USC-Cal Game Is Off

Cal is called off Saturday’s game with USC.

Cal said it has asked the Pac-12 to reschedule the game.

The Pac-12 policy for this season states any game a team is unable to play will be deemed a loss, which would count as a win for USC in this case. However, Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff has final say on the matter.

Would he have these two lousy teams play the weekend of Dec. 4?

Thanks, Cal!


20 thoughts on “USC-Cal Game Is Off

  1. Give the W to the coronavirus because USC sure as hell wasn’t a lock to earn the W.



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      1. The only reason I’m proud of 5 – 5 is because I thought for sure they were headed for 3 – 8.



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  2. NO EXCUSES NOW———–TWO WEEKS TO PREPARE FOR UCLA. Let’s ruin the bruins in what they think is a good season thus far for them.

    Start Slovis, and bring in Dart in the red zone. I just don’t think Dart is quite ready yet to start a big game. The offense needs to put in some new wrinkles to the offenses……….why not you have nothing to lose?

    On defense load the box………….puts some real heat on the UCLA QB for a change.

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  3. Come on Michael be positive. USC Football is innocent until proven guilty although you could they the jury has already voted guilty.

    This is the greatest crosstown rivalry in College Football despite the records. My concern is this year no one will be at the game to support our Trojans except…………………..Traveler, and he might call in sick for this one.

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    1. IF our players show some pride —yes, it could be a memorable day.
      And of course I’ll be rooting for our guys.
      Our QB’s and receivers will be rested up — but, of course, so will UCLA’s [Colorado is as good as a bye]…..


  4. The season is a wash, so who cares if the game got canceled ? They need to hire a coach, and let him get to work on recruiting, and naming a staff.

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  5. If we beat the Bruins everything is good, and on to the new coach with the hope things can turn around quickly after this terrible hurricane of events.

    2021 USC Football Season Case dismissed. Jury is excused.
    Memories never fade if you are a true champion!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fight On.!!!!……….I…will never forget the 1967 game as a kid. The Coliseum was packed over 100,000 people on a foggy afternoon in Los Angeles. No. 1 vs. No. 2 in the country. Backup QB Toby Page – pitches the ball to No. 32. This time it is student body left, and the Juice takes it to the house behind a crushing block by Earl Mccullough near the east end zone.

    To me this is the game that put USC on the map as a college football super power, and although there have been some bumps along the way for the Trojans including this year…………It’s never been the same for the Bruins in the national polls, and probably never will be after this devastating loss to the TROJANS.

    I sure hope that Donte takes the team to see the Wild Bunch Friday night like Marv Goux did. Clay Helton, took the team to see Mary Poppins last year apparently. I also hope Dont shows the entire 1967 game to get the team fired up especially the offensive lineman. Real Trojans fought for their school that day, and the 2021 team needs to do the same thing.

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  6. UCLA has never really recovered after losing that 1967 game to USC. Yes, they were good in the 90’s when the USC football program was down in the Tollner era, but they really have not done much in football other than a few Rose Bowl but nothing close to a national championship.

    Let’s get them in two weeks. Keep them down where they belong.


  7. hello trojan fans, we predit or aaaaahhhh state that london returns against cal berkley and not only that but catches 12 passes for 2 tds also !!!!!! stick that in your pipe and smoke that aaaahhh it ????// sincerely, E


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