Jaxson Dart To Start Vs. UCLA

Donte Williams has trouble making decisions about who starts/plays QB for USC but the decision appears to be taken away from him this week.

Williams said Monday night that Jaxson Dart will start against UCLA because Kedon Slovis has been unable to fully practice due to a leg injury.

I suspect Williams is relieved because now he can focus on one quarterback playing without trying to make everyone happy.

And it will help Dart, who needs a lot of reps after his erratic performance against Arizona State.

What will happen the following week if Slovis is healthy? Will he play again or is Dart the man going forward?

20 thoughts on “Jaxson Dart To Start Vs. UCLA

  1. One pundant on the internet quoted a quote from Jimbo Fisher that seems to say that he is not taking the LSU job. They said that leaves Lincoln Riley, Mel Tucker and Dave Aranda. They said that they thought(at this point) that Tucker would be the next LSU coach. If that is true, we could have a chance at Aranda.

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    1. Tucker is a more LSU personality. I think that’s a good match. I think Aranda has good reasons, outside of USC, to be in LA which makes me feel he would stay longer. I’m hopeful USC can AT LAST make a good coaching choice after all these years of failures. I am VERY WORRIED about Fickell’s wife. Even if she gives in to his career move, she could make it difficult if she doesn’t like LA. I lost a great engineer to a company in Oregon. In six months he was asking for his job back because his wife hated the Oregon weather and was depressed all the time. Happy wife, happy life!

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    2. All of us knew that Fisher was not leaving TAM.
      I also don’t think Tucker is leaving MSU after rebuilding the franchise.

      We need to go after Aranda and sell his family on So CAL vs the backwards @$$ in the SEC. Dave and the Mrs already know.
      If you need to do in depth research, watch Sandler’s “the Waterboy.”

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  2. IF Dart is healthy I hope he takes off with the ball early and often against UCLA. We’re not gonna beat the bruins with Donte’s [Post-Drake] game plan: throwing lots of balls up for receivers who can’t get open or, if they do, can’t catch in traffic.

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      1. I agree with Charles. I’m not sure Opie Harrell has taught him to slide and avoid a punishing hit. I have Zero confidence that we will beat UCLA with the Bohn sh$t show that his coaching decisions have produced.

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      2. …funny…I was actually gonna recommend that in a hashtag….

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      1. I know. I get it, Bourbon. If he’s not able to run effectively on that knee, we’re sunk. But if it’s 90% and can be protected by a light brace that doesn’t restrict his movement too much, Dart represents our only chance of a victory in this game. The fact we have to recognize is one I had to face as a kid playing football —there is a HUGE difference between catching uncontested balls and catching in traffic. Our receivers [except for the hero we lost by overusing him] are soft. You know in advance that contested balls thrown to them are gonna be broken up. They aren’t fast enough or physical enough to bear the brunt of our offense. We’re gonna have to run it against UCLA….. and hope that gives our receivers a little breathing room by the 3rd quarter.

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  3. Dart did not look so good against ASU. I sure hope he can handle the pressure of the SC-UCLA game. If the SC defense continues to play poorly upfront, and at linebacker this game will be over very early in a rout.

    How did Slovis hurt his leg in some of the touch football practices. Something is wrong here the team has had two weeks to prepare, and to have your QB get hurt in practice is awfully suspicious.

    No question in my mind that Slovis is going to transfer why shouldn’t he.

    Most USC fans want this season over and done with ASAP so it is going to be quite interesting if the SC-UCLA game is half empty with fans in the Coliseum for the first time.


    1. UCLA is just going to run the ball down USC’s throat. Offense will go 3 and out a bunch and kill their defense by making them be on the field 75% of the game. Not gonna be pretty.


  4. I am not even sure I want to watch the game. I only care about what comes next.

    I think Aranda can see that the USC job is better than the LSU job. The competition is not as difficult, creating a #1 recruiting class is possible, the location is far better for recruiting coaching staff, etc. The LSU fans expect much more than USC fans although the fan base for LSU is probably a bit more die hard.


  5. This is a throw away season. It does not matter what happens at any of the games. I just hope that it does not get lower than this with the new coach. It may if Franklin takes over. He sucks.


  6. hi football fans, when these colleges fire there head during the season,the football games on the agenda all should be canceled! that would end that activity right away!? sincerely, E ps franklin is a known pimp!!!!!!!!


  7. hello sports fans, heres stupid news thats what most news is stupid people doing stupid things? miss qb does pro! kiffin stupid +corell dumb= more dumb and stupid !!!!! sincerely, E


  8. hi football fans, you thought helton was a problem there are plenty more? how about firing orlando now!!! what a disgraceful scene that is? are these guys junkies drunks or both!!!!!!!! sincerely,E


  9. hello football fans, heres franklin at psu several players out cause ? excessive cock sucking!!!!! whats franklin a ugly bald headed hoodlum!!!!! sincerely, E


  10. hello sports fans, ny jets qb problems carosell flacco the clone qb and white a qb are out sucking each others dick! self desciplin a good thing !!!! dart throwing motion needs some work technique wise! sincerely, E


  11. hello football fans, 3 beauties with mich, lsu and auburn its getting boring watching the refs with there hands in thealabama pockets cheat so alabama can win a tight contest!? sincerely, E


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