USC Morning Buzz: Recruiting Is A Pac-12 Issue

I’ve always been a believer that it’s way more important to hire a good coach than try to worry about one recruiting class being hurt because of the transition.

But the Pac-12 as a whole seems to have a bit of a dilemma. There are already coaching openings at USC, Washington and Washington State. UCLA and Arizona State could open up. Who ever knows what will happen at Cal? Oregon coach Mario Cristobal is interested in the Miami job, according to sources. Oregon State coach Jonathan Smith is getting mentioned for jobs.

So here’s my point: With most recruits preferring to sign in December now, the Pac-12 could really get hurt by having no coaches at some schools for the first signing date. USC’s recruiting class has been decimated by defections; Nick Rolovich destroyed recruiting at Washington State; Arizona State’s been hurt by the NCAA investigation and things could get worse for the Sun Devils. Chip Kelly is such an odd recruiter that it probably won’t matter at UCLA if he left.

Right now, USC’s recruiting class is ranked No. 68 by Rivals. Washington is No. 67. Washington State is No. 86.

And this is a conference that want to close the gap on the SEC?

Washington State can probably hire a coach quickly after the season. But USC and Washington might have such big targets that will need to wait until after the first signing day.

23 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Recruiting Is A Pac-12 Issue

  1. SC still has a ton of wasted talent right now. Then if we get a great coach, youy still have until February to bring in a lot of outstanding players(many of whom may be waiting to see what happens at SC). Then there is the transfer portal, which is something that we didn’t have before. Look at all the people that we brought in this year from the portal under Clay Helton. Think of how many we might bring in if we got Aranda or Fickell or another great coach. Get the right coach and we can win big next year.

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    1. Seems to be a lot of smoke around Aranda. Who would be great hire. Side note, I finally know what it feels like to be a Bruin. Losing all year and hoping for a victory against cross town rival. It is not a great feeling.

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      1. USC, #19 academic University in America with a strong upward trajectory.

        UCLA, #36 or so, and slowly declining.

        Per Wall Street Journal–not USNWR.
        Just need to fix the Football team and the rest will follow.
        UCLA students and FB players will never excel, as there is no
        “ownership” of the final product.

        Fight on!

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  2. Look at the bright side! Our 2022 recruiting class ranking [high 60’s] USED to to be considered an embarrassment. NOW it’s actually ranked higher than our current team [CBS has the 2021 Trojans ranked in the mid 70’s]……

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    1. Snigger/titter/laugh/hahahaha…oh dear Lovie (re Thurston Howell III as an archetype)…those poor peasants who depend on the barbarity of USC football for their happiness…let them (cue orange-headed sponge bob Oz monkey mouthpiece) spend more of their money and eat cake…USC football – the shame…hahahaha…

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  3. Recruiting is overrated the new coach will wave a magic wand and everything will be fine. I hear Aranda has two magic wands. But Franklin slammed his into a face mask when USC kicked a field goal in the Rose Bowl. Now it’s taped together like Ron Weasely’s.
    In other news it looks like Bohn is getting off the pot without spitting again. He thought firing Helton was a magic bullet, but it was really a land mine and he’s been picking his steps carefully.
    First prediction for Saturday USC wins a moral victory by taking a knee every play, although Donte will claim there was a communication mixup.

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    1. Minion, there are plenty of coaches to go around right here in the pac 12. Washington’s coach is a bit pushy but he wasn’t as bad as Sark. Washington State’s coach was afraid of a little prick. Turns out the little prick was the governor and his overreacting edict. Herm is probably going to be available soon, but baggage is his problem I heard it’s real alligator skin and Folt is anti fur. Quoting Dorothy from Oz, sometimes what you really need is right in your own backyard. With that type thinking Chip might be a fit, although tight fit. Anyway I’ll wager your worst nightmare will happen and the interim title will removed from Donte. Hopefully he’ll hire some assistant coaches who know football.

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    2. He created that land mind for the last 2 years since he got here. Let’s hope it all blows up then he’s shown the door along with Folt. Time to blow it up and start all over again at Southern California. That fish head is rotten now.

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    1. Charles R Smith keep it up with the content you are better then the blogger who’s job is to feed us that information on this site. Fight on!


  4. My worry about the Pac-12 is that they picked an entertainment (Vegas) guy as the new commish. He doesn’t have a football-basketball background. Neither did Larry Scott, and he failed miserably, except at lining his own pockets.

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    1. So one incompetent grifter just replaced another one? Is that what you are implying? That Pac 12 is doomed and incompetent ADs and Presidents are to blame since 2008. Way to become the Conference of Champions into an after thought in less then 15 years. You can’t make this shyt up! As long as everyone is making money getting their pockets lined, but the student athletes it’s all dandy nothing to see here.

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  5. I am just glad James Franklin is no longer a viable option. Not sure what pundits were thinking with that pick?

    He is a mid-level coach like Helton. In fact, worse as Helton bear him.

    USC needs a real coach with pedigree.

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  6. My list of coaching candidates for USC
    Dave Arranda
    Chucky John Gruden
    Pete Carrol
    Jack del Rio.
    I don’t want flavor of the month Fickle. Just like I never wanted Andy ain’t winning shyt as the men’s basketball coach.


  7. This concern is less critical due to the Transfer Portal. An extreme example for sure, but imagine if as late as March 2022, USC hired Bill Belichick as Head Coach with Pete Carroll as Defensive Coordinator and Sean Payton as Offensive Coordinator. Guaranteed that Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Clemson would be losing a lot of players to USC overnight. The right hire matters more than anything.


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