USC Morning Buzz: Someone Is Giving Bad Media Advice

If USC interim coach Donte Williams thinks this is a rehearsal for the day in the future when he becomes a head coach, he needs to stop listening to whoever is advising him on media availability.

He is not available today.

USC will practice Friday and Saturday and Williams/the team will not be available.

Williams will not be available Sunday or Monday.

He will not be available until Tuesday the week of the Crosstown Rivalry.

I realize interest in USC football is perhaps at an all-time low but there are fans who would like to know the status of Kedon Slovis and whether Jaxson Dart will start next week.

A media blackout doesn’t help.

USC is trying to pump up the game (see below) but the head coach doesn’t talk? This doesn’t make sense.

35 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Someone Is Giving Bad Media Advice

  1. Dante is suffering from PTSD, having inherited the mess from the village idiot and is now seeing first hand what it means to try to steer this ship. I don’t blame him…it is a s*hit show, no two ways about it. If USC beats Westwood, that is what people will remember him for.

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    1. 67–
      I can tell you what Donte is thinking –“If I beat UCLA it won’t matter if people are unhappy I didn’t take time out to talk to the press today….and if I lose to UCLA it won’t matter that I made nice with the press today…”

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  2. I beg to differ again Mr. Wolf; the most anticipated bozo FB event(s) are the end of Clown U’s effulgent season and the player portal exit stampede.

    #Cue: 75 stanzas of Konkquest.


  3. Scott- Don’t you understand Donte, and all the assistant coaches have new job interviews this week. Mike Bohn gave them all permission to go out and interview for your next job rather than talking to the media. Getting a new job once USC says goodbye in December is more important than beating UCLA for all these coaches.

    USC will need to give away free tickets and allow open seating for the UCLA game in order to get anyone to attend. Carol Folt, and Mike Bolt need to stop at every freeway overpass, and park in Southern California, and give away free tickets to the game for all the homeless people. THAT WOULD BE FOR A GOOD CAUSE THE ONLY PROBLEM IS MOST OF THE HOMELESS POPULATION ARE UCLA BRUIN ALUMNI AND FANS.

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      1. P. S.
        Our coordinators and position coaches will be spending all their time looking for new jobs [that will be plenty hard to find if anyone’s been paying attention]. But Donte knows he’s behind the 8 ball & will be talking “Game Plan” to himself till next Saturday….

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  4. Cori Close UCLA WOMEN’S COACH, and Mick Cronin MEN’S BASKETBAL COACH are rumored to be dating. The question is can a midget like Cronin handle a big/tall women like Cori Close.

    NEWS- Jim Mora is the new Football Coach at UCONN. Interesting move!

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    1. Unlike Clay –Mora is actually a solid coach. He’ll do fine.

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  5. Don’t be surprised if UCLA Football Coach is already talking to Donte Williams about becoming UCLA’s new Defensive Coordinator/ Recruiting Coordinator.

    Chip wants to get an edge finally over USC in recruiting, and it may well be the time to do that if they can beat SC while the program is at rock bottom.

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    1. Maybe Donte has ALREADY decided to make the switch to the Dark Side… we’ll know by halftime if he’s made “a separate peace”….

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      1. Interesting thought…. if that is the case, he should go “Full WWE heel” by coming out of the tunnel wearing Bruin colors and walking over to the Chipster. This is immediately followed by a “death match” between Harrell and Orlando to take over the Interim Interim HC job…It doesn’t matter which one wins given the performance of either side.


    2. d, you’re posting smack like a loser. That all a loser has, loud, mouthy, alcohol fueled, smack BS. Get a grip d, and be grateful Cal was unable this Sat to roll/blow out the bozos.

      #SUCCFB: A garden of pansies.


  6. The Village Idiot …. make me lmao every time. Media blackout ? Who cares what the hell does Dante have to say anyway. When he does talk it’s as stupid as Gomer aka the Village Idiot ( now lmao ) talk.

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    1. I liked it when Donte said everything “sucks” …
      …..but I especially liked it when he said “sometimes 15 seconds in a game seems like 15 minutes…. just like 15 minutes sometimes seems like 15 seconds”….

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  7. Michael: Did they tear down Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.?????. I watched a Univ. of Hawaii game last Saturday night vs. San Diego St., and I noticed the game was played at some smaller stadium in the city.

    Lots of memories of Aloha Stadium in Hawaii- attended a couple of Aloha and Pro Bowls. I remember USC played Alabama in the Aloha Bowl in the Ted Tollner era, and Rodney Peete started the game as a freshman before seriously tearing his achilles tendon early in the game. The artificial turf in that stadium was terrible, but the fan experience with the trades blowing through the stadium quite enjoyable


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    1. tommyd — I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t been to Honolulu once in the last 5 years. I heard that the Aloha Bowl was condemned —wtf?! — about 2 years ago…but I haven’t kept up with where the Rainbow Warriors are playing their games this year (don’t tell my neighbors —I pretend to care). I do remember that Alabama game, though. USC started off okay in the first quarter…and the game went downhill after that (remind you of anything)?


    2. Saw Molly Hachett, Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath (no Ozzie), at the Aloha Bowl Summer 1980. Great show, though the fragrance of the herb was nauseating to this non-doper.

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  8. I don’t care who wins the next 3 games. Get the right coach and we will consistently start beating ND and UCLA like they did when Pete Carroll was there. Who wins these next 3 games is irrelevant. It might even be advantages to lose these next 3 games. I couldn’t care less about the attendance either. Get the right coach and the people will start coming back to the games. It is stupid on the part of the USC administration to think that they can put a mediocre to poor product on the field and expect people to come to the games in mass.

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  9. Here’s the deal
    Mr Dante is saving his energy for the Cal game. He knows it’ll be tough. He’s actually afraid of us but doesn’t want to admit it. I like his humbleness and character. He learned these traits by emulating our esteemed coach…..ole what’s his name. What was his name? Oh, Wilcox. That’s right, Wilcox. Slips my mind once in awhile.
    It bothers me that I’ll have to miss this game. I have to wash my hair, dang it. But the BEARS will be loud and proud.
    It was a shame that we lost 24 of the first team to AZ. Because no one actually had covid, we just didn’t follow the City of Berkeley protocols. You’d guys have your AD, school Pres, and BOT. We have our board of health.
    Never can be to careful you know.

    Looking forward to seeing the SC song girls on the tele. Always a good group.

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  10. Michael: You are 100% Correct- Aloha Stadium is officially closed due to unsafe conditions caused by corrosion. In other words the stadium is turning to rust like the Titanic. Very sad to hear those the announcement was made in December of 2020. A new stadium is planned, and construction is scheduled to begin in late 2021.

    ONOLULU (KHON2) — Aloha Stadium is shutting down. The Stadium Authority announced on Thursday, Dec. 17, that it will be closed indefinitely after all previously scheduled events are honored.

    We’re Hawaii’s weather station, get the latest forecast and radar information here

    Stadium officials blame the lack of funds due to safety restrictions from the pandemic, but sources also tell KHON2 that the facility has been deemed unsafe to hold crowds. The stadium was built in 1975 and safety issues have been raised before due to corrosion in the stands.

    There are plans to build a new Aloha Stadium, but groundbreaking is not expected until the middle of 2021 at the earliest. That means the new stadium can be ready for the 2023 football season at best.

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    1. tommyd — I wrote a reply an hour ago….guess it’s being “moderated'”…

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      1. Your reply showed up on the USC-UCLA ticket blog page.
        Nevertheless, I’ll “like” both posts.
        We should get you to 1,000,000 likes by the end of the year, Michael.

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