USC Morning Buzz: Stress-Free Saturday

Well, it’s a stress-free Saturday as USC does not play today. That means you can watch college football and have people speculate about who will be the USC coach.

  • I’m curious how many fans/students that intended to go on the Weekender to Berkeley will still go on Dec. 4?
  • The Trojans practice today but it is closed to the media and no interviews are allowed. By late tonight, the kickoff time for the USC-UCLA game might be announced.
  • It’s a good day for the players, apparently, because they got a free video game. Pretty good gift for a 4-5 team.

23 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Stress-Free Saturday

    1. … if you play enough USC football you’ll get more pumpkins and video games than any other little boy in your neighborhood…

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  1. If anyone watched the UCLA-Villanova basketball game last night, both teams exuded what the USC football is severely lacking; mental toughness, physical toughness, defensive mentality, and attention to detail. The bottom line is that USC is soft and has been soft for the last twelve years. This should tell you all you need to know about Clay Helton and what he is about. He had a golden opportunity to take control of a premier college football job by emulating what has worked for all sports as mentioned above. But for some unknown reason he went the Candy Ass Route and we’ve all see what happened with that.
    Now this impending hire will have Bohn/Folt’s stamp of approval all over this. If they hire a nice guy who the players love it will mean the end of USC and West Coast football as we know it. Bohn needs to show some balls and get someone in who will kick ass the first five minutes and have players who do not want to buy in heading for the transfer portal.

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    1. UCLA us tough, but attention to detail? They turned it over about 15 times it was a fun watch though. Both are older teams and will do well in league and tourney. Neither have any real NBA talent

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      1. There are 7 schools which have won 3 or more NCAAM BB natties, and two of them played last night. KU (3 natties) beat MSU (2 natties) last week.

        But hey, losing a few games in MBB early in the their doesn’t matter.
        It’s all about getting hot mid March.

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    2. For some “unknown reason” Clay went the candy-ass route? The reason is “very known”: Clay is a candy-ass. It’s the only way he knows how to go…

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    3. Dave Aranda is the anti-Helton. Disciplined, intelligent and full of integrity (the real kind that is truthful, not the kind that lies to your face in a kind way and expects you to believe him).

      His beat-down on Oklahoma today shows that he should be the next USC head coach. Fickell is a decent coach, but Aranda is the Yoda of football. He understands football at a level that goes beyond just about any other coach and his family wants to live in LA.

      If we dont hire Aranda, he will eventually be the UCLA head coach and we will be perpetually losing to our cross-town rival.

      There is no question now. Just figure out what he needs to come and hire him. USC fans will only return if the team wins. Aranda will win, it might take him until his second year to put together the right team, but he can bring his whole staff from Baylor (sorry Baylor).

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      1. If only Bohn and Folt would pay attention to gametv….


  2. Aranda being interviewed after Baylor beats OU. Make an offer to him today. The problem I see is that he may not want to come to USC. He has principle and integrity, he is an old-school leader, you can tell he is extremely disciplined and demands it from his staff and team. I can’t see him working for Folt.

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    1. Agreed, 67. There are no words to describe how big a liability Carol Folt is….
      — Wayne From Wayne’s World

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    2. Baylor is a heavy Christian orientated university. It’s hard to image the devout Aranda moving to bozo u with its weekly mélange of ugly scandal and plethora of pending lawsuits. Aranda won’t want to worship at the sainted statues of O.J., Bush, Little Petey Pom-Pom, St. Pat, or Emperor Garrett.


      1. JustOwns – you are looking in the rear-view mirror. Aranda wants to live in LA and USC is THE place to coach. He is intensely competitive and knows he can create a dynasty at USC.

        Now we just need to exit the Pac-12 before the contract is finalized for media rights. Set up our own deal, just like Notre Dame for football. We can remain in the Pac-12 for other sports.

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    3. Aranda and his family want to be in LA with their family. There is no reason this cant happen. Aranda might be loyal to Baylor, but with the right incentives, he just wont have a choice.

      I assume Baylor cant make the playoffs with 2 losses, so hopefully the move is announced after the regular season ends and we can start to reel in the recruits that are waiting to see who is the next USC head coach.

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      1. If Aranda does come to USC expect every player on the d and o-lines to transfer…


    4. I prefer Aranda over Fickell, and waiting for Fickell to finish his season does USC little good. Again, not sure Fickell wishes to move his huge, younger family to S Cal, but maybe Aranda might.

      Waco is not the garden spot that Chip and Joanna Gaines make it out to be. Given all the variables, I think Aranda should be the top choice. While Matt Campbell again got ambushed in Lubbock, he still coaches a great team with perpetually inferior talent.

      Interestingly, the Beavers travel to Ames Iowa to play the Cyclones, so we’ll get a nice look at Jon Smith vs Matt Campbell next week.

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  3. The fact that Bohn hired Fickell and Cronin gives me hope his top choice will be a good one for USC football. But will USC make a top-tier offer? And will Folt disappear from view?

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    1. Nothing the Folt/Bohn “team” has done yet inspires confidence —but if everybody keeps ragging on them maybe they’ll try to prove us all wrong….

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  4. I remember when the video game of choice back in the day was ‘Tecmo Bowl.” Can you imagine if today’s team got a copy of that.

    Maybe Slovis wouldn’t press the button in time (hold on to the ball too long).


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