Pitcher Who Is Part Of USC Lore Dies

Tom Lovrich, a USC All-American pitcher, died on Oct. 1 at age 91.

Lovrich might be best known for giving up a legendary home run to Mickey Mantle when USC played the Yankees at Bovard Field in 1951.

The home run supposedly traveled 615 feet.

Lovrich won 33 games at USC from 1950-52). He was an All-District and All-Conference first team selection in 1951 and 1952 and an All-American in 1952.
He was 10-2 with a 2.69 ERA in 1950.  He was 12-5 with a 3.26 ERA and 69 strikeouts as a junior in 1951 and set a still-standing USC season record with 10 complete games for a USC team that went to the College World Series.  In 1952, he went 11-2 with a 2.43 ERA and USC was conference champions.

Lovrich, who went to San Pedro High School, served as the official game timer at USC men’s basketball games for more than 50 years.

20 thoughts on “Pitcher Who Is Part Of USC Lore Dies

  1. RIP Mr. Lovrich.

    In other news the Univ. of Stinking Corruption is at the center of a bribery/con scam featuring Mark Ridley Scott and Marilyn Louise Flynn, the retired former Dean of SUCC’s School of Social Work. Both Scott and Flynn were charged on a 20 count Federal indictment. YIKES.


    What good, available HFBC Coach would wish to hitch his wagon to such a corrupt Univ.

    Bang! Bang! Clown U unloads a cap in each foot. Some things don’t change.

    #SUCC leaks corruption like Vermont maple tree sap.


    1. “Corruption” is a strong word. Sometimes people make simple “mistakes”… that occasionally lead to the accidental enrichment of their families… embarrassing, yes —but “corrupt”?!

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      1. If you say so MG.

        I always thought mistakes were usually unplanned and corruption as planned for purpose of illicit personal, business or criminal enrichment. The Ridley/Flynn thing sounds as though some thought was invested in their scheme. “Greed is Good” uh? The Feds didn’t think so.

        #Damn MG, a 20 count Federal indictment involving the Clown U School of Social Works. What are the chances Nikias approved?


      2. Innocent mistake eh…is that what you’re saying MG?

        No, the reported depth of this incident is beyond innocent, might consider throwing in some collusion and intent to defraud and of course all the IRS law that was broken.

        The Fed prosecutor is going to have a field day with this case, Varsity Blues sent the stage for corruption and conviction of guilty parties.

        The femnazi President is going to look like the fool she is the next time spouting her integrity, unblemished character schtick regarding coaching hires…hypocrisy in a miniature UCSB package.



      3. Just got back from the morning jog and saw the savvy comments by Watcher…..who thinks he’s on to something —something really BIG: Los Angeles (including USC) doesn’t always color inside the lines. No, Watcher —L. A. is gonna disappoint you. For the last SIXTY or SEVENTY years [of dem rule] Los Angeles has run on the governing premise that public officials OUGHTA give public money (usually in the form of public contracts but sometimes in the form of direct individual benefits) to folks who will give some of it back in the form of campaign contributions or other personal favors. Given that is the planted axiom of L. A. business and politics, I honestly don’t know if you can blame Dean Flynn for going along with the game. I mean, don’t Joe and Hunter get away with it EVERY day? Isn’t that what you like?


      4. The 20-count indictment alleges that Ridley-Thomas, now a member of the Los Angeles City Council, conspired with Marilyn Louise Flynn, formerly a tenured professor and the dean of the university’s School of Social Work, who agreed to provide the Ridley-Thomas relative with graduate school admission, a full-tuition scholarship, a paid professorship, and a mechanism to funnel Ridley-Thomas campaign funds through the university to a non-profit to be operated by the relative.

        Well MG, maybe you will be able to explain this “common in the 60’s 70’s “ corrupt attempt by Ridley on behalf of a relative…
        I don’t think that qualifies as for the Good of the Public or Community


      5. Common in the 70’s? Not strictly correct. More like common between the years 1961 -2021. And counting….


      1. Yes…known for depending heavily on trickery & computer graphics to enlarge what his audience sees on the screen….


      1. Ha! [Very important for batters not to breathe in too much while the ball sails by them]…


  2. hi foot ball fans, well georgia is well but the daniels the qb has more injury problems theres a problem there thats not been brought out on this guy another helton misjudgement of the qb position! sincerely, E


  3. hi sportsfans, this mickey mantle,fact left early alcohol abuse!? dRANK HIMSELF to a early end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????


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