Morning Buzz: USC Finds Alternative Ways To Ask For Money

If no one is going to the Arizona game, USC needs to find other ways to make money.

So it sent out a message to fans this week that there are other things available at games besides the poor quality of football . . . for the right price. These are not all new ideas but maybe they are getting promoted more now because of the falling attendance.

For example, you can run out of the Coliseum tunnel with the team for $1,250. It costs $1,600 if you do it for the UCLA game.

For $850, you and three guests can go on the field an hour before kickoff and take a picture with the song girls. It costs $1,250 for the UCLA game.

For $350, you and three guests get to take a photo on the field three hours before kickoff (when no one is there).

A video board message costs $250 ($350 for UCLA).

Ot for $1,000, you can experience the fourth quarter below!

41 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Finds Alternative Ways To Ask For Money

      1. Do we have some ex-USC pitchers reading Scottie’s blog? We could also put him on the hot seat for the dunk tank. Let those guys have at it!

        Would any of this be tax deductible? I guess it depends on the market price of having a chance to put the village idiot into the tub?

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      1. Something tells me that would backfire with Folt. Pretty sure as a Dominatrix she would have all would-be kickers becoming the kickees…

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  1. Fickell fanboys will be sniff’n their tears when Chris Petersen is announced to be in the driver’s seat of USC Football..

    Check out what it says on the bass drum

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  2. Bohn: I think Fickell will come if we can scrape up 10 mil a year with a guaranteed 10 year contract. We can get Franklin for half of that. And Orgeron said he’d pay us if we take him.
    Carol: Do you think my legs are better than Jill Biden’s?
    Bohn: Not that again….

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  3. SC is run like the government…..
    Here’s an idea, reduce spending instead of trying to increase income. Start by firing folt and bohn and their worthless video media group. There are likely a lot more non-value added personnel on the pay roll that should be cut.

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      1. We need to kidnap Owns and force him to watch 7 or 10 hours straight of Stooge humor—- he’d come around!

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      2. Just based on the number of movies between Carrot Top and Will Farrell, I’d say the public has the Will and where there’s a way, there’s a Will… About Carrot Top he’s funny but looks aren’t everything. (this from a guy who wears glasses, has buck teeth and is missing more hair than the dinosaurs- you’ll know me when you see me)
        *MG* your solution to make Owns watch the stooges can be made more efficient if you just show him video from the Trojan offensive line at practice and dub in whoob whoob whoob and a couple of why I oughta(s). That’s gotta be about the same as far as pratfalls go.

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  4. Bohn is getting desperate, but the pressure will be on Folt, as she was the one who didnt allow a coaching change earlier and has to report to the BOT.

    This is the core of mismanagement – managing each new crisis that unfolds when you fail to diagnose problems before they explode. Helton was a train wreck waiting to happen. Harrell and the air raid is coming in for a crash landing and anyone who understands football saw it coming a mile away.

    Is the academic side of USC managed any better? I doubt it. A lack of ANY leadership and failure to put in place people that can take the university where it needs to go.

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    1. Folt: Who could have foreseen Coach Helton failing in 2021 when he got us so prepared for Notre Dame, Ohio State, Alabama, Wisconsin and Iowa in previous years?
      Who can possibly foresee the long range damage I’m doing to the business and law schools by going totally Marxist?

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      1. Where was the BOT??? From the beginning, Folt went on a power trip as if she had knowledge and ability. Of course, being in the high tech business since college, I’ve repeatedly seen that the more stupid and incompetent the manager/executive, the more he/she is a micromanager. I’d like to know who decided, approved and thought it a great idea to cancel all Trojan Clubs. Our local Trojan Club had many fund raisers including Coach’s Tour that brought money in for mostly scholarships. Also, regarding the video nonsense, I think the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce should be paying for it. It seems to showcase more of LA than the tradition and history of USC FOOTBALL.

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  5. Whatever happened to producing a quality entertainment for a reasonable price to earn money? Everything is instant these days. You microwave a pink highlighter and get a Christmas tree. Just assemble the damn thing and put pink lights on it like my Grandma did in the 60s.
    It might be more of a thrill to run out from behind the team from the tunnel… in a Sherman tank. Talk about motivation! The linemen would just lie down like speed bumps and Slovis would run around in front of it until he tweaked a knee.
    Finally the last time I thought about spending $850 to hang around some beautiful ladies, my wife threatened to leave me. Unfortunately I didn’t have the money in my wallet so we’re still together. (I think it sends the wrong message to shill the song girls, but I have seen a picture of Scott and some of them)

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  6. news allways sayin theirs a labor shortedge and u even see it at fotball games know, got to pay poeple lots a $ to do these things writer says, before they never had to pay poeple to do these things,

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    1. Ed — what do you think about Bohn’s promise to let you coach the whole 4th quarter for a million dollars?

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  7. Let me tell you how to make a lot of money and you won’t have to do all those shenanigans. Spend the money on a great coach and you will have great teams and the money will come rolling in. The big football schools always make a lot of money in football. They never lose. Alabama spends about $68 million a year on their program and they make about $128 million. That’s enough profit to pay for the football program and all the other sports programs with money left over to pay for other non-sports related things. But when you do that, the great football coach gains a lot of power which the administrators don’t want to give up. So they try and make money by fees for this and that and bake sales and other rinkey dink stuff. That’s the kind of thinking and planning that you get from all these education elites who have never held a real job in their life.

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  8. What does USC charge for a fan to to run through the tunnel with a megaphone, 📢 shouting out how stupid Carol Folt, and Mike Bohn are for not predicting the current state of the football program?

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    1. In effect, it’s already being done —- that’s the message being sent when two thirds of the coliseum crowd have left by the end of the 3rd quarter.

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  9. Carol Folt and Mike Bohn’s gutless inaction the past two years has resulted in these embarrassing money-grabbing schemes at proud USC which makes it look desperate. Folt and Bohn are so far in over their head. Rick Caruso and Marc Benioff incompetent jugheads. Benioff too busy sucking up to the new world order.

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