It’s Crosstown Rivalry Week!

With the Crosstown Rivalry this week, here’s a picture of the 1977 game.

With all the complaints about ESPN’s broadcast quality of Pac-12 games, why hasn’t the media pressed Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff about it? They fawned over Kliavkoff for months but isn’t this the type of issue a commissioner can influence?

  • Drake London was named one of 10 semifinalists for the Biletnikoff Award. I’m a voter and the award already sent out its ballot today for three finalists.
  • Here is my legacy tweet of the day:

Jake George is the grandnephew of former USC great Bob Chandler.

31 thoughts on “It’s Crosstown Rivalry Week!

      1. Helton, Orlando and Clancy would watch this and their heads would explode, way too much information for any of them to handle.

        Aranda: ” Any questions ? ”
        Helton ” Do you have any film of what you just did ?”
        Clancy ” I need a cigarette ”
        Orlando ” What’s a Buck Sweep ? “

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    1. Great Trojan (mentioned in a post last week that Jimi Hendrix Live at Fillmore East – full Band of Gypsies concerts – has a song introduction where he says to the effect “I’m glad those USC Trojans beat the hell out of Michigan” – in a sense, he was referring to Bob Chandler’s catch)…a great receiver for the Bills and the Raiders (especially the magical 1980 season). Great to hear the insight from those of you with more personal knowledge.

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  1. For those who really get the problem at USC, pay attention to where this goes…coaching changes and now AD turnover, but almost certainly still “Wasting away again in Shilalaville”…same will be true for the Trojans unless they agree to the unimaginable surrender of control to a competent coach with competitive resources…

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    1. Blake James football hires at Miami 67-44 not as bad as Mike Bohn’s 3 hires at Colorado ~50-100, but it’s Miami. Carol Folt comparison to Donna Shalala very analogous.

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  2. Bob Chandler was a tremendous person, and a great athlete. Came to USC as a QB out of Whittier, then moved to DB, and was then became a great receiver. Married a USC song girl, and then had a very good NFL Career.

    Will never forget him. Sad he was taken away much too early in life.
    If his nephew is even half the athlete Bob was my advise is to sign him right away. We need athletes that are football players right now at SC to rebuild this program.

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  3. Music & movies aren’t forms of art anymore. Now 98% of what’s heard, seen and packaged as arts & entertainment is a predictable milquetoast product based on some formula targeting midwesterners to earn 5-10% ROI. No artists, just excel spreadsheets, accountants and regurgitated crap. Computer wins.

    Dave Roberts doesn’t manage the Doyers. Some guy who mighta played past tball, but learned how to run data-seeking queries at DeVry Uni does. Computer wins.

    NFL HC ranks are full of wonderboys, that never played past HS, but theyve mastered hair care products. All of em 100% reliant on Microsoft tablets and a analytics bro to tell them what play to run when you’re on your own 26, it’s 3 and 7, 4min 3sec to go in the 1st qtr, and you think you can smell the tri-tip cooking at the stadiums new bbq concession, “Smokies Meathouse”. Computers win yet again.

    USC should get ahead of the curve, ditch hiring a human as HC, and try to lure IBM’s Watson to be our next ball coach.

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    1. ’67 great memories! USC-UCLA 1975-78 was maybe the best period in the rivalry. UCLA was still transitioning from wishbone/option, but had some really good teams Vermeil to Donahue. However, believe the next season (1979) was a 49-14 beatdown (the most talented college football team of all time, having woken up after the Stanford tie, running on all cylinders, over the one down year in the early Donahue era) that kind of marked the end of USC dominance in the series (with occasional highlights, like Peete over Aikman) until Pete’s arrival.

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    2. With Charles White and Lynn Cain, not much reason to pass in 1978.

      I was still in HS, but I could not understand how USC could beat Bama in Bama earlier in the year yet USC would not be the unanimous National Champ that year. I was just learning about the East Coast/SEC bias about that time.

      Happened a lot with the Heisman back then, also.

      Paul McDonald would get to throw the ball a bit more in 1979.
      That team was underappreciated and should rank as one of the greatest Trojan teams of all time (Stanford tie not-withstanding).

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      1. I’ve made the point multiple times -the 1979 team, even with the unnecessary/stupid tie, was the most talented (not the best, because of the tie, but most talented) college football team in history. Just the offensive linemen alone are enough to win that argument. Two Heisman Trophy winning RBs…NFL caliber quarterback…multiple NFL caliber receivers…Ellison, Johnson, Banks as LBs…Smith and Lott with Browner and Fisher as DBs…the defensive line was actually good too, just not NFL-laden (smallish but tough). The 1978 team was basically the first round of a two round fight…if not for the having to play a 4th string center in Tempe fiasco…even with that, Mama should not have been a co-champion (obviously) – Oklahoma probably deserved to be … Interesting thing with the 1979 team I remember from SI and Sporting News coverage…apparently at the end of the game when Ohio State went out on downs, JRob could have easily pushed to run the score up to an 8 point win (it was the most lopsided one point win in history maybe – USC should have won like 44-9 but made every typical JRob team type mistake under the sun, from White fumbling on a long run, to failing to convert 4th and goal, to Hackett throwing ill-timed passes when not necessary, to letting Ohio State throw a Hail Mary at the end of the first half)…apparently, that would have swung the opinions of enough voters (USC ended up getting a lot of UPI votes in the final poll regardless).

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      2. Agree, 100%.
        Look at the DB’s on the 78/79 team. Mostly All-pros in the NFL.
        The Fab 4 backfield (3 of 4) from San Fernando High School all contributed tremendously.

        I think each and every lineman on the 78/79 team made all pro and or HOF.

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      3. Bourbon – Yes, I listed them by name a couple of weeks back – and it becomes essentially a Casey Stengel by Joe Garagiola axiom of “You can look it up” for the proof – Anthony Munoz, Roy Foster, Keith Van Horne, Brad Budde, Bruce Matthews, Don Mosebar, Chris Foote, Pat Howell…the AV rating is like over 700 for just those I list/can recall off the top of my head…the defensive linemen in some way always fascinated me the most, since it was the one group that didn’t feature NFL talent galore, but was sort of the heart and most consistently high performing part of the team (technique, scheme, discipline, heart, toughness…all the things lacking in the program not just since Pete left, but since Mike Patterson graduated…great, great players after him like Casey and Ellis, but as a whole that area became increasingly undisciplined and inconsistent). Watching replays of the 1978 Bama game, or the Rose Bowls against Michigan and Ohio State…and back to the Gary Jeter 1977 Rose Bowl team or forward to the 1980 Notre Dame game…just not the same program…but, oh, the memories!

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  4. You can put Peyton Manning as QB for SC this year, and it would make a difference, but not as much as you’d think with the poor protection and talent on the SC offensive line.

    The only way to beat UCLA this year is to stop the run, and I don’t think the USC defense can do that with a very weak defensive line, and no physical play from the linebackers.

    I am sure Chip Kelly looked at USC film today, and it was not hard to come up with a game plan against our defense. I am sure he said
    “We can run on these guys all day” especially up the middle where they have no threat at nose tackle, and linebackers.

    Bottom line fellas defense wins games, and I don’t see us slowing down the UCLA offense, nor do I see us out scoring them. We lack talent on defense period. I remember I think it was in the 70’s UCLA had the most high powered offense in the country, and yet Mckay put together a game plan to slow down James Mcalister, Kermit Johnson, and Mark Harmon. Our defense had talent, and won the game that day we did not have to out score them.

    For some reason since Pete Carroll left, Kiffin, Sarkisian, and Helton brought in the idea we can win games by out scoring everyone, and defense was secondary to winning football games. As a result we have not had a strong defense in a long time, and the record shows that since Pete left.

    USC must hire a defense minded head coach, and then go out and get an offensive coordinator who runs a balanced attack with a mobile qb. The talent we have on defense is a disgrace to what real Trojan football is.

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  5. Both Fickle and Aranda are defense first head coaches. Let’s hope we can get one of these guys. Hiring a good offensive coordinator will be easy if Bohn can sign one of those two head coaches.

    Sorry folks not high on the guy from Iowa State- good offensive coach, but his teams tend to drop 2-4 games a year. Not the type of guy who is going to take us to a national championship. Has done a good job at Iowa State, but Iowa State is not USC where losing 2-3 key games a year normally means your out as head coach until Haden, Swann, and now Bohn arrived.

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