Just When You Think USC Can’t Get Worse

Just when I think USC cannot go any lower, comes this factoid from a column by USC professor Ariela Gross:

“The noted ethical experts McKinsey & Co. have been on campus for two years advising the president on improving USC’s “culture,” among other things. Yes, you read that right: the consultants known for their role in the opioid crisis . . . and the centerpiece of this effort, called USC’s “Culture Journey,” consisted of surveys and focus groups to generate five words to articulate USC’s “values,” after which the university is hosting panels to talk about these values.”

I’m told McKinsey was hired pre-Carol Folt but she could put an end to wasting money with this dubious organization. And as the column notes, Folt and USC have not released any of the reports on the George Tyndall or medical-school dean fiascos, which the university promised would be made public.

  • I’m getting tired of lazy takes whenever a coach signs a contract that it rules them out of contention for the USC job. P.J.Fleck of Minnesota signed a new seven-year contract. Is there any reporting out there that shows Fleck was a serious candidate for USC?

I haven’t heard him mentioned. But has anyone reported anything? So why does USC get mentioned with his new contract? Because everything has to have a “take” these days.

44 thoughts on “Just When You Think USC Can’t Get Worse

  1. Scooter,

    Dolt is not cut out for this job. her job is to promote, protect, expand, grow USC. She has not been truthful or transparent about anything. She has failed to in her job description. She needs to be sent out in the clown car with all of the other clown midgets.

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    1. Right on. That sad truth is that it’s not just “the jocks and fanboys” that are unhappy with her. Academia is tiring of her incompetence as well.

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    2. P.J. Fleck and Luke Fickell are “too hick” for USC, it’s not going to happen for either of those two clowns as far as being offered the Trojans HC job.

      You can forget abour James “Milk Toast” Franklin being offered the job, he and his Nittany Kittens have choked big time their last two games.

      It’s Petersen, Moore or Aranda and if it ain’t one of those three, USC will have fucked itself and the football program again…for another 10 years.


    1. You can find P.J. Fleck in the offseason working gaming booth’s for a number of carnivals in the greater Minneapolis area…if anyone wants to inquire about his services.

      Can you imagine seeing that clown trying to recruit L.A. inner city schools? LOL!

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  2. It’s all cover up at USC………………….Where is Bru McCoy why haven’t we heard a thing even from his parents.

    If you really want to improve USC Culture- They need to send Max Nikias on a one way ticket to the island of Crete in Greece, and then immediately fire…. Carol Folt, Mike Bohn, and Caruso. None of these people have USC at the top of their agenda when making a critical decisions.

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    1. The real core problem exists on the BOT. Why did they all buy into Carol Folt, who had been removed from her previous job for political reasons related to a statue? If she couldnt navigate that situation, how did anyone expect her to be a great leader?

      The BOT is a rubber-stamp for anything Caruso wants.

      The way they fired the Dean of the business school was atrocious and anyone who wants transparency or excellence should know it is impossible at USC with an independent board

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  3. This is a far cry from what USC was. And it just isn’t athletics, as Calabasas points out. The whole institution is going to hell. USC was a holistic university that had a goal of creating excellence in all aspects of university life.

    I have to say, this post by Scottie is spot on, and really depressing about the state of the organization.

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    1. Serious question —could USC have a more woke, empty headed, phonier president?
      [btw, speaking of woke, I sure do get a kick outta making a reference to Hunter Biden’s and Sark’s obvious drug problems —and getting accused of a “gay slur”].

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      1. As an attorney you know that “If the law is against you, you argue the facts, if the facts and law are against you, you argue your opponent.”
        Most skip the first and second option and go directly to the third. Thinking people are better off to get a “kick” out of the twisted “thinking” of so many including our media. There is a serious lack of critical thinking today.

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      2. I could EASILY see Folt as one of the emptyheaded goofballs on The View….

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    2. I still think USC is a fairly conservative university. I’m basing that on the comments I get on this USC football forum. Go on UCLA’s football forums and make conservative comments like I have made on this forum and they will call you names…..racist, sexist, homophobes, transphobe, Islamophobe, hater. They never really give you a rational argument to counter your comments…..just name calling.
      But, in general, all the colleges and K-12 are going to hell. Why do all the kids think that socialism and communism are great when, in fact, they have destroyed every society where they have been tried? Because they have been brainwashed in the public schools. I’ve often said that america’s greatest enemies are not Antifa, BLM and white supremicists. America’s greatest enemy is our public schools. They are destroying america and doing it deliberately.

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      1. education ‘system’ has been BURNT CHARCOAL TOAST FOR 5 DECADES…democrat /commie agenda driven since late 60’s…total indoctrination and now its subversiveness has surfaced,for all that are still able to cognate/analyze facts,maybe 50% of people all across U.S. except Calif that’s 30%. THAT RECALL PROVES Calif is lost forever.

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  4. may be mckinsee can higher me,

    but im sure that any one who knows any thing would know that mckinsee is any thing but dubious,and to only associate them with opioids is sort of like not being to smart on that company,or there reputation among alot of businesses and industrys,

    they so smart, ol’ed cant even get a job with them,


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    1. Trojan 1967
      CA’s new math curriculum may have 4th grade still working on subtraction and addition and 6th grade on figuring out why 1/3 is smaller than 1/2. But they understand that you can be a boy today and a girl tomorrow and that there are 50-100 genders and that if you don’t have enough pigment under your skin you are a racist and that all righteous people hate america and that police are pigs and should be abolished. In their eyes, those are the important things. Who cares whether the kids think that 2+2=5?

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      1. and todays majority Calif voters actually do believe all that crap…they are a product of schools allowed to rule and indoctrinate.

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  5. Ariela Gross is a USC Gould Law professor whose specialty is Critical Race Theory which I believe she’s written several books on. She’s profiting nicely from this cottage industry.

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    1. Let me give you Ariela Gross’s answer to your criticism of CRT. She would say “you look white(a white male…..that’s even worse). Therefore you are automatically a racist and not qualified to speak on race issues”. So shut up and obey. That’s what is being taught to our children. AMERICA’S PUBLIC ENEMY #1……the public schools.

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    2. But there is no teaching of CRT going on in any of our schools anywhere. Isn’t that what CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and all the fake news telling us?

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  6. A “Culture Journey” to generate five words to articulate USC’s “values” … effing ridiculous!? USC quite obviously has too much G-D money to burn.

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  7. I think this is a great idea! Everyone knows that consultants, committees, panel discussions on values solves all problems. Come to think of it, for small fee I am willing to host such panels.

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  8. I’d take a good look at Kalen DeBoers the coach at Fresno State. This guy is on his way to becoming an outstanding coach. I doubt that he will be at Fresno State next year. Washington State is seriously considering hiring him. He was HC at Sioux Falls for 5 years. During that time they were 67-3 and won the NAIA NC 3 times, finished 2nd once and tied for 3rd once. He’s had a lot of experience as an assistant at the power 5 level. I still go first for Fickell but if he says no, this is one of the guys I look at.

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  9. Fickell was interviewed on Dan Patrick this morning. The difference between him and clay is literally night and day. He was asked about USC and said that it was a great testament to the Bearcat players. Nice.

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    1. That means that he has an interest in the SC job. If he had no interest, he would have said so, just as Mike Tomlin did and as Urban Meyer did when asked about the Michigan and Texas job(but he never said that about the SC job).


  10. Charles R. Smith
    Your link to the article about Roy P. Crocker must be wrong. He can’t be teaching CRT. Just listen to ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN. They say it everyday…..”there is no teaching of CRT in america”. Are you actually implying that those honorable news organizations would actually lie?


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