Five-Star Prospect Decommits From USC

The big shoe finally dropped in recruiting.

Five-star cornerback Domani Jackson of Mater Dei told 247Sports he has decommitted from USC.

“With USC, it’s hard because they don’t have a head coach and likely won’t until early December,” Jackson told 247. “I’m going to be signing during the Early Signing Period so I’ll still have a couple of weeks to get to know the new coach and then figure out the best place for me.

“There are a lot of unknowns with USC right now and I don’t know who is going to be back. I have my same three schools, USC, Alabama and Michigan, that I’ve been focusing on and those are still the three that I’m looking at now.”

This is the result of having no coach and Jackson having a successful visit to Alabama. He is supposed to visit USC this weekend but who is the coach?

Jackson was the jewel of a rapidly deteriorating recruiting class. And Donte Williams couldn’t keep him, at least officially.

I’m sure Luke Fickell/Dave Aranda will be calling Jackson in December.

57 thoughts on “Five-Star Prospect Decommits From USC

  1. miss take to not go to collage and get a educashin,but thats kids these days i geuss,more intrested in playin vidoe games and curving punkins than lerning school and such,smdh

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    1. Well, Ed, if carving pumpkins and playing video games are what Domani’s looking for Alabama is not the best landing place…..

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  2. The Bohn shyt show continues. 2 years of useless with this guy. I have a feeling it’s Franklin or Donte is going to get the job if they win their last 3 games. So Folt 2 cents worth of nothing already put a stipulation in the whole coaching search. Instead of keeping her incompetent self out of it.

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  3. Recall the Vandy sexual assault scandal when James Franklin was the HC. He’s just as “radioactive” as Urban Meyer.

    Still, he’d be an improvement over most of what we’ve seen at USC since the tarmac. Franklin did not lose to Helton in the RoseBowl, he lost to Sam and Rojo and JuJu and Deontay. I don’t believe for one minute that any part of that Rose Bowl performance was on the Coaches. Just great 5-star talent. Likewise, Franklin has not had the same skill players since that team–Barkley, McSorley, Giesicki. Whew!

    1. Aranda
    1.1 Fickell–not coming anyway.
    2. Matt Campbell
    3. Peterson AND Kellen Moore–not coming anyway

    4. It drops off significantly after this, but Fleck, Brohm, Clawson, Bienemy, O’brien, etc might answer the call.

    Fleck, Brohm and Clawson would give UCLA and Utah a run for their money.

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  4. Now we are 67th in the national recruiting rankins. I still think that if we get the right guy, none of this will matter. Dave Aranda is really growing on me. The two main guys I would go after are Aranda and Fickell. LSU may go after Aranda but they may also go after Jimbo Fisher. Fisher has said many times that he loved his coaching days at LSU. His 2 sons were born in Baton Rouge and he has always loved the city.
    Even if they do go after Aranda, He might still pick USC since he is a SoCal guy, born and raised in SoCal. If SC were to bring in Aranda, he would probably hire Tom Herman as his OC. Aranda and Herman were roommates in their playing days at Cal Lutheran. They are still very close friends.
    Tom Herman is a great OC and he is currently an off field analyst with the Chicago Bears. He’s probably itching to get back on the field. He was also an outstanding HC at Houston and Texas. Texas made a mistake giving up on him so early. Then they made an even bigger mistake hiring Sark. He had great offenses as OC at Texas State, Rice, Iowa State and Ohio State. One of the main reasons Ohio State won the NC in 2014 was because of Hermans 4th ranked offense. He won the Broyles Award that year as the best assistant coach in the nation. SC should be able to get Aranda or Fickell. Either one of those guys would be great and they seem to have inside tracks on both of them.

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    1. Agree with everything….except….”Texas made a big mistake by hiring Sark.”
      [Actually, I agree with that too —but, in case, Sark is reading this I don’t want us to be the straw that broke the camel’s back]….

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      1. I have nothing against Sark. I just always thought that he was an outstanding OC but not a great HC, as opposed to Kiffin who was both.

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      2. I think he will get texas turned around next yr…who but I believed in kiffin & he could do it? after the abysmal sc /haden action in the all time low class tarmac firing…
        kiffin was still in learning phase as a head coach,but getting there…then they finished off sc football not hiring Ed ‘O’…another guy who loved sc football and was head coach material…result hellton debacle folt debacle…
        when you do ‘low class things’ you will reap that whirl wind sc now has…period


  5. Aranda or Fickell only please. Unless you get somebody akin to a Tomlin, who voiced his disinterest in no uncertain terms

    Regarding Domani, I know this decommit is news but does this surprise anyone given the current situation? The guy has way too many options and too bright of a future to stay committed to this shit show. If USC gets Aranda or Fickell, things will improve and good players will actually want to play for USC. If Bohn fucks this up, just include us in the Texas, Tennessee, Florida State, etc club of Universities that used to be good.

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      1. until sc BOS fires her or restricts her…AD can’t hire a great coach…I believe he wants to…she does not…she has not last couple years…then a new oach will take 2-3 yrs to get it back to great football.


    1. I am a little surprised. Texas is floundering and yet they have really not lost hardly any recruits. They are still rated #7 in the nation in recruiting and they have nothing to look forward to next year except Sark. SC is also floundering but we will have a completely different coach next year and probably a good one. I would think that most of those kids would want to wait around to see what happens here at SC and maybe be able to play closer to home rather than jumping ship and going across the country where their families will not be able to see them play.

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  6. Just checked the Tommy Cam tonight. Our famous statute is not even covered this year to protect from Bruin vandalism.


    I hope the Bruin faithful vandalize and paint Carol Folt and Mike Bohn’s offices bruin powder blue and gold. It’s their fault this game has become meaningless.

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    1. tommyd — delete the apostrophe and the possessive “s’ after Bohn’s name ….and the word “offices —- and I think you might have something there….

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  7. Prediction:

    Dave Aranda- will accept the Head Coaching Position at LSU. They understand he was the one responsibile for leading them to a national championship a few years ago.

    Luke Fickell- to USC

    Chris Peterson- returns to the University of Washington.


    1. That would be OK with me. But I still think that LSU is very interested in Jimbo Fisher who has said that he loves LSU. He won a NC which is something that Aranda didn’t do. If they go for Fisher, then SC has a great chance to get Aranda if they want him over Fickell or if they can’t get Fickell.

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  8. TommyD … if CP starts coaching again it better be at USC !
    Aranda would be quite a catch too. All football with that guy rather than the stupid dog and pony freak shows we had with Kiffy, Suckisian and the Village Idiot.

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  9. In regards to Chris Peterson. He has had two years off, likes the Pacific Northwest why move to a shit hole like LA, and a corrupt State of California who will continue to tax people to death.

    Going back to UW would be a simple move, and no need to move the family.

    As far as SC goes it’s Luke Fickell or bust. Aranda, knows the LSU program, and the athletic dept. who is committed to winning. USC under Mike Bohn and Carol Folt is the unknown and unsure whether there is the total committment needed.

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    1. I think you’re forgetting that UDUB is in Seattle… know…. The city where Antifa took over part of the city and declared it a foreign country and the mayor of Seattle called the whole fiasco a”Summer of Love”. Seattle may not be worse than SanFrancisco(although they are about even) but it is now worst than SoCal.

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  10. Figure Sunday night is as good as any for posting a half-ass, not thought out jn the least, theory on what I’m hoping is a sign that Aranda may be headed west… for good measure, and just in case it turns out I shoulda kept this “theory” to myself, I’ve decided to post a song that goes great with bourbon, but has zero to do with football. Without further, much, and/or any ado:

    Seems that any coach who’s climbing the ranks with an eye on ultimately becoming a head ball coach, knows that the final jump – from OC/DC to HC – means leaving one school as coordinator to go to another as El Jefe. Can’t think of too many instances where a guy got permanently promoted up at the same school (USC being the notable exception. Go figure). Now here’s where the half-assin’ kicks into high gear… Aranda turned down some decent coin to be the Trojan DC, fully aware Clay was dead man bumbling and Aranda’s time as DC would in effect be a season long audition for the head job at ‘SC, and instead chose Baylor… a less prestigious gig that only would represent a one year head start on being head honcho. The bourbon in me wonders if he turned down the USC DC spot, knowing the history of single school promotion, to ensure that if/when the j.o.b. came open he’d in essence be saying “I come as the HC or not at all”. Anyway, that’s the “Makers Mark Theory”.

    As promised, here’s a solid tune when you’re half (or more) in the bag:

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    1. “The Maker’s Mark theory.”
      I’ll drink to that.

      You likely are correct that Aranda knew he was well above Helton in all manners football, and being associated with a mediocre football coach was not the way to build the Aranda franchise.

      The list:
      1. Aranda
      1.1 Fickell–he’s not coming

      2. Matt Campbell. After a 7-5 season and a bowl victory, he should be able to get us a solid 9 wins in year two and then onward upward.

      3. The rest.

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      1. I do indeed. That’s some impressive dot connecting. Learned about Sturgill in a John Buccigross (espn) column about hockey, which led to Colter, which led to this tune with Childers.
        You’re right re: Clay. In the rearview.
        Na Zdorovie!


  11. P.s. anyone catch a gander at Georgia Southern’s stadium? Literally 40-50% of the stadiums seating capacity are grass sections at both ends. Nothing says good time like sitting on a blanket for 3 hours. I showed a pic to a bud and told him I wondered what a couple of season tix in the bent rye/bermuda section would cost a fella. He replied “a rack of ribs”.

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      1. Mind freed from the clay, time to refocus that mental energy on something good… speaking of, here’s something that goes good with Makers neat waiting for the coals to go red


  12. If SC gets the right coach, it’s not a big deal. It bothers me that the great players like Bryce Young, Justin Flowe, Kayvonne Tibideaux, Domani Jackson and others are being stolen by all these other schools. We need a coach that will do what Pete Carroll did……put a fence around the SoCal area. In Petes day, the only SoCal players that the other schools got were the ones Pete didn’t want.

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  13. Let’s see what Bonehead has done so far that should instil the confidence we have in him hiring the right head coach, he increased Barrell’s pay so he won’t go ( go where I don’t know), brought in Tony Orlando (creator of the non running and passing Defense) important hiring of Lsu hype video creators (when there is nothing to hype about on the field)……..


  14. hello sports fans, well dear baker leave cleveland quickly its black heck hole ,losers and they like losing and shaving points its the way of life for drunks and junkies! sincerely, E

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  15. Tommy Cam update: You can watch live right now on Tommy Cam as our famous Tommy Trojan Statute obtains a make over giving it full protection from the enemy in power blue and gold. I sure I was confident our football team will be as prepared for the enemy on Saturday.

    Perhaps, a second Tommy Cam should be placed in Carol Folt’s office so we can watch what this women does every day other than sending out tweets.

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  16. who really thought he would stay???
    who really thinks folt will let AD hire a real football coach,unless BOS threatens her to stay out of it?
    who thinks BOS which hired this reject really cared about SC period?


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