Are USC-UCLA Tickets “Going Fast?”

Earlier today, I posted a USC ad that promoted the UCLA game as “the most anticipated game of the season.”

Now look at this email subject header sent out by USC, which says USC-UCLA football tickets are “going fast.”


47 thoughts on “Are USC-UCLA Tickets “Going Fast?”

    1. Luke “Scott Wolf’ is my #1 Fanboy” Fickell reportedly wants $7-$8 million a year to coach the Trojans.

      That stupid fucking hick Fickell is out of his rabid ass mind.


    1. I’m ALMOST afraid to answer, Charles (outta fear someone named “Inquisitive” will attack me for typing more words than he’s allotted)….
      …Since you asked…
      …”Actual” attendance will be in the 45,000 range…..

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      1. Michael/67/ fans. I am truly bewildered that 2022 men’s basketball recruitment hasn’t been discussed. We are ranked as high as 4th & as low as 6th national. A certain Moron has 19 points stuck in his venom posts. I’m sorry but I cannot forget about Trump rescued 3 bruins players in China. We’ve doubled them in the Lexus head to head competition, and not to mention that we are 4-0 in basketball. THANKS Enfield

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    2. I believe the tickets are going fast. My neighbors here in Bel-air who are UCLA fans are says they are coming to the game. They think they have a good shot of beating the Trojans. We need to show up so the coliseum isn’t a sea of blue.
      Come on Trojans! Support your team! Coaches are working hard! Admins are working hard and the players are practicing hard! It is up to the Trojan faithful to show our team the support our team deserves! Stop being so snarky and show up to the game and cheer on our boys!

      #SupportDonte #SupportGraham #SupportTodd #SupportBohn #Support Folt

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      1. I really wanted to “like” 4life’s post —but his hashtag included the name of USC’s president…..


  1. Still waiting for any mention of BB game or the early recruiting class we are closing today. Scott just hates to give USC or Enfield any credit. Thanks Enfield!!!!

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  2. they shuold give all the tickets to the home less,so they can see that there is some thing worse than living in a card board box,then may be they wuold stop complaneing so much,smdh,

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  3. “Going fast” and/or “fast” is relative term that had more weight, packed a bigger punch, etc back in the pre-interweb days when news was harder to come by and you had to take the whatever media at face value. Nowadays we’ve got data being mainlined 24/7 and we can, and often do, ask the google machine ” are ticket sales fast compared to _____”, get whatever answers google decides, and then we cast judgement as to whether whatever is truly fast, or whether we’re being sold a bill of goods. But hey, to quote John Mellencamp, “ain’t that America”…
    Speaking of the greatest country on earth, Happy Veterans Day to any & all who wore the uniform.
    Speaking of relative terms, and the inspiration for todays post, I’m reminded of what serving one’s country means, and how even though I proudly served 4 in the USAF, and not to discount my time nor any similar, what I did while in uni pales in comparison to what the boys on the ground did (and continue to do). I was far above and away from the fray while the men & women in the Army, Marines, Navy Special Ops, etc were in the thick of the shit. In short, and imho their served is/was far greater than my served.

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    1. And btw, if there are any deer out there who didn’t attend school that are looking at this, do not be alarmed. Yes, I know my spellcheck did it’s thing and I sent out a bunch of Happy Vension Day texts to my buds, but unless someone is in possession of a valid deer tag, you are safe and free to visit IHOP for some free pancakes.

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    2. Speaking as the son of a pilot who won a few medals in combat I’d say the Air Force acquits itself just fine….

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      1. As evidence by the photo, fake- bomb- evacuated -students think both are a joke….



    Michael: You are 100% Correct- Aloha Stadium is officially closed due to unsafe conditions caused by corrosion. In other words the stadium is turning to rust like the Titanic. Very sad to hear those the announcement was made in December of 2020. A new stadium is planned, and construction is scheduled to begin in late 2021.

    ONOLULU (KHON2) — Aloha Stadium is shutting down. The Stadium Authority announced on Thursday, Dec. 17, that it will be closed indefinitely after all previously scheduled events are honored.

    We’re Hawaii’s weather station, get the latest forecast and radar information here

    Stadium officials blame the lack of funds due to safety restrictions from the pandemic, but sources also tell KHON2 that the facility has been deemed unsafe to hold crowds. The stadium was built in 1975 and safety issues have been raised before due to corrosion in the stands.

    There are plans to build a new Aloha Stadium, but groundbreaking is not expected until the middle of 2021 at the earliest. That means the new stadium can be ready for the 2023 football season at best.

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    1. As if the Rainbow Warriors don’t have enough built-in disadvantages …..
      [I love the high school athletic programs on Maui —so many great football, basketball and baseball teams —boys & girls]!

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  5. Question: Greatest USC Athlete ever from Hawaii-Oahu- Punaho, High School. He is still a Hawaiian legend today and was unstoppable as a high school player

    Anyone know the answer —-?????????????????? No it was not Gomer Pyle, or Don Ho or Steve McGarett (Jack Lord-Hawaii Five O, or Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck)

    Hint: His son also played for USC as a linebacker, but he was not born in Hawaii. His father was born and raised in Hawaii.

    Mike Bohn is donating free Bowl Game sideline passes for the winner..of course unless USC does not get invited to ANY BOWL GAMES THIS YEAR.

    I have a feeling Michael Guarino will have the answer very quickly.

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    1. tommyd —
      Nice quiz question! Of course, James picked it up before I saw it!
      Check out my computer guy, Jake Manning, on YouTube. He was a great dual QB here on Maui. He’s a wild man, though. He’d only wait about 2 seconds before he’d give up on a play and take off. You might say he’s the anti-Slovis.

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    1. Great work, CRS. Thanks.

      I’d take Matt Rhule, but why would he drop the NFL and return to CFB?
      I like the top 3. After getting pummeled by Jon Smith’s fighting Beavers, the folks here said they’d take the kid as USC’s next coach. He’s fallen to Earth, a bit.

      In a slight twist of intrigue, the Beavs are going to Ames Iowa to test themselves against a very disciplined, tough, smash mouth Iowa State team. Campbell vs Smith. I’ll be watching. Also gonna see how Aranda’s fighting Bears do against the Okies. Baylor has had pass defense issues all year, but otherwise has played very well. Expect Okie to pass very effectively.

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  6. Memo to: Bobby

    I’m not the moron( That would be Andyain’twinning.) who coached the bozos to a humiliating 19 point loss in a tournament Elite Eight game on Network TV.

    I’m also not the moron who decided to commemorate that bozo pathetic 19 point, BB loss by issuing the team Elite Eight rings! Is Clown U so hard up for PR that any auld old loser PR is better than none?

    Trump had nothing to do with UCLA players release in China. That’s just typical Trump BS ignorant people like yourself Bobby love to swallow.

    The UCLA plays were released due to normal Chinese Police procedure.

    BTW Bobby, bozo BB next cream puff opponent is the Temple Owls. The Owls were 5 – 11 last year! Andyain’twinning always avoids real competition at every opportunity.

    UCLA, on the other hand, hosts #4 Villanova tonight a Pauley Pavilion.

    #No bozo BB Final Four since 1954. Do the math Bobby Baby. What’s Mr. Wolf to suppose to hype re: bozo BB.


  7. James- You the man……….Congratulations. Mosi Tatupu is the answer to the quiz. A great football player from Punaho HS in Honolulu. A true Football Legend in Hawaii. He was a tremendous fullback, and gave up his body for the team despite great running skills also. Later, also became a special teams all pro with the NE Patriots. Son Lofa was also a pretty solid linebacker for SC, and in the NFL.

    RIP – Mosi Tatupu. You were a great football player, and person.

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    1. One of the first players whose names I latched onto as a kid since Keith Jackson would say his name as the lead blocker for Ricky Bell on that great 1976 team (if only they hadn’t scheduled the ultimate giant killer of the era – Mizzou in that time period upset USC, Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame…and would then lie down like a dog against Iowa State or Kansas)…was ahead of his time (what if he would have played for the 2003-04 teams with Chow as OC the way he used the FBs?), and also among such a deep stable of great backs (split time with David Farmer). Great pro special teamer as you note.

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  8. Michael: The greatest athlete from Maui? This is an easy one:

    Shane Victorino- “The Flyin Hawaiian”. Great baseball player who played for the Phillies, Red Sox, and Dodgers. He could really run.

    He was a tremendous high school football player also.
    I believe today he still resides on Maui. I know his father is heavy into Hawaiian state politics, and I believe he was the Mayor of Wailuku where Shane grew up.

    You are officially our new Hawaii Director of USC Football Recruiting.
    Please find us 1) Some big Hawaiian Defensive tackles and Linebackers who can hit, and have speed. 2) A true dual threat QB.

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    1. Believe me, tommyd — discovering the next, great dual threat QB is on my “To Do” list…


  9. I hear there is a kid working on the Maui the pineapple fields that can run a 4.4 through the deep Kanaapali Beach sand, and throw a pineapple from Kanaapali to Kihei which is quite a distance. Nail him down with a committment, but don’t tell him you know Mike Bohn, or Clay Helton. Sure wish we did not miss out on Marcus Mariota a few years back, but I am sure if you were in charge he would have been a Trojan instead of a Duck.

    You and Magic Johnson who both live on Maui can be USC’s Recruiting Staff for Hawaii. You have a huge advantage as Magic only use to live on Maui part time.

    Speaking of Hawaii- RIP Don Ho “Tiny Bubbles” was his game alcohol was his downfall.


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