USC-UCLA Kickoff Time Narrows

The USC-UCLA game will start at either 12:30 p.m., 1 p.m. or 4:30 p.m.

The announcement will be six days before the game.

10 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Kickoff Time Narrows

  1. I have a theory —which due to my rigorous methods I am going to call a philosophical deduction:
    I don’t think Bohn fired Clay over the Stanford loss. I don’t think he gave a flying shit about that loss (or the Iowa loss …or the Oregon loss). I think Bohn promised Helton that he’d let him go after the Georgia Southern job. I think Bohn letting Clay go when he did was all about making things “good” for Clay….not the team. If Bohn cared about the team he would have announced Clay was leaving at the end of the season and the search for the NEW coach had begun. Handing things over to Donte surely wasn’t about the “team.”


    1. Dear Michael- isn’t it about Time that you would stop posting on this supposed football season. I’m grateful that apathy has set in. It’s all about basketball. I put up $500 to win $3250 the Trojans win the PAC 12. Last year was great- This year will be better. MARK IT DOWN!! I can’t wait for vindication.

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  2. I did not watch the 2000 USC UCLA game on TV.
    Things had deteriorated so much that I did not care.
    In fact, I don’t know who won the game.

    I doubt that I will watch this year’s rendition.
    Two underachieving programs both headed in the wrong direction.


    1. u shuold proscribe to the innernet and check the scour than, mrs ed. g and me use it to check scours and to look at them nakid girls tryin to get an appel or bananna from between the mens legs, not sure why they hiden it there, may be they have to go to work and dont want no one eatin there lunch,


  3. hi trojan fans, well the achilles kept the current team from the marshall plight!!!! the helton mobile wheels all came off!!!!!!!! leave dart on the bench for time being one injury is enough there ,until that mess is cleared up! sincerely, E


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