USC Morning Buzz: Silliness Watch

It’s no surprise USC lost the commitment of Domani Jackson. He wants to sign in mid-December and there’s no sign of a new coach being hired yet.

But I spoke to a parent of a recruit who recently visited USC and they completely unimpressed.

“They (the coaches) were very immature,” the parent said. “It didn’t feel like what you would expect from a visit to USC. It was low class the way people acted. Maybe there’s no one in charge so things are just unprofessional.”

  • The USC-BYU game on Nov. 27 will kickoff at 7:30 p.m. and be televised by ESPN.

53 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Silliness Watch

    1. 67,
      I assume that parent’s opinion referenced not only the coaches —but the present university as run by Folt and the Athletic Department as run by Bohn.
      Question: Do you think “immature, low class people” want the highly disciplined and professional Aranda around?

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      1. Michael, I worry that USC is such a screwed up U due to Folt that Aranda may not come. And I do believe that Aranda would have strong recruiting classes and a top notch defense and would be producing at a high level within a year or two of arriving. If only.

        We need Pudly here to counter Scottie’s quote. The blog is not the same without him.

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      2. P76
        Has developed Fasterous Crodin and is having a really hard time typing. Similar to arthritis. Maybe in the future.


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      3. Pudly brought good analysis and had that preternatural* talent to bring us the facts before anyone else. Very much missed on this site.

        *second time I got to use my favorite adjective on this blog site this year.
        Making IUSCSW smarter–one word at a time!

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      4. low class since haden tarmac firing kiffin and hayden reject of real football coach ena bling hellton elevation after sark collapse

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    2. Fight On T67!! After watching the Baylor -Okla game (Baylor is very disciplined, very few penalties) and reading the LA Times article on him, I think Aranda has proven to be a exactly the type of coach we need at Troy. Fickell is that type of coach too. Anyone else would almost be a disappointment to me.

      As far as the silliness in the football program, this all on Bonehead now. Recruits have been fleeing for years. Games have been lost due to lack of discipline for years. The Coliseum has been empty for years (since Darnold left). The boosters and the fan base have been pleading for a coaching change for years. And yet we are all depending on the Bonehead to act, when he didn’t fire the Village Idiot until 2 months ago. I hope that I am wrong, but I have little faith that Bonehead can land Aranda or Fickell

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      1. Totally agree. We’re relying on an AD that 1) didn’t fire the village idiot two years ago; 2) didn’t fire the VI last year, and 3) fired him 2 games in and put a young kid with no heading coaching experience in charge to figure it out. I have no confidence in Bohn.

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      2. folt stopped all…folt is in charge unless BOS which hired this reject and must fire her or restrict her to leave ad alone….they probably will at some point


  1. Basketball has climbed into the AP poll at number 25. Will go higher, of course, but that doesn’t fit Scott’s narrative. It’s all about the clicks. Around here, only snark sells.

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    1. I believe Drew Petersen could have a great year, and I like the frontcourt combo of Goodwin and Isiah. Pac-12 could be a strong hoops conference. Would take the sting out of the shambles football has become.

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    2. If Wolf annoys you so much, why are you here ? We all know his MO, dump on Gap Tooth when he loses to some joke team, it’s who Wolf is, don’t like it, go to where they’ll blow smoke up your ass


      1. In addition to the smoke they blow, you also have to provide them with a credit card to read their message board as well as read their silly takes.

        I will never pay the Wearesc crooks ever !! I wonder if Timmy Tessalone or those former heritage hall bozoz have a stake in

        FYI – the USC hoops board is good for anyone interest in basketball. It’s also free.

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  2. Here’s some Aranda information for you from a recent Yahoo article

    Some of his coaching philosophies

    “True battle in athletics has less to do with external events than with internal battles against losing enthusiasm, courage, fearlessness, and compassion.”

    “The goal as coach is to protect, not destroy, the athlete’s spirit and sense of self.”

    “Serve and be served.”

    “Avoid special treatments. Don’t allow relationships with better players to compromise you. If we have a double standard for stars and backups, we will have a team that will be torn apart.”

    “Personal credibility — do what you say you will do. Stay consistent regardless of outside pressure.”

    “Undisciplined players are coached by undisciplined coaches.”

    Parents are Mexican immigrants from Guadalajara ( Hello Folt ! )

    He fractured his shoulder but played anyway against Mater Dei in the playoffs with his arm taped to his side.

    Does USC want someone who can win games while not embarrassing the university? Or does it want someone who can win the introductory news conference and fire up donors at the annual “Salute to Troy” event? If it wants both, Aranda will probably just happily keep working in Waco.

    “I don’t know if USC is his place, per se,” said Squires, his coach at Cal Lutheran. “I’m not saying it’s not. I could see him there and being successful and well-received. I think he loves where he’s at. He likes the size of the school, the mantra of the school. But Dave could be at Baylor or at Cal Lu, as long as he’s coaching football. I don’t think he really cares where he is.”

    Said Walker, “He’s a man of extreme character. I don’t know if he’ll leave Baylor this soon. I know he loves Southern California. This is where he grew up and that’s important. But he’s a man of commitment too. I am just not sure which way he would go. Dave is such an incredibly organized guy that there would definitely be a list of pros and cons.”

    One assumed pro of the USC job — beyond taking over what many consider a top-five program where competing for national championships is the expectation — is being able to raise three children close to their extended family. Dave’s parents live in the same Spanish-style home he grew up in, where the cars in the driveway now feature LSU and Baylor license plate holders. His wife, Dione, would get to reunite with her family too. Dave and Dione were high-school sweethearts at Redlands, where “Fencepost” somehow swept a cheerleader away for good.

    “His family comes first,” Walker said. “I tell you what, if USC could get him, that’d be a heck of a steal in my mind.”

    Link to full article

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    1. If Aranda’s really a man of “extreme good character” (which I firmly believe he is), Folt will find a way of vetting him out of existence……

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      1. Two thing about the article stand out.

        One is his “Undisciplined players are coached by undisciplined coaches.”

        The other is does USC want someone to glad hand the 7 layer bean dip crowd or win football games. I think we know the answer to that and it’s not the latter.

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      2. Make that “someone who’ll glad hand the 7 layer caviar and Champagne” crowd …
        and, yes, of course that’s what they’re looking for — that’s who THEY are….& they literally don’t know any other way to go….

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    2. The minute Aranda loses 3 or 4 games (If he were to get the USC job) a lot Trojan fans would be like, “Why did we hire this effing Mexican”, I can already hear it.


      1. Yes. USC grads ALL talk that way ALL the time. We just love it. …so much so I dare you to cite ONE example of such a comment occurring over the course of this century (other than your own, of course)…

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      2. Peterson and Kellen Moore are not going to USC together. Nor separately.

        Truth be known, Kellen Moore enjoys having one of the best QB’S and RB’s in the game and a talented WR corps. I am not yet convinced that Kellen Moore is a brilliant OC. Likewise, I am not convinced that Eric Bienemy is a brilliant OC. Andy Reid is a brilliant offensive-minded HC.


    11/26 – Iowa State
    11/27 – Baylor (possibly 12/4)
    12/4 – Cincinnati (possibly CFP), USC

    Hopefully this lack of credibility at USC will soon end.

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      1. I got a lot of good yard work and home repairs done during the JR2 and Hackett years. Once Pete Carroll arrived, my house turned to $#it.

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  4. Somebody should deliver this whole coaching staff to Clay Helton, because he’s the clown 🤡 who assembled them 😂 What kind of idiot athletic director would even hire Helton? 🤔

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    1. Question: What hind of Athletic Director would hire Helton?
      Answer: An Athletic Director who asked Toa Lobendahn which coach he’d enjoy practicing his snap with most…

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  5. Bottom line Helton should have been fired at the conclusion of the 2020 season after losing at Home in the championship game to Oregon. If Bohn and Folt would have acted then we would have gotten a jump on the 2022 recruiting class.

    As it stands now we threw away an entire 2021 football season, and essentially the 2022 recruiting class by keeping Helton until after the Stanford game.

    Let\s be realistic our primary coaching candidates are all going to be in the NCAA football playoffs. Therefore it is highly unlikely we even hire a top football coach from another program until probably the second week of January 2022 due to bowl, and playoff committments.

    I guess Bohn thinks our assistant coaches are really recruiting hard at this point when in reality they are working hard on nothing more than their personal resumes. Highly unlikely the good recruits will wait until January to see who our new head coach will be especially with other top programs after them to sign in December of 2020.

    It is not good news for USC that Washington fired their head coach.
    Now their are 3 major jobs open with probably more to come in December.

    The top head coaching candidates will have offers from USC, LSU, and now Washington. LSU, is the top job, but UW has money, and a great place to live so I am sure they also will be going after Aranda, Franklin, and Fickel, but I still say Chris Peterson will return to his old job.

    I just don’t think USC has enough drawing power any longer to land a big time coach. Yes, there is competition from other major universities also trying to hire a top coach to turn their program around, but USC definitely has a liability with Folt, and Bohn that will weigh in heavily on a talented coach’s decision to take the job at USC.

    What USC was is not what it is today. The entire program is a mess, and many coaches might think it might be impossible to rebuilt as long as Folt, and Bohn are in place.

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    1. Nice analysis, tommyd.
      I remain optimistic that a tough-edged CFB coach sees the benefits to life in So Cal and recruiting in So Cal.

      Strengths of USC:
      1. Heritage
      2. Money
      3. THE #19 academic university in the USA (per WSJ metric–not USNWR)
      4. Recruiting hotbed
      5. Climate.
      6. Access to venture capital and/or investment opportunity. Ask Lebron.

      Though I rarely return to So Cal, I do recall that LA was but 2 hours away from gorgeous snow-capped mountains, beautiful deserts with the Joshua Tree, some unspoiled and remarkable coastline, several fun major cities, bucolic wine countries….

      Did I leave anything out?

      1. The group on campus who don’t understand the above bullet points.

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  6. Newton’s 3rd Law For Coaches (Applied)

    Helton – not that anyone needs a reminder of what a typical Helton presser was like, but for those who’ve somehow purged the memory, the standard CH answer to ANY question followed this format:
    “Well to be completely honest with you ________, an honor to ________, God willing our Lord & Savior _______ that’s why you choose USC _______, chuckle chuckle, have to go back and watch the video ______ Kedon ______, Vaive, ______ Folt.”

    Aranda – of note is his answer about this weekends opponent. Ain’t no fluff in that man’s grasp of the game…

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    1. “We used to rush the passer every play and defend against the run on the way to getting to the QB….and we had to change that and concentrate on the run and stopping the run even if it meant getting hit in the face on the way.”
      I’m SOLD!

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      1. His WR’s block ?

        The detail in his comments about his team after the last 6 years of Mr. We’ll Look At The Film is stunning.

        SC will never hire Aranda, he’s just an everyday guy, plus he knows his shit about football

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      2. At some point you gotta imagine when dollars goin out < dollars comin in, upper management will be forced to set aside utopian social agendas and embrace these inescapable truths: winning = money
        success = winning
        succesful folk = competitive folk
        running a top notch school = expensive
        raising money from woke folk = hahaha

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      3. Graham: Wide receivers block?! That sounds like a real good way of getting our special players hurt. Blocking is for the unskilled guys….
        [Note: sideline patterns worked when Drake did all the work himself —now that the smaller receivers are catching those balls, they’re getting stopped for 1 yard gains cuz not only do they not have blockers ….they aren’t even supposed to have blockers]….

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  7. I can’t help wondering whether a lot of these college football pundants have a clue about what they are talking about. They keep saying that none of these coaches want to come to SC. Fickell is a midwestern guy…..Campbell is a midwestern guy…..Aranda is going to LSU or somewhere else…..Tucker will probably stay at MSU. The only guy(according to them) that really wants the job is Franklin.  I’m not a football pundant like them but there is just something that just doesn’t make sense here. You have the best recruiting market in the country and USC is sitting right on top of it(not to mention the best weather). Just look at all the rosters in the Pac-12. Most of their players come from SoCal. They were saying during the ASU game that ASU had 40 players from SoCal. Other states like Florida and Texas have a lot of talent but look at all the power programs in those 2 states competing for that talent. In SoCal you have 2 schools: 1) USC 2) UCLA and most of the great football players want to go to USC. In the last 4 years(including this current crop), UCLA has ranked 38, 33, 31 and 40. The great players are not going to UCLA. Plus, you are in the weakest conference in power football… Alabama’s, no Ohio States, no Oklahoma’s….a much easier path to the playoffs.  Yet somehow, these football geniuses would have us to believe that there are no great football coaches out there who would want to give a great opportunity like USC a shot. I’m not buying it. Sometimes I actually think that a lot of these football pundants hate SC and they don’t want them to land a great HC because they know that would bring SC back into the NC picture every year.

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  8. You are correct Southern California is a golden recruiting area if you have a good program otherwise the kids leave. USC use to have a good program that’s the past, and kids will continue to leave until there is a big name guy at the top, and SC starts winning again.

    I remember when Mckay and Robinson left. We hired Ted Tollner, and Don James came down here and stole most of the good players for UW.
    The kids want to play for a winner now yesterday was a different era, and loyalty to USC for S California HS Players only goes so far if the program is down.

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