USC-Cal Kickoff Set And It’s A Doozy

The USC-Cal game on Dec. 4 will kick off at 8 p.m. on Dec. 4 on FS1.

Who wants to go to a game in the Bay Area in December at 8 p.m.????

Maybe it would have better to just take the forfeit. And how many will be watching the late-night affair after a day of SEC, Big 12, Big Ten and ACC title games. The Big Ten game starts at 5 p.m. PT so it will run in the USC-Cal game. Or should I say steamroller it?

28 thoughts on “USC-Cal Kickoff Set And It’s A Doozy

    1. Attendance might very easily go over 20,000, Goose. There are creditable reports that tickets are being GIVEN AWAY at comic book stores, head shops and adult toy locations throughout Berkeley. Now, in a lot of locations that wouldn’t add up to squat ….but in Berkeley we might be talking 45,000 to 50,000 potential “fans.”

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  1. On my first and only visit to Berkeley in 2017, kickoff was 12:30PM. I did a day trip on Southwest flying to Oakland and taking the light rail to the stadium and back. Great experience. In 2019. Game Time was also 8:00 PM I recall. Disappointed, so did not attend. This year, within minutes of hearing the 12:30 Kickoff, I booked my Flight (thru SFO on Delta this time for a new experience and bought a Game Ticket). Now this crap again. Any wonder why apathy is setting in to the Live Bodies that actually go to the games? Name one other game that has started at 8:00 PM local time this year anywhere in the country?

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  2. Glad that the walk-ons and others who dont get a chance to play much will have this opportunity. Hope we see Miller Moss play.

    BTW, where is Bru McCoy? DA chose not to file charges before the season started. He is stuck in Carol Folt purgatory. Why can’t USC admit it made a mistake with her, and send her off with early retirement?

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    1. 67,
      Question: Why doesn’t USC send Folt into retirement?
      Answer: USC specializes in weak hires. What do weak hires specialize in? Not making decisions that take any guts.

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  3. My biggest concern for UCLA/USC game? Not that we get trampled —but that we FIND a way to lose….
    [Question: Does anybody here think Harrell planned for what to do in the event he lost Drake London to injury from overuse? Or, worse, was his “plan” to keep throwing jump balls to receivers who are only 6 feet tall and weigh 190 pounds]?

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  4. The game time for BYU is just as f##king stupid. UCLA also plays Cal at Rose Bowl at same 730pm start time.
    What genius schedules both local LA teams at same freaking time?
    Seriously, Pac 12 does not care about its fans.
    The end of West Coast football has finally occurred.
    Just imagine if PC was not hired in 2001?

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  5. If Donte Williams watched the Arizona State game and came away with the idea “I just need a pocket passer who throws to receivers who can’t catch in traffic to win ball games!” —we need someone else on the sidelines …

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    1. Lynn Swann, Pat Haden, Clay Helton, Clancy Pendergast, John Baxter, Graham Harrell, Sark, the list just keeps going on and on of the failure of the football program for the last 10 years.

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      1. Man, that list gives me a knot in my stomach. How could a single University be responsible for that many horrendous hires?


  6. Who is the idiot that schedules these games … this Pac after Dark is F ing garbage.
    And how about the Oregon reporter calling out ESPN for their shitty coverage of Pac games. Got them to admit they use archaic equipment and their own producer called them C – efforts. And the Pac brass and ADs just take it. What joke


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