USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


USC fans

Homecoming next week vs. Arizona is a 4 p.m. kickoff. Homecoming should never be a night game. But will there be on-campus festivities with COVID-19 restrictions?

On the other hand, who is going to go to the game vs. lowly Arizona?

James Franklin

He appears headed toward talking to USC and LSU. And will likely be offered more money to remain at Penn State.

Drake London

He only has six more games before he can go to the NFL. Seven if USC gets bowl eligible, which is not a certainty.


USC-Notre Dame rivalry

Where’s the excitement over college football’s greatest intersectional rivalry? Well, I’m sure Notre Dame will be ready to play.

Mike Bohn

He might have to fight LSU for James Franklin or Dave Aranda, which is nothing else will raise their price.

Kenan Christon

The tailback apparently has a matter with student judicial affairs, which tends to be a black hole when it comes to resolving matters in a fair-and-timely manner.


Oregon looks terrible right now. Arizona State blew a chance to wrap up the Pac-12 South. Washington is awful. Stanford can’t play well for two consecutive games. USC is unwatchable. UCLA is thriving . . . with two losses.

Jedd the Fisch

He’s trying to be Pete Carroll minus the X’s and O’s knowledge or leadership skills.

23 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Get an under the table agreement with Dave Aranda, and call it a day. The road to the playoffs in the PAC 12 is a cakewalk, so I’m sure he’ll take the offer .

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    1. if wife likes So.Cal area, that’s the winner if offer is made and right price to move. Waco/Baylor is a nice area if they counter.


    2. Agree with making the deal–in principle–with Aranda.
      Best choice.

      While USC is “flawed,” LSU is “more flawed.”


  2. Scooter,

    You are not writing as much. Not good.

    Losers: SC fans, putting up with this crud. How much longer will the SC fans put up with this mess without going down to the athelctic department wiht pitch forks, tar, and feather.

    When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn.


  3. I strenuously object to Scott saying Student Judicial Affairs can’t handle Kenan’s case in an expeditious manner. I bet his SOLE basis for saying that is because….
    —The Dread Pirate Robert in “The Princess Bride”

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  4. Michael,

    SC was smart enough to stay out of Carrol’s way. I too was just smart enough to get out of his way. He is 70 yrs old. I think the preception is that he burnt too many bridges here for him to return. It is my opinion.

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    1. Pete is only as good as his OC and his QB.
      Without stellar performance from both, his style diminishes.
      Unless Seattle totally disintegrates, Pete will be their HC for 2022.

      I looked at the historical FPI data at USC. Amazing how the computer showed
      USC offense deteriorating from 2008 to 2009. USC FPI was pretty solid from 2010 to 2016/7, with the serious drop-off starting 2018 and onward. Thanks Helton.

      While the group here bangs on SarKiffin, the FPI ranked USC offense near the same
      from 2005 to 2008. I could not find a rank for 2004. Sark and Kiffin were still great recruiters.

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      1. Pete got into REAL trouble when he brought his idiot son Brennan on board as a recruiter and tight ends coach ….


    1. Do you think he actually wants to come back to this shit show? He should be listed as a winner. Besides, Drake would probably make him look bad.


  5. Ogeron will get his 17 million in the buyout.

    Aranda, who everyone now seems enamored with, is making $4 million with 4 years to go.

    Franklin will play both schools to get more money like Wolfie said.

    Fickell doesn’t seem to want to move to LA and his wife sure doesn’t.

    Petersen likes his studio job

    Don’t see Campbell as a West Coast guy.

    So if Aranda goes to LSU, no guarantee that he will, USC will be left with what ?

    Bill O’Brien who will leave at the fist NFL offer ?
    Cristobal who is doing less with more ?

    Better move fast Bohn

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    1. Campbell is still a top choice, if you look at trajectory and resume.
      His program’s FPI continues to improve.
      Sadly, ISU signed him to a huge contract extension and the buyout is massive.

      “Ya’ snooze, Ya’ lose.”*

      *Julius Caesar, 1/1 44B.C.


  6. I’m not familiar with Aranda’s (and Tom Herman’s) alma mater Cal Lutheran, though I know it’s not Figueroa and Exposition. Baylor is Baptist … not exclusively so. Maybe Aranda prefers that though.


    1. Charles,

      However, I think USC might be just a better job than Baylor. I think it is up to Aranda, if he wants to build a power out of Baylor or does he want to take on one of the big boys and see what he can do. I think he would want the SC job, but that is my opinion

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      1. Aranda has worked now in primarily small, backwater, illiberal (except U Wisky) college towns, after growing up in Redlands.

        Maybe the allure of Southern California will appeal to a 45 year old, smart, handsome Latin Gentleman?


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