USC-Notre Dame An Easy Ticket

It used to be really hard to get a ticket for the USC-Notre Dame game.

Not anymore.

Look at all the tickets USC fans are trying to unload today in Chicago before the game. You can get six tickets! Or a ticket in the Bush Push section. Amazing.

19 thoughts on “USC-Notre Dame An Easy Ticket

    1. According to sources, Franklin and Fickel were seen delating emails by the bulk non stop. Gruden on the other hand was not as he was confident that USC does not care about his emails.

      Over heard at the Heritage hall, Gruden is the lead candidate to coach the trojans.


    1. The dwindling demand for tickets and sales over the last 2 years is what makes me so pissed off at Bohn for not firing Gomer at the end of 2019. Even in 2019 the Coliseum was at half capacity. It just made no economic sense to keep him and avoid paying Gomer his payout. The loss of revenue far outweighed the payout

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  1. Maybe there’s something in the air that says USC is going to run up the score. Or maybe it’s the Dr. Pepper zero sugar talking.


  2. Hopefully John Chucky Gruden becomes a candidate for the job. He obviously won’t put up with this woke crap that has changed the tradition of the University. I could see him go the a la Pete Carroll route and bring back some tradition to the football program.


    1. ‘boogs, idiotic doesn’t quite describe your lack of intellect.

      Maybe you’re just a “gluten” for self-inflicted punishment.


  3. SUCC FB is on the express elevator to Rock Bottom.

    BTW, Clownster’s, did you catch the bozo fraternity, Sigma Nu, that was prominently featured on the Ch. 7 National News for:

    I’ll bet Geo. Tyndall, the vile, defrocked MD, is the Frat House advisor and Osa Messina is a special Sigma Nu sponsor.

    SUCC takes another point blank .45 cap in each foot.

    #Cue: “Onward Christian Soldiers”


    1. Owns,
      Normally I never agree with what you say, but you are right on this one. Pretty embarrassing that the Sigma Nu episodes made the National news tonight. One week after the Social Work Dean got caught allowing the Councilman’s son into the University. Both of these scandals are on Dolt’s watch. So hopefully she focuses on these recent scandals and leaves the Bohner alone to hire the best possible coach. Or even better would be for the BOT to sack the midget Dolt.

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      1. Are there still fraternity members that think it is even remotely smart to drug a girl and try to rape her? I just find it unbelievable that anyone who got into USC is that stupid. What stops someone who hates a fraternity member or frat house from just making this stuff up? I have no clue if it happened, but the way our kids react to this stuff as a group that believes every allegation doesnt say good things about our future. I hear there are sorority members dropping out and that frat and sorority members are told not to wear their letters.

        Read a good article in the Spectator about how Twitter mobs are controlling the content of The New York Times.


    2. Wow, imagine that!

      Sex abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, lousy academics in a Frat house.

      What has this World come to?
      Just shameful this Greek system.


  4. This is the least anticipated SC vs ND game ever … good thing ND isn’t very good or it would be a Gomer 2017 repeat


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