USC Morning Buzz: Some Dave Aranda News

I spoke to a coach who has known Dave Aranda for many years and also worked with him.

I asked if he thought Aranda would take the USC job?

“I don’t know if it will happen but I definitely think he would take it,” the coach said. “I think he wanted to come to USC after the 2015 season but (Clay) Helton never called him.

“It makes a lot of sense for him to come home. But you never know what obstacles are there. What’s his buyout? Will USC pay it? But all things being equal, I think he would be very interested.”

44 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Some Dave Aranda News

  1. I was thinking he might not take the job because he would have to deal with a snarky ex-journalist. Still waiting for the first acknowledgement of BB season starting. Thanks Enfield!

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    1. Be there or be square: Cupcake Dixie State vs bozo u BB at the Galen Barn, Nov. 22. BB junkies’ can’t wait for the tip off.

      bozo BB: Sample Crimson and Glover music with the new lyrics “cream puffs and cupcakes, ” looped.


      1. Hey Stupid Owns – your trade school in West LA is playing North Florida tonight – I think they are definition of cupcake, you stupid moron!!

        Also, Dixie State played Gonzaga to open the season, I didn’t see you commenting about Mark Few choosing to play them!!

        FU Owns!!

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    2. Remember when T. J. Simer’s FIRST question to newly hired Lane Kiffin was, “Welcome aboard, Lane….are you already violating NCAA recruiting rules?”

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  2. Scott is shrewdly setting Folt & Bohn up for the fall when Aranda isn’t signed for next year…

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    1. Astute

      Of Wolf and Men [and snark and clicks…and awful USC leadership falling for his wiles just like your earlier cited Bugs v. Wile. E., 1 L.A. 1 (timeless)…]

      I can’t stop hassling you with music references (but will after this – but since you once mentioned your son would subject you to…and since a couple of them are your neighbors, after all)…if Lendale isn’t up for the AD position, Lars and Het would be a fine alternative! They at least know the importance of seats being filled, and what is necessary to achieve…

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      1. Totally weird & wonderful—I was just reading about how German Romantic art tried to express the quasi religious connection between man and animal —almost reversing the direction of Darwin.
        #”OfWolf&Man” — RecommendedListeningForFolt&Bohn….

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      2. Oh yeah – recommended listening for everyone, particularly XYs in these times…Bohn? hello!…this would address the earlier post regarding how to redeem…

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  3. Carol Folt:
    “You know, boys, I understand a little something about football —and when I took a good look at Clay’s practices and press conferences and hires I said to myself, ‘here is a man who gets it …like I get it’.”

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  4. Why would Clay Helton hire someone the USC administration would’ve eventually given his job to ? Helton is a hollow head imbecile, but not totally stupid .

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    1. BB… Clay is crazy like a fox… With all the other job openings, does Clay dump Georgia Southern for a P5 school.?
      I only ask because there seem to be alot of idiot ADs out there. Neuheisel mentioned on Full Ride today that MSU is supposedly offering Tucker $8M+ per year If it’s true, he said Mel better sign it before this week’s game against the Buckeyes! [LOL].
      Barrett Sallee still writes glowing of Clay, so, the rest of the nation doesn’t know Clay like we know Clay.

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    2. It is weird how people can be so dumb about, say, coaching but are sheer geniuses when it comes to manipulating for their way overpaid salary. But Helton’s problem stems from his confusing The Bible for his play book.


  5. It’s Luke Fickell’s job to turn down……, and I think he’s coming….
    Aranda will go to LSU…….they know him there, and that he’s the real reason they won a national title a few years ago.


  6. Let’s face it, you never know how it works out until it works out [sounds like something Yogi Berra would say or did say].
    Justin Fuentes and Tom Herman were A+ targets a few years back – for all the right reasons and yet they both failed miserably in what looked like good situations.
    This year’s stars are Fickell and Aranda. Hopefully, SC gets one of them and it actually works out.
    For retreads, Sark has been a bust [albeit a small samle size in Texas] while Kiffin did it the right way progressing from FAU to Ole Miss to potentialy LSU [rumours, rumours, rumours].

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    1. Herman and Fuente and Frost are proving that being dominant in the group of 5 does not translate to mediocre in the Power 5.

      Still, I think Fickell can be successful. After some dodgy years, Brian Kelly (also from U Cincy) has found the formula for success.

      I’ll take Fickell or Aranda–first choices
      I think Matt Campbell would be a winner at USC, though 11-1 or 12-0 seasons may not happen.

      I see Bill O’brien as an NFL kinda coach. Every time he has brief success in CFB, he bolts for the NFL.

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      1. “Herman and Fuente and Frost are proving that being dominant in the group of 5 does not translate to mediocre in the Power 5”

        Did you make a typo? I ask because they have proven exactly that.


  7. If we whiff on Aranda, and I’m doin like Jim Hill and keepin’ the faith we won’t swing and miss, here’s my 2nd choice. What he lacks in football know-how he more than makes up in theme song prowess.

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  8. We could do worse than Aranda. I’d be happy to get him. Hell, I just want to see a linebacker make a tackle for a loss and DB’s that don’t flail helplessly.

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  9. That’s the big problem…..MONEY! SC has an advantage that no other school in the country has….namely, the rich recruiting market that they are sitting right on top of(not to mention the weather and many other advantages). The one big disadvantage that SC has is that they are not willing to pay anywheres near what the other major schools are willing to pay. LSU is probably going to pay their next coach $100 million for 8 years. SC will pay nowheres near that. But it is good to know that Aranda has a positive view towards the SC job. Aranda should have no problem from his wife since she is also a So-Cal girl who he met in high school at Redlands high school.

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  10. Memo to: Uncle Ricki

    bozo bb conquests: CSun, “ding,” Temple, “ding,” FGCU, “ding,” Dixie State, maybe a “ding,” – electrifying!

    #Cue: Cream puffs and cupcakes

    #The major highlight of Andyain’twinning’s 8 seasons at bozo u: The gruesome, 19 point loss/debacle in the 2021 tournament Elite Eight game on Network TV. Manny, Moe and Jack could have done better.


    1. And you still cannot afford a ticket to get into Poly Pavillion. Maybe UCLA can schedule Cerritos Community College on the road. Maybe you can score a ticket for that one.


      1. Why are the tickets to Gayland Barn always free to the homeless and winos living on the SUCC campus? Everytime bozo BB has a home game it’s mucho loss leader dollars to the bozo Athletic dept.


      1. Yes UCLA lost, in the Final Four, where the bozo haven’t been since 1954, by 3 points, on a 70′ prayer. That Gonzaga/UCLA Final Four game won the Espy Award for the best game of the year.

        SUCC, on the other hand, just got the sh*t kicked out of ’em by the third minute of the 1st half. Ah DING!

        bozo U won the Espy Award for the biggest choka, choka, choka, choka, choke job during the 2020 – 21 NCAA Tournament. Ah DING!


  11. Maybe there is no great coach coming.Maybe LA is no longer the hotbed it once was. A famous LA sports announcer used to have a saying. Something about refrigerators closing, eggs cooling and jello’s jiggling??


  12. Scott Wolf, where’s Bru McCoy!? The charges against him were dropped on August 25th. What type of shenanigans are the USC TitleIX office and Carol Folt trying to pull!?


  13. There is no news here, everyone knows that Aranda is interested in coming back to LA for his family.

    The issues will be whether the USC administration blows this. It is possible that we end up with Fickell simply because Bohn has a relationship with him. I hope that is not the reason we end up with Fickell.

    My fear is that if we dont hire Aranda, UCLA will. Whether that happens this year or in a year or two. I dont want to be facing his teams every year. I think that Aranda is just beginning to learn how to create a winning program. He still has alot of improvements to come. He is a true savant and we need to hitch our ride to him. Fickell is also intensely competitive, so we could be a very good program under him, but I think it is far more likely that he is only here for a couple years.

    Aranda is potentially the best HC in all of college football within the next couple years. It will take him a few recruiting classes to get the talent he needs on the field, but even with lesser talent, he will find a way to win. I love the way his Baylor teams are winning – solid defense, strategic offense, disciplined with few penalties. Aranda is the polar opposite of Clay Helton – he is smart and strategic, intensely competitive, a real leader, honest and forthcoming in his words and deeds and has real integrity. Helton was the exact opposite. The guy talks about making decisions based on the mathematics of the game. He just understands strategy, culture, hires truly great coaches and will be able to out-recruit just about any other HC once he is at USC.

    USC has the pole position in the Aranda race, the only way we dont get him is if the administration blows it.


  14. Aranda is in year 2 and the buyout would be hefty Plus he only has 1 full season as a HC – last year was a wash during covid. Seems like a lot of cash for a high risk hire.


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