USC Quote Of The Night

Todd Orlando asked today about USC’s zone defense:

“It’s not been great, you know what I’m saying, some of the man-to-man hasn’t been great either.”

Here is a good stat: Arizona completed three passes all season of more than 20 yards before the USC game. It completed three passes of more than 20 yards vs. USC.

15 thoughts on “USC Quote Of The Night

  1. Orlando’s only play is to Gaslight the critics.Hey, why not? Everybody’s doing it.The reason the secondary gets torched every game is no pass rush all year.Just not enough led in the pencil.Be true to thy self, Todd and start combing the classifieds.

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    1. I guess he thought that a 3 man D front, combined with lots of blitzes, would provide adequate pressure. We’ve run the experiment, and it failed.

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    1. It’s only a matter of time before one of our former Texas coaches gets USC some of this kind of publicity….

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  2. Since 2011 Todd Orlando has been employed at 5 universities (including USC) as a coach, never lasting more than two years at any one of those schools.

    USC should have had a clue after Texas fired him, the guy can’t coach worth a shit.

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  3. USC has no leadership and that lack of direction has seeped down to the lowest levels. Until USC’s BOT does its job, we cannot expect quality change. Carol is as over her head like helton. Her AD bohn has left a trail of failure wherever he goes except the lucky selection of Fickell. Now he rides on that glory. What about all his failures at Colorado?? His failure with helton. I live in trepidation of who he will pick to lead USC out of its downward spiral.

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    1. It was all a big mix up. They meant to hire Tony Orlando to do halftime shows, but accidently typed in Todd Orlando on the application form. Once they realized their mistake, they said, “oh, what the heck, why not…”

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  4. hello sports fans, well who brought in the drake ? what coach or coaches? fire all coaches and at least 25 players !!!!!!!!!! sincerely, E


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