Forfeit Would Not Have Helped USC

USC drew praise for agreeing to play Cal on Dec. 4 instead of trying to get the game forfeited, which was allowable under Pac-12 rules.

But a forfeit does not count as a win for bowl eligibility. So USC would have to beat UCLA and BYU if Cal forfeited per NCAA rules.

“An eligible team is defined as one that has won a number of games against Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) opponents that is equal to or greater than the number of its overall losses (e.g., a record of 6-6, or better). Ties or forfeited games do not count in determining won-lost record.”

That explains a lot.

18 thoughts on “Forfeit Would Not Have Helped USC

  1. Reps for the Frosh/Soph and walk-ons.
    Reps for the young WR and QB’s vs a sporty Wilcox D.
    1000 yd season for Keontay.

    No bowl eligibility in 1982 or 83, so I can’t comment. But one more week of practice with a trip away for a final game sounds fun to this old guy.

    Sending off hard-working Seniors victorious in their final game at the Coliseum is a tradition which should never be disrespeccted.

    I don’t think this defense has a 3-0 streak in it.

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      1. I’m thinking that Ed could help out the USC secondary as an interim assistant coach, as they seem to be shaking their heads after many plays…

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  2. Sorry Mr. Wolf, I beg to differ; if the bozos had accepted the Cal forfeit it would have meant one less chance Clown U could suffer another ugly, humiliating, blow out defeat, in front of its dwindling fan base.


  3. I lost track would a 2 point victory beat the spread? Just asking for an enemy. Anyway, I still have to get over having to delete the game on the DVR before the game starts. I usually wait about an hour before I delete the game as unworthy of being watched a second time. I miss the days when I had video tapes of USC games I went to and enjoyed watching them the next day. Now I don’t enjoy watching them at all.

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  4. Press conference for new Texas Tech HC Joey McGuire who seems to be a good hire for them. President and AD speak at the beginning and everyone shows a lot of enthusiasm for Texas Tech football. Can you imagine Carol Folt doing the same? She’d be as inspiring as lukewarm, dirty bath water. Nobody would believe her for a second the way she’s p*ssed all over USC football the past two years.

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    1. Let’s look at it from yet another perspective, Charles — do you think anyone (fans or players) would WANT her to speak?
      P. S.
      The cancellation of the Cal game is messing with our blog! You’d think those Berkeley folks would be more considerate.

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      1. Carol Folt would segue into her campus green and social initiatives; things for the greater good. Attendees should bring rotting tomatoes and vegetables to throw.

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