had a Grand Jury convened knowing there would be all types of calls requesting favors for Thomas and USC’s part.
        Present the evidence …roll the dice and my goodness we have enough to indict. Now comes the ubiquitous Not Guilty pleading from the accused

        Next up Discovery and the wonderful billable hours part..Both sides will motion the hell out of each other, so the show goes on, I’d say nine months to a year before we see disposition of this case
        It would have been great fun to see this case in front of U.S.Judge Manny Real…he could be a real ball buster.


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      2. Smart observations, Watcher.
        (1) Wonder if Dean Flynn (she’s 83) will live to see the end of this case…
        (2) You recall those of us who appeared before Manny Real used to call him Manny Real Crazy…..


      1. With any luck his ass is next…if things really heat up maybe he can do a Carlos Ghosn and escape to the Greek side of Cypress and live his plush life in anonymity.


      2. Regarding Dean Flynn, if she is a hearty 83 she will get through this, she will get lots of support from her Defense Attorneys group to help her hold it together, if she has any physical or mental issues, defense can motion the court for relief.
        If she’s in poor physical health, it’s a hell of lot of stress for the elderly, she could expire.
        Who knows though, she might be in such good shape she can jog with you in the mornings

        Attended one with a friend of mine, Jan Handzlik white Collar Defense.
        Everyone in the Court room treated Judge Real with absolute deference


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  2. ” Tim Tessalone, who was USC sports information director since 1984, will retire on Jan. 1. ”

    Gomer and now that prick, things are looking up !

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  3. Good riddance to Tim Tesolone not an once of testical fortitude against the woke movement crap that Folt and co brought in. As long as he was getting a pay check, as Troy burned that’s all he cared about. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass
    Hopefully Folt and Bohn are next full freaking house cleaning. Max the enabler Nakias can go too. All of them on the board of bustees as well. Start all over again at Troy.

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  4. Since the the LA Times has been supplying Mike Bohn’s propaganda to the public the past two years, USC is going to outsource some its SID functions to the LAT sportswriters who will still report directly to Mike Bohn. This very unique partnership will serve as a model to athletic departments around the country.

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  5. The biggest scandal was Clay Helton’s contract. WTH. Financially cost the school in how much revenue from his payout, commercial value of the team, reputation, etc?

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    1. Prediction: Anyone and everyone connected with keeping Helton in place (Haden, Swann, Austin, Folt & Bohn come to mind) will oneday be brought before the New, Improved Court Of The Inquisition….


  6. Mad Max is dirtier than an unchanged cabin air filter in a smoker’s car. In fact he is dirt, have you ever seen a picture of the two of them together? What bother’s me the most is that USC cannot seem to shake the clown college image. It’s what makes Owns right with every post. He can say his Bruins are better if he uses a reference to the clown college because their scandals are small compared to Ringling Brothers and USC clown college enterprises. The only good thing about the whole affair is that Good Riddance Thomas chose USC over UCLA. Not much to be proud of at the school of scandals.

    How about them Trolley Dodgers?

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    1. SUCC being a private Methodist University makes it easy to conceal dubious or illegal profitable City, State, Federal business/political relationships.


  7. Will USC ever completely cut their ties with Max Nikias ? If they really want to deflect the smelly stench that’s linked to them from employing sleazy garbage, then they should produce a national power on the football field. Because the media forgives and forgets if you give them something to write about.

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  8. pudly sighting, having been relieved of his duties as Clay Helton’s ball polisher, pudly was seen on Figueroa with a sign reading, “Will work for cock”


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  9. Memo to: MG

    Chip, in fact, buys his own donuts using a personal CC.

    As oppose to St Pat, who bills his 20 Fireballs a day to the Scholastic Scholar Fund he’s currently looting with the help of Haden family nepotism.

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    1. Visa To Chip: “This is a courtesy alert: you’ve exceeded your Gold Card $100, 000 Limit. You are allowed $5000 grace.”


  10. Everyone at USC seems to be attempting to work the system with their hand out to get “theirs”. Carol Folt, on the other hand, makes a big show of de-prioritizing the USC football program, going so far as to forgo tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue. Carol Folt’s got nothing to hang her hat on except this phony, disingenuous, manufactured attempt at “integrity” at the expense of USC football.

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