Pick The USC-Notre Dame Score

This is really one of those games where USC should be able to walk into Notre Dame Stadium and pull off an upset against an Irish team that isn’t special. Bill Walton thinks so. He picked USC.

Unfortunately, I have no confidence in USC . . . or its coaches. Even if the Trojans are away from the Coliseum and playing in front of an engaged crowd.

It’s USC’s line of scrimmage play that worries me. So with that said, I’m taking Notre Dame, 31-23.

What about you?

Oh, and here’s the tailgate I promised would take place right outside Notre Dame Stadium.


43 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Notre Dame Score

    1. Now, that is the spirit!

      USC 31, Domers 27. Domers have trouble at QB and O-line. They can be had. The challenge for USC is USC’s o-line vs. Domers d-line. I hope Harrell changes stuff up to rush the ball, and to utilize TE. Slovis can’t continue to hold the ball forever.

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      1. Just looked at the ranking of our O-Line coming out of high school (ranging from #300’s to Low 90’s) and the D-Line of Notre Dame (all inside the Top 25) —came to the conclusion we are outmanned.

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    2. LOL!

      James “Milk Toast” Franklin’s Nittany Lions have only scored 10 pts. against weak ass (2-5) Illinois going into the 4th qtr.

      And you clowns want Franklin as the head coach of the Trojans





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      1. How Fucking Embarrassing, Franklin’s Nittany Lion team is getting manhandled down the stretch by a crap Illinois team in a 10-10 snoozer!

        Franklin is garbage and for the kind of money he makes…Hell No!

        USC can do a whole lot better than that clown

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      2. tebow —
        David Lynch and his co-writer on Lost Highway were laughing so hard at how fucked up the movie was going that they got hernias.
        Be careful.

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      3. Clown U deserves James Franklin. I wouldn’t employ the idiot to coach a Pee Wee team. Because of that POS Franklin’s incompetence, I can’t see the UCLA game.

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      4. Yeah, Bob Barker I’d like to pass on showcase showdown showcase 1 (Franklin) for whatever is behind door #2 or in the box on Let’s Make a Deal (even if it turns out to be a gag gift, at least there’s a chance it might not…I know what Franklin would bring, and I’d rather pass on the 8-4/9-3 festival with the 4 and 3 consisting of blown games and blown out in games featuring top competition).


    1. Just Rent,

      I watched Game Day and it was hilarious. No one was there just like no one will be in the stands. You weren’t even there, I guess you would have to taek the bus at 2:00 A.M. to get to ruinville.


      1. This isn’t a year (or decade) for us to be talking too much trash about anyone, to include the Little Bears…but it was hilarious (and unfair – how about Jackie or Jerry Robinson, Kenny Easley, Freeman McNeil, Dave Balby, Wendell Tyler, Jonathan Ogden, etc., etc.) how hard they struggled to identify noteworthy UCLA players aside from Troy Aikman…and then the coup de grace was when one of the sec-espn-ers emphatically stated that everyone knows that USC considers Notre Dame its primary rival, not UCLA (since Helton-loving Herbstreit was in the group…constantly yapping about how he took Notre Dame in 2005…it’s hard to give to much credence to this, admittedly).

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    2. Just Rent,

      Stay dry in your two sory cardboard box. Now your Thugs from ruinville will be brought down to the depths of whale feces where they have a a permanant place. They will lose by the score, are you ready:

      whores 42- thugs 21


      1. pasadenatrojan,

        Please learn how to spell. I don’t usually read your moronic posts but you should really learn how to spell. Especially, if you want to post so much and go after other bloggers. I think Pudly had a stroke trying to read your idiotic posts.

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      2. That’s horrible. How is Pudly doing? Can he type yet?
        P. S.
        Pasadena has been given permission by Scott himself to be as inventive as he likes when it comes to spelling…..

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    3. Looking good early for powder blue and gold over Nike…keep it up…and remember I did mention two days ago that it was UCLA’s turn again to crawl to the top of the Pac-12 South sandpile…if Utah falters somewhere along the ay (since ASU let them back up last week, right on schedule).

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      1. mg they never do! I picked the Rays to win the World Series, after all! And USC over Utah…usually pretty good, but far from perfect…


    1. Don’t see any way USC is held to 13 points today…

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      1. USC 13 ND 37
        Not so fast, MG…
        Pains me, but there it is…
        Just looked back through the head-to-head…and through that miserable period when Holtz was coaching…can only hope that the coaching search will result in at least a return to decent teams that play hard…and don’t leave us in another desert looking for wins against the SHAMrocks, Luck-eyes, She-Bear Bruins, et al…

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      2. Yeah, painful…but reality…although, as noted previously, wouldn’t be shocking if Kelly and ‘rocks spitefully played like dogs to make the score close and then post-game talked up retaining Dante permanently…the Twilight Zone night terrors of all of us Trojans who have been living in HEL(L)to(w)n…

        Hope I’m wrong…wins in bad seasons don’t right the wrongs…but losses in bad seasons sure as heck aren’t enjoyable (unless, you know, they were to cause real change…okay, now that everyone has refilled the drinks knocked over in laughter…)…

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  1. Nd 38-SC 17, not close.

    SC’s oline gets snobberknocked back to Chicago. They are the inept at best. There are no Ron Yary’s Anthony Munoz’s, Bradde Budde, Keith Van Horne on the line. SC used to be known for their online with all the All Amercians consecutively for years. Now, you have guys being pushed backward. As an linemen, they should be pissed off at the crap they are taking, but they won’t show it or do anything about it.

    Fight On!!!!!!

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  2. Notre Dame 41

    USC 23

    That girl Slovis gets knocked out at the beginning of the 2nd qtr.

    Miller Moss finishes up 11 of 17 105 yards, 2 INT, 1 TD.


    1. Well, that’s better than 11 of 17 for 59 yards —like Fink did in Holiday Bowl (but that was without practicing….cuz Helton “knew” he wasn’t going to need him)…..


  3. FU,

    Yes I was taught to spell correctly. Nun’s and other teachers enforced it. However, I didn’t know we had a spelling dictator. As far as other bloggers, I only use this name. Now, go back to ur hole that live in


    1. So, you are familiar with Catholic men molesting you on a Saturday afternoon? Oh I’m sure they did. I bet you were an altar boy! You probably still are.


      1. FU,

        If you are that perverted to know, yes, I was an alter boy. I am still proud to say that. I know of no priests that you say that were molesters. They all practiced the Holy faith.

        Yet, with you on the other hand probably do have every hole filled every night by your circle jerk mates and are enjoying it.


  4. WOW—–OREGON TRIED TO GIVE UCLA A BIG GIFT TODAY, AND UCLA WOULD NOT TAKE IT. UCLA IS BLOWING THEIR CHANCES THIS YEAR TO OVERSHADOW SC for the first time in a long time, and they are not taking advantage of SC’s program being down.

    Sorry Bruin fans………we’re hiring a real coach this time. Back to the bottom in Los Angeles beginning next year maybe before if we win in November.. If we beat you guys this year which is not probable UCLA might fire Chip Kelly.

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  5. ND- 31

    USC 14

    Not only are we weak on the offensive line, but also on defense so Notre Dame will run the ball and move the chains all day. Drake London will catch plenty of passes but as usual we will not be able to move the ball inside the 20.

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