Morning Buzz: USC Could Learn Something From LSU

Say what you will about LSU but they don’t mess around.

They decided not to bring Ed Orgeron back and paid him off ($17 million) in less than a week.

Think of all the hand-wringing USC did over Clay Helton’s buyout. LSU was not about to spend two years figuring out what to do like USC has. They made a decision immediately.

USC took forever and now the program is worse off. LSU will probably move quicker on hiring a coach too.

  • Did you know Notre Dame has the No. 1-ranked recruiting class according to Rivals?

USC is currently 35th although that is likely because the Irish have 21 commitments and the Trojans have 10.

  • The Los Angeless Redistricting Commission passed a motion Monday that splits USC and the University Village into two different City Council districts. Does that make sense?
  • I can’t imagine Washington State would be foolish enough to hire Graham Harrell but his name will come up because he spent a couple years with Mike Leach in Pullman.

35 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Could Learn Something From LSU

  1. Hmm, maybe because USC has to many woke fucktards running the show ?

    USC’s class is going to suck, early signing is going to kill them

    Yes Scottie, splitting USC and thr Village into two makes sense, but only in LA

    Harrell will be unemployed shortly.

    Funny, Gomer’s name isn’t coming up as a possible replacement for these open head coaching jobs, what a shock !

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    1. As far as recruiting goes: The hiring of the IDEAL coach (and that’s asking a helluva lot from fuckup Bohn) would make up for a 5-7 2021 record …

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  2. …& yet no commentary on the disarray that coach O is leaving behind? Kinda exonerates Pat H on some level or would it be worth it to field rapists so long as we win another NC?


    1. Haden hired

      Kiffin who got beaten up by Pola before a bowl game, had deflate gate and cheated on his wife

      Sark who was out of it on drugs and booze, a problem that was well known to everyone, except Haden, and also cheated on his wife.

      Helton who had ZERO experience and has left USC in such a state that it may take a few years, and the right coach, to fix the mess that is USC football today.

      No rapists but not exactly stellar hires either.

      And lets not forget Patrick C Haden’s , um, missteps with the George Henry Mayr Foundation

      Established in 1949, the foundation has no office of its own, no full-time staff and no website. Its founder and namesake wanted it to be a thrifty operation that gave as much scholarship money as possible to California educational institutions.

      Under Haden’s leadership as board chairman, however, the $25-million foundation became a lucrative source of income for him and two of his family members — even as its scholarship spending plunged to a three-decade low and the size of its endowment stagnated, a Times investigation has found.

      Haden, his daughter and sister-in-law together collected about $2.4 million from the foundation for part-time roles involving as little as one hour of work per week, according to the foundation’s federal tax returns for 1999 to 2014, the most recent year available.

      Half of that, about $1.2 million, went to Haden. His annual board fees have been as high as $84,000; the foundation paid him $72,725 in 2014.

      During Haden’s tenure on the board, donations directed to USC, where he has been athletic director for nearly six years, far outpaced the amounts given to any other school, a Times analysis of the tax records shows.

      Haden was a paid advisor to the foundation in 1998 and became board chairman the following year. His father-in-law, Benjamin F. Grier, was a board member from 1984 until his death in 1999. Catherine Grier Olson, Haden’s sister-in-law, became a member a year later, in 2000.

      Since then, Olson, 59, has received more than $750,000 for her director duties.

      Natalie O’Connor, Haden’s 37-year-old daughter, has held part-time positions at the foundation and received about $470,000 in payments since 2005, according to tax records. She has been variously identified on its tax returns as a director, secretary and administrative worker.

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      1. The way you phrased things almost puts the Haden family in a bad light…..
        {Now do the Clinton Foundation]…..

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      2. St. Pat loots the Geo. Henry Mayr Foundation for fireballs and cash. C. L. “Max” Nikias approved.


    2. Coach O–fantastic recruiter and Dline coach. Maybe a fine DC.
      (Bo Pellini–WAS a super Defensive coach/DC. Never gonna be a great Head Coach.)

      Looking through the lens with a laser focus….Kiffin was a real pain, but may have been a better HC than appreciated. He came to Haden with a huge notebook of his plans to “weather” the sanctions, and Kiffin WAS delivering on the plan with great recruiting classes and plenty of wins. Having his old dad on staff did not help, and was ultimately Lane’s demise. To Be sure, after watching the ASU debacle at a sports pub in Boulder, I was overjoyed to read about the Tarmac early Sunday AM.

      I usually don’t watch SEC FB on Saturdays, choosing to get my fitness work in.
      I just might watch the Old Miss/LSU game this weekend…


  3. If handled correctly, USC will attract the best available coach, and rebound quicker then LSU. The SEC is much more challenging then the PAC 12, and will be a pressure cooker for any Coach. Luke Fickle, and Dave Aranda are my choices, and you can’t go wrong with either one of them.

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  4. WSU please hire Graham Harrell immediately this way we can move on now rather than after the season.

    The Los Angeles Redistricting Committee should divide the Mckay Center and Heritage Hall into two separate City Council districts. The athletic department is already divided anyway why not make it official perhaps this way we can separate the athletic dept. from Mike Bohn.

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  5. Scooter,

    Another thing SC could learn from LSU, get rid of thew video guys that were hired from LSU. There is nothing to film since SC is worse off than when they had Hackett.

    Harrell and Helton will not coach, they will open up a football consultant company. they will be hired to do analytical work for such teams as Bama, Ohio St., Oklahoma, Michigan, and other power houses.

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    1. Hey punk ass wine cooler drinker, shut you pie hole and leave the football to manly beast like me. The limp noodle wine cooler drinking need to stay away from football!


  6. The trouble with USC as I see it, is that while the foundation was crumbling (Helton) they kept replacing the roof (Kingsbury, Harrell, Orlando etc. ) All of the time spent trying to fix the problem from the top down, nobody realized they were on top of a sinkhole.
    I don’t have a vote or a voice (now that Bohn closed all the booster organizations) but I really did think new assistants would shore up the team. The bulldozer should just start at the front door of chancellor’s office and scoop the debris into the sinkhole so we can move on with some football.
    IF we ever do come back, maybe we should dump the ethnic name and call ourselves the Phoenix (singular like that tree school) after all, the story goes that the nickname came from someone saying, “they fought like Trojans.” Now we can say we rose from the hubris

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    1. Roof repair? You must be joking. When Swann realized the foundation of Heritage Hall was crumbling, he went out and bought a shiny BMW hood ornament to put on the front doorknob….

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    2. Not sure it was Bohn so much as Folt who was responsible for taking local autonomy away from the booster clubs. Upon taking office in 2019, Folt had to deal with medical school dean, the OB/GYN, and the admissions scandal, just to name a few, in addition to the usual CEO type stuff and fundraising. But what was really important to her? Taking local control away from the alumni groups It takes a special kind of enthusiasm for micromanagement to prioritize that.

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    3. Had Kingsbury not bolted, he would have been your coach going into 2020 or 2021.
      Kyler Murray is the #1 QB this week by some analytics.

      Can you imagine JT Daniels, Slovis, Dart…with Kliff mentoring them?


  7. Graham Harrell has an excellent agent. His name comes up every so often when he is in need of a raise or new position. His agent is saying,” Hey, my guy is available!”

    Of all the offers in the past, how many did he get? Apparently he is still as USC.

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  8. Recruiting is not a big problem if you get the right coach. If you get the right coach the good recruits will start to make a bee line towards USC. As far as Harrell is concerned, I don’t really care if WSU hires him. Somebody is going to hire him to some position because I really don’t think that he will be at SC next year.


    1. Charles-Agreed. I’ve mentioned on this site for years that one need only look at how the programs that used to be part of what SI referred to as the Gang of 9 (USC, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Alabama, Texas, Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, and Penn. State) (updated since 1980 with Pitt, then Georgia, Clemson, Miami, Florida State, Florida…briefly at times LSU, Colorado, Washington, et al) have addressed on-field woes – all of them have been aggressive (even Nebraska with Callahan and Frost)…only USC has been keystone cop-like in its bumbling…Texas has misfired multiple times, as has Notre Dame, but they don’t stand pat (USC unfortunately stood Pat)…

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    2. When you have the SEC/ESPN money to throw about, you can pay a guy $16.9Million to go off into the sunset. Money fixes everything in CFB–esp the SEC.

      Check out the Guice story. Guice propositioned a 70year old women. After “apologizing for Guice,” Coach O was told by the lady to bench the kid for the Citrus bowl. Instead Guice ran for 138 yards and earned the MVP award.


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