It’s Silly Season For USC Coaching Search

We are reaching silly season and the USC coaching search hasn’t even really heated up yet.

But when Mike Tomlin and Jeff Fisher get mentioned, it’s obviously fair game to throw any names out there.

So let me repeat what I’ve heard from my sources:

Serious candidates right now are Mario Cristobal, Luke Fickell, Matt Campbell, James Franklin and Dave Aranda.

It’s still October so other candidates could be considered. But the names above are coaches USC thinks it has a chance to land.

55 thoughts on “It’s Silly Season For USC Coaching Search

  1. James Franklin? The guy that lost to Helton? Losing record vs ranked teams like Helton. Cannot win any titles Franklin. If USC wants to be 9-3 every year go for it.

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    1. Let’s talk about the Penn State coach in mid November.
      Penn State has a brutal schedule down the stretch, starting this Sat.


  2. My ranked choices from the blogger’s list:

    1. Dave Aranda
    2. Mario Cristobal
    3. Luke Fickell


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      1. JDR? Bleeds USC. Was LB on scrappy Rose Bowl champion. Understands need for physicality. NFL head coach who led two separate franchises to 12 win seasons (over a year ago noted that puts him on a short list with: Bill Parcells, Marty Schottenheimer, Mike Holmgren, Andy Reid, John Fox, Dan Reeves, Dick Vermeil, Tom Coughlin, Jim Mora, John Gruden)…and at a good age balancing experience/maturity with energy/motivation…I would take him, O’Brien, or of course, Urban…would even consider Kiff (but not Sark)…would not take Franklin and am skeptical of other names being bandied about.

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      2. It’s not just the idea that we need to look outside the USC universe —it’s about recognizing we need a coach capable of pumping the players up and electrifying recruits….

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      3. JDR not former USC as in Kiff/Sark … more like former USC as in EdO … only Peterson of those mentioned on this site (and none ‘officially’ being considered) is equivalent or better in my estimation (okay to disagree). Main thing is understanding of importance of physicality, toughness, and discipline. What this program needs more than anything. Watch the coach that ultimately is hired by Folt/Bohn – guarantee you they won’t possess that, else she/he wouldn’t hire (which is why as much as I love Tebow’s assertion, I just can’t believe it until it were to happen).


    1. Matt Campbell checks all the boxes, Marvienna:
      1.Plays tough teams tough–has had some nice upsets of Texas, OU, etc. He’s always outmanned yet never gets blown out vs superior talent. Prioritizes the D/O line and run game.

      2.. Young. Resonates with the younger student-athlete. Tireless recruiter.

      3. Per FPI, his teams are improving each and every year. Shows that he knows how to build a program.

      4. Has put plenty of Iowa Staters into the NFL. It appears that he knows how to DEVELOP talent.

      “Matt Campbell–the anti-Helton.”*

      *quote, Bourbon4me, IUSCSW, 10/28/21


  3. You get this type crazy speculation when the clown AD fires the coach 2 games into the season instead of at the end of the prior season. I’m good any of the “serious candidates” now that the weight of Charles Clay Helton has been lifted from the shoulders of USC. #FCH and hallelujah✌️

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    1. Franklin already makes $7 million at PSU and super agent Jerry Maguire … Jimmy Sexton will expect a big bump from Bohn. Carol Folt would rather kiss a man on the mouth than pay a “football coach” that much.

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      1. Coach Folt ain’t no cheap floozy. Lips that touch liquor [or whatever] will never touch hers! Being the Dominatrix that she is, she makes the man kiss her boots.

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      2. lool “Carol Folt would rather kiss a man on the mouth than pay a “football coach” that much.” I dunno if I agree but that’s gold.

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  4. There is no more coaching search, Reggie and Matt helped lure Petersen out of the analysts booth.

    Wolf is unaware that Petersen has attended two SoCal high school football games.

    It’s over…Petersen is the guy.

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    1. Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore will take the same position undet Chris Petersen at USC, eventually taking over the head coaching duties in a few years.

      You heard it here first.

      Mr. Wolf is definitely slipppin’. He missed the boat on this one big time.

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      1. I respect you Tebow but Chris Petersen wants no parts of this dumpster fire. Never say never but……


      2. Petersen will coach 2 years and hand the program over to Kellen Moore who is a helluva offensive coordinator.

        Moore is smart, being groomed under Petersen will bring USC back to prominence.

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      3. Would be very happy if you are right – think he would restore USC to its former glory and put us back on that top shelf of annual national title contenders…Herbstreit and Plaschke (not to mention Saban, Sweeney, Day, et al) would not be happy (which means we would be)…historical analogy would be during the US Civil War – after 3 years of more or less having his way with inferior opponents, supposedly Lee knew and said to the effect that when Meade took over the Army of the Potomac, he would no longer have the luxury of making mistakes.

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      4. FU, every coaching change is made at the “dumpster fire” state. Of course, some dumpsters are bigger than others.


      5. I think Kellen Moore–the Heisman candidate from Boise State with CP–would be a nice choice for OC/QB coach. I still think Chris Peterson is burned out, but if a year away from the game has re-energized him and if he can bring Moore, then I’d back up the Brinks truck. Buyout for Chris?
        (I doubt it).

        I like this rumor.


    2. If you see someone on campus with what looks like a phony beard, phony nose, and wearing a turned-up-collar trenchcoat, but otherwise bears a strong resemblance to Peterson, don’t be fooled by the disguise—it is indeed him. We have this on good authority from our intrepid reporter TebowO.

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  5. Well if we’re being Silly throw Kingsburry and McVay in the mix.
    If we’re being honest, we need a coach who brings something to the table. Each of our championship years were brought to us by a combination of good things. Look at Alabama their success is a self feeding machine. The coach came in, assembled a team, of coaches and the players bought into it. They were fortunate enough to have someone talent and because they win talent wants to be there. It’s not magic, it’s philosophy. McVay came along at the right time and out the right players in place. Same for Kingsburry. We need that kind of coach. Not a hand ringing second guesser but a give it a try and change if needed guy.
    Seriously this is the most serious seriousness I have done all day.

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    1. I see Super Mario going to UMiami if the situation is right.
      Living and recruiting in Oregon must be hellish. No one has lasted 10 years since–well–I don’t know when.


  6. I think people should cool down a bit on Dave Aranda. Yes, he was and still is a brilliant defensive mind, but come in this is only his 1st full season (not counting last year’s shortened Covid-19 season) as a head coach so my thoughts are that he is definitely a candidate, but there is still more games to be played this season, and as a result more evaluation is needed on him at the conclusion of this season.

    The talent is there, but he is lacking head coach experience.


    1. Your points regarding Aranda are valid, TommyD, but…..

      1. Not coming here under any circumstances: Urban, Fickell, Kliff, Saban, Tomlin,

      2. Might come here with appropriate inducements (ie, they already have great, high-paying jobs) : Franklin, Campbell, JDR, Kiffin part 2 (doubtful)

      3. High probability to come here due to money, better city life: Aranda, Jon Smith of Oregon State.

      Aranda is one offensive coordinator and QB away from being a top 10 coach on a top 10 team.


  7. should hire ol’ ed,i got some idees but no one want to here them,instead all the couching jobs go to other couches but they all ready got a job so why do they get 2 jobs? give me a job then,here all this talk about a labur shortedge but here they r trying to higher same poeple for more jobs, makes u wunder who is telling u the truth,,,smdh!

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    1. 100% agree…he would be a 9-3 machine…would be like Earl Bruce at Ohio State following his first season…still way better than Helton, but not what USC should be…

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    2. Let’s see where Penn State finishes their Big 10 slate. The next month is brutal. Franklin would be a step up from Sarkiffin, Helton, Hackett, JRII, Larry Smith, and Tollner


  8. The job belongs to Franklin. He is a great recruiter. He will hire a great staff. He is a terrific motivator and the level of talent currently on the roster combined with his recruiting prowess and the transfer portal, Franklin will quickly raise the overall talent level of the team. Also, please remember, Penn State was on a roll. Undefeated with two major victories one on the road and one at home until the starting QB was injured. PSU was beating Iowa until the QB went down. But for the injury Franklin is undefeated heading into this weekends game against Ohio Sate. Franklin is a better choice than anyone else being considered with the possible exception of Fickell.


    1. Um brother, Penn State is 5-2, they lost to Indiana. They barely got even there. Last year Franklin was 4-5. He’s not just never won his conference, he’s never won his division. He’s usually not even second place in just his division! lool His high point by far was losing to Helton.

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      1. Thank you.
        I still think Franklin could dominate most of the Pac 12 coaches and compare favorably to Wittingham and Cristobal.

        He’s down the list, but still better than some choices.


  9. From those names it’s either Luke Fickell or Matt Campbell. What I don’t understand is how y’all give up so many sacks in an air raid or any Shotgun offense?? How does that happen? Literally the point of the Shotgun is to not give up sacks.

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    1. True, F.U. [But] It always hurts if it takes your QB 5 seconds to go through 3 reads …and he’s still hanging on to the ball at the end…..

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  10. I like what Chris Peterson had to say here:

    “You have to develop the talent not just recruit it! Stop trying to win press conferences and start winning games”
    Not saying Peterson is the guy but he’s a good coach who understands what’s needed at USC.

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  11. There are so many rumours going around, one is Hellton is considering putting his name up for consideration. During his idle time he figured out the problem. This time his OC will be Orlando since he can (allow) scoring of so many points and his DC will be Harrell who is very good at stopping scoring (particularly in red zone). He thinks he can do it second time around.

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  12. What about Ken Norton Jr.? A solid guy with a deep NFL pedigree.You think he wouldn’t restore discipline at USC? He could bring in Chow as OC.Two PROVEN guys with USC ties. (That’s a good bumper sticker)

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    1. Too smart. I know Chow was just coaching professional team a year ago from the ground up and he’s big on clean living and health and works in a very low key way, yet has a name and game that pulls the best recruits… And I know that KNJr or let’s not forget Kris Richard who did the same job at better, would be lights out in recruiting and really good defense guys with lots of NFL experience, and lots of experience at SC in a good way… But that’s not how we do it. The person’s not a candidate unless their name is linked in the media as clickbait. 😉

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  13. I like the Chris Peterson – Kellen Moore duo. If that happens it is perfect.

    SC fans dont want Franklin, he is a decent coach, but not great, so why would we want to pay top dollar for him. His new agent will try to sell him, but dont buy it. That would be the worst of the bunch being named.

    My favorites are:

    1. Chris Peterson – Kellen Moore
    2. Dave Aranda
    3. Luke Fickell

    Please no Franklin and definitely no Cristobal.


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