Morning Buzz: USC Likes Pumpkins

Did you hear some USC players were carving pumpkins after practice at Howard Jones Field yesterday?

Gotta keep everyone loose and happy when they are 3-4, I guess.

I wonder if Marv Goux ever tried that after a practice?
  • Donte Williams said this morning that Jaxson Dart looks “fine” to play Saturday.

Dart said last week he had been cleared so I assume the conservative coaches did not want to have him play his first game back against Notre Dame. Arizona is a much more friendly opposition. I would have played him a couple series against Notre Dame to see if he could handle it but that’s me.

39 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Likes Pumpkins

  1. There have been Watershed Moment Losses in USC Football History (Fresno State Freedom Bowl in 1992, Memphis State in 1991, losing all 9 Conference Home Games in 1999 & 2000). But would a loss to Arizona be the All Timer?

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    1. Let’s take that a bit further —even a CLOSE game with THIS Arizona team would constitute an All Time low for our program…..

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      1. WELL MAYBE…’57 WITH THE GOLD HELMETS ALL TIME WORST FOR ME, although it had one of my fav SC players, REX JOHNSTON, he was stellar in a 1 win season…PCC cracked sc in half for nothing…sc I think had about 35-40 scholarship athletes on the ’57 team; something about sc alum owned businesses and gave work to sc players,like movie studios, I think it was stanford did not like it and complained…it is why Jon Arnett and some others could only play a 1/2 season in ’56. Like ncaa if they think you may have done something,it is worse than you actually did. Bide totalitarian regime doing it now with IRS…banks…investments lifes great under the sickle.


    2. Hey let me help with the watershed moment SUCC losses:

      The Boston College Massacre; the Stanford 41 point ‘dog game; the UCLA 13 – 9 victory; the Kiffy Goat Sun Bowl loss; the Alabama “Shock the World” 52 – 6 loss, and the mother of all bozo losses: With 10 minutes to go and a 12 point lead, Little Petey Pom-Pom snatches defeat from the jaws of the FB Natty victory vs Tixas.

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      1. “Little Petey Pom-Pom”? Is that the best you got? Wow, that sounds like something from a second-grader. Let me guess, you still wear a bib when you eat your frosted flakes.

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      2. Michael, hard for me to choose between the Kiff’s 50-0, or the 66-19 game under Pete, which could probably have been 84-10 had Pete not cleared the bench in the second quarter.

        Then there was the inaugural meeting between the two teams way back in the day, 76-0. I think USC missed an extra point.

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      3. 67 –I left out the numerous other bruin embarrassments cuz …..

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    3. Yesterday u,

      What is worse than losing to Arizona is seeing players carve pumpikins on the field, having the ADM accept the football team as satisfactory, and the play on the field. All of the negative items make SC football seem like a joke, just lik U Clowns Lose Again.

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      1. I agree, PT. It’s one thing for Alabama to kick the shit outta USC — it’s another for USC to kick the shit outta itself….

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  2. Marv Goux was my defensive coach 1966-1970. He would shit in his pants if he saw these soft players carving pumpkins! This the sad, inexcusable state of the USC Football program.. This is unbelievable! Coach McKay would have these players run winds prints carrying two pumpkins. About 30 for 40 yards would be about right.

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    1. Marv Goux would of been throwing nutty’s and Coach McKay would of turned as red as a USC home jersey. Right before he sent the whole team running wind sprints for the entire practice; Including turd the dog the Trojans practice mascot in the early 70s. Then him and Marv would of went to Stubbys barrell and had a few cold ones. To get wasters choice, so they can both try to forget as to what they just witnessed before practice.

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      1. Ha! [Things have changed since 2016 when Clay Helton “fell in love” with his “kids”]….

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    2. Goux/McKay taught Jack del Rio what football is all about especially DEFENSE…all of it, and he was pretty good at it,like Kevin Bruce at ‘we are sc’…love his articles too like here.


      1. Maybe it’s okay to offer one class in ethnomusicology —but I draw the line on creating an entire department devoted to it….. and giving out doctorates in the field….

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  3. C’mon Clownsters, at SUCC, pumpkin carving is a 3 unit class that satisfies the SUCC lower division Art class requirement.


      1. True enough. Little did we know that the Art of Girl Watching meant watching the UCLA football team practice. The players used to get so mad when their uniform colors clashed with their shoes.

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      2. MG that UCLA girl watching class beats Sigma Nu’s how-to manual on the Art of male Sexual SUCCess in a party environment.


    1. ya’ I think folt is changing SC in totality from fight on! to …tip toe thru the tulips…the hell ton coaching is right in there with it during practices,which is why they play that way vs real football teams.


  4. I would probably stick with Slovis until Dart is 100%. Slovis isn’t playing bad at all. He just needs more time. The O-Line has improved somewhat in their run blocking but they have degressed in their pass blocking. The other teams are getting to Slovis using just 3 rushers.

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    1. A journo who was allowed into HoJo Field on Tuesday noted that Dart is not pushing off his back foot when throwing. Slovis looked good, per usual. They noted “Slovis has “plateau’d.”

      I give Dart one more week of rehab AT LEAST.
      The last 4 games should be challenging–giving the Fighting Wilcoxes plenty of credit for usually playing tough D.

      I feel horribly for the Seniors who likely will neither play in a bowl game thisyear nor last year. A spanking vs Iowa in San Diego. A non-bowl bid year in 2018.

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      1. You can thank Golf Boy Swann for that. Helton should have been gone long ago. I guess you can thank Charity Boy Haden also because he never should have been hired in the first place. Nothing personally against Helton but there’s just nothing on his resume to ever justify them hiring him.

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      2. ya’ and they were invited to fiesta bowl…but hellton wanted no real non pac 12 football,he knew his sc team would be slaughtered…apparently folt and bonehead agreed.


  5. Slovis holds on too the ball too long and only throws to Drake London. He looks lost and scared out there at times. Especially in the red zone. I know they had plenty of opportunities to beat the domers on Sat but all the other losses were really an embarrassment. What games have you been watching parcelman007?

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    1. We have no red-zone WR–other than London (to some degree).
      ARSB was LETHAL on the red-zone slant and red-zone fade (with or without back shoulder). Pittman–likewise. Vaughn was also great deep at the back of the endzone and on the fade.

      I get a sense that no one but London is tough enough to run the slant. The play works GREAT AGAINST our defense. Why can’t we dial up slants (in the red zone and elsewhere)?

      Slovis has been pretty good this season, with a few of his INT’s on the WR (I am a former WR), and a few were his fault. All the stats show that he is pretty comparable to prior years, but he has not had the home-run ball without ARSB, TV, and Pittman.

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    2. He does hold on to the ball too long. He’s got to get that ball out of his hands faster. A good receiver has what some people call “speed off of a cut”. That means that he makes his cut and opens up a little gap in there between himself and his defender. That ball has got to be thrown right away or a good defender will close that gap. So he does hang on to it a little too long but I also think that it is true that the O-Line was not giving him enough time. They were getting to him rushing just 3 men and when they rushed 5 or 6, the Line just wasn’t picking up the blitzes. Even the O-Line coach went off on his O-Line after the game. He does throw a lot to London but with a receiver like that….I would too. Incidently, I watch every USC football game.

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  6. Arizona wins 34-13? Either the Wolfman is smoking something or he has some inside info that I don’t have. They could carve pumpkins all year long at every practice(instead of practicing) and they would still beat Arizona.

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