If You Ordered A UCLA Game Tailgate Permit, Check Your Spam

USC fans who ordered a tailgate permit for the UCLA game are complaining:

  •  The e-mail with the permit always goes to SPAM
  • The e-mail for the UCLA game had the wrong game day date on it (Nov. 19 instead of Nov. 20).
  • And the confirmation email references this weekend’s Cal game TWICE … as if it was still going to be played.

Other than that, everything was fine.

66 thoughts on “If You Ordered A UCLA Game Tailgate Permit, Check Your Spam

  1. well hello, coach harbaugh,wins a football contest he needed after so many loses to teams with winning records! way to go harbaugh its about time is ohio st next thats a big whore to knock down there !!!!!! sincerely, E

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  2. No biggie, Scott! These are the kind of minor bookkeeping and communication problems all major college sports programs routinely experience. I can’t count the number of times Alabama and Ohio State have sent out confirmation emails to ticketholders which include the wrong dates (or double dates). This is very standard. Very normal. Everything is proceeding well at USC.

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      1. Franklin did what he needed to do to move up to the top of the list. It wasn’t easy – required a lot of effort, discipline and courage to succeed like that.

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      2. You are joking right?

        Aranda cemented his position as the only guy we should consider. The decision should be done today and we should just close that deal, no matter what it takes.

        It all comes down to Aranda’s family. They want to be in LA.

        With Oklahoma out of the running Cincinnati has a better chance at the playoffs now. I think Utah will beat Oregon, but will Ohio State continue to win?

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      3. We’re KINDA joking (remember —the “deciders” are Folt & Bohn).
        I’d love to see Harbaugh beat Ohio State (he deserves it after having the Super Bowl stolen from him by the refs). And…it may happen. It’s at Michigan. And the previous week Ohio State has to play Michigan State….while Michigan gets Maryland.

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  3. 67 — Once Franklin heard he was considered as USC’s next head coach he started losing all the close ones —to prove he’d fit in with Folt’s overall game plan for the Athletic Department….

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    1. Now that it’s obvious it SHOULD be Aranda, Carol has her “vetters” looking for a skeleton in his closet —

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      1. Yeah sure MG, 50 – 29 is typical non-competitive bozo non-conf. cream puff BB setup. But why travel to Pennsylvania for a cupcake slaughter, when CA is loaded with Div. II and III cupcake BB teams (UC Davis excepted) to feast on. No wonder Andyain’twinning wasn’t offered a contract extension.


      2. Good experienced talent returning, along with some new young shooters. Played good defense last year–though a part of that was EM, of course.

        If the guys play team ball and shoot the 1’s and the 3’s, they should win a lot of games this year.


      1. So Cal you haven’t been paying attention here. USC hired a brain dead athletic yes man director. He could have had a better coach ten days after he was hired if he wasn’t the scarecrow. Then the man of straw finally fired the coach and is looking for a new one. But without any brain he is bound to make the easiest decision he can make.

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      1. …..Sark can now finally return home to re-watch the “Pink Elephants on Parade” sequence from Dumbo…..


      1. ‘furd lost … David Shaw’s record since 2018 is abysmal. But nobody at the LA Times, the Mercury News, or the Oregonian will call him out!? Hmmm!

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    1. Why is Jack Swarbrick on the CFP committee!? Notre Dame hasn’t been sh*t in such a long time … and why should any one school have such a say!?

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  4. NEWS UPDATE: oh……..no

    USC scheduled to interview former ND and Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weiss.

    I don’t think there are enough doughnuts shops in LA to keep this guy happy!

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      1. I have a strong feeling that Sark is saying that very thing to himself right now, 67 ….(assuming he’s lucid)……

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      1. Well, I’m certain UCLA isn’t as sh*tty as Clown U.

        UCLA: 6 – 4

        Clown U: 4 – 5

        SUCC FB: Ghetto weeds.


  5. Sad …………Owns I don’t think the Bruins will ever win a national championship in football. This is a Sr. team, and chances are Chip will be back for another run at 3rd or 4th place in the Pac 12 South which I guess is a great season for UCLA. At a good school with a rich football history Chip would be fired after this season. If you don’t beat SC in football this year you never will.

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  6. Steve Sarkisian- is a way overrated as a head coach. He was average at Washington, below average at USC.

    I would not be surprised if Texas fires him at the end of the season. They must be embarrassed losing to Kansas on their home field, and the boosters there are very impatient. The job pays well but they tend to change coaches pretty quickly, and this loss today to Kansas is laughable.

    Lane Kiffin, on the other hand is maturing into one of the finest coaches in the country. It’s a shame USC hired him at a young age when he was not ready to take over the leadership at a major program.

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    1. …and we won’t get a chance at hiring Lane back…. he’s proving himself ready for another NFL shot …..maybe at Seattle [but, to survive, he’ll need somebody to take over when Russell Wilson steps down)….

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      1. Kiffin has really turned himself around. He clearly wasn’t ready 10 years ago, but perhaps he is now. He definitely has matured.


  7. Did Scottie go on a bender last night? No news on hoops whatsoever, including the recruiting class for next year. And no mention of Robert Woods’ torn ACL. And no mention of Domani Jackson possibly flipping to ‘Bama, which would really make Scottie’s day.


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