USC Dodged A Dodgy Crowd

Can you imagine if USC was hosting the Dec. 4 game with Cal at the Coliseum?

What would the crowd be for that?

A Saturday with wall-to-wall conference championship games and USC playing a meaningless game at the Coliseum?

It might rival the Arizona game.

Don’t say Cal will draw less at Memorial Stadium. USC should never compare itself to Cal.

I don’t have much hope for the crowd at the BYU game on Nov. 27, but I know BYU will bring more fans than Cal.

33 thoughts on “USC Dodged A Dodgy Crowd

  1. lot of qeustions,but wen do we get the ansewrs to the qeustions?remines me of wen i ask mrs ed. a qeustion but she dont ever ansewr cuz she busy doing her scratchies and then she say ed! u stop axing me all these qeustions, cant u see im busy doing my scratchies and trying to make us money cuz u got no job? so i never get my qeustions from her answer ether.

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  2. This post is dumb because USC and Cal won’t be playing in L.A. The game will be at Berkeley so the focus should be on playing the meaningless game there on the day when other conference championships are going on.



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    1. Cal hippie will be out in full drag with the rest of his girls.

      Nobody better mess with her, Cal hippie will be ready for a cat fight…



  3. BYU is an interesting dilemma for Bohn and football novice Folt. Allocate more tickets to BYU and generate more ticket revenue at the risk of there being more than or a comparable number of BYU fans at the Coliseum as USC fans!? Bohn and Folt’s chickens have come home to roost.

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      1. $350 to sit in press box with Graham Harrell and Todd Orlando
        $150 more to call a play or substitution … “Mo Hasan to Manjack … go long!”

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      2. Good point.
        I’m thinking you can get a 50yd line tick for $30.

        When I go to the USC CU game in Boulder every odd year, it’s 50yd line about 20 rows up. Great seats. All the fans nearby are quiet and I can enjoy the game..

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  4. BYU will bring truckloads of people for the USC game. The Coliseum will be filled with just BYU fans, and knowing USC they will sell as many tickets as possible to BYU simply because it is revenue. Despite this being a mediocre USC team BYU will treat this game as if it is for the national championship just because USC is a national brand OR should I say was a national brand not too long ago.

    It will be sad to see the Coliseum on national TV filled with BYU fans, and hardly any USC fans. Who knows if the students will even attend the game with final exams and Holiday recess near.

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  5. The other real important question is will the Coliseum be empty of USC fans for the UCLA game. I think it will be empty hopefully then Folt, Bohn and Caruso might realize the change should have been a year earlier.

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      1. Serious answer – it’s only when she realizes what Trojan football means to the USC brand in terms of:
        Revenues [more success = more $$$ to finance all sports];
        Prestige [ie excellence in both athletics and education];
        Recognition [majority of people will become aware what an excellent educational institution it is because the football team made them aware that USC exists].

        Bottom line – USC is NOT going to displace the top universities from an educational viewpoint [it will take decades to overcome built-in biases] but can be the TOP university immediately that combines both educational excellence and athletic achievement. That should be its nitch.
        Sell the education part to the best athletes and the athletic part [whether viewing or participating] to the best students. Both are being offered a complete college experience resulting in pride in their university, with the down the road benefits of DONATIONs.

        For educated people, these administrators didn’t attend their business 101 classes. From their narcissistc behaviour, all they attended were their psych classes and are now nutjobs.

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      2. Great fucking answer, Doc.
        Bottom Line —we’re a corporation going out of it’s way to destroy it’s most famous and beloved product.

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      3. Folt won’t allow facts to interfere with her mission. She is pre-programmed and doesn’t care about SC heritage & traditions. In fact, what she claims to know is likely is distasteful to her. In her mind, they are likely atavistic folly instead of academic enlightenment.

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  6. DrEvil13 Outstanding, thoughtful piece. I will likely be quoting you. Thank you. Michael, as always, you get to the core of the issues. It’s a pleasure reading the posts you both provide.

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    1. Carra — “atavistic.” Perfect!
      I bet Carrol uses that EXACT word when she’s talking about Trojan football fans to her pals in Santa Monica.

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