Donna Heinel Agrees To Plead Guilty

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me the status of Donna Heinel’s Varsity Blues case.

Here’s the news of the night:

My question is how much would Heinel have saved if she had tried to settle 2.5 years ago?

17 thoughts on “Donna Heinel Agrees To Plead Guilty

  1. Donna did nothing wrong…

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  2. Honest services has already been shown to be on shaky Constitutional grounds– it’s a lazy charge. That said, it looks like one of the lezzie mafia is going down so that the rest can live. It’s unbelievable that SC is letting dozens of women in that mob stick around after what was exposed. Apparently you can have a corrupt affinity clique among USC administrators as long as they’re woke enough and are cool with the right BOT clique.

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    1. That’s another reason for Dolt and Bohner to be fired. After 2 years they didn’t clean house of Heinel’s minions in Admissions and the Athletic Dept. This sh&t hasn’t stopped at USC (and I am not saying any more).

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  3. her laywer must be stoopid for pleeding giulty,my laywer say ed they see u on tape with no pants on but how come they not tell me the policy wuz takin pictures,seams creepy that the policy want to see ol’ed in his birth day suite but got to hide be hind tree to see,so i tell the judge im giulty cuz the policy want to see me,then the jugde say ed,u stay a way from schools and the sort but i tell him i like them kids playing on eds rope swing,and he tell me enuff out of u!so i says ok but my laywer says ed dont do the crime if u got the time,but then i say the xray person make me take my watch off to get to the building with the cuort room so he got my time,so that y u never say giulty cuz they take ur watch

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    1. Whoa.. I’m having a brain cramp trying to read this… Wolfman, please implement Grammarly, spell-check or any similar products to help those in need.

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      1. Come on guys – this blog of all should welcome the genius in that post – a verbal Van Gogh with Faulknerian overtones – need to squint a bit but then Ed’s rope swing is an image i’d rather forget

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    1. Tebowobuma,

      We all know that you would have done the same thing to save your stock since you are under the tutelage of the gretest cheater and liar of time, and that is, the great Johnny “Cheetin'” Wooden. His motto on top of the cardboard box pryamid is, “If you ain’t cheetin’, you ain’t trying'”.


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