USC-UCLA Picture Of Night

It’s the 1968 game from the Coliseum.

No. 1-ranked USC won, 28–16. UCLA trailed 21–16 late in the fourth quarter and had the ball inside USC’s 10-yard line, but fumbled and USC recovered and added a late TD.

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      1. #EdNeedsToBeBroughtAlongVerySlowly…

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  1. I played in that game!
    I had an interception and made a game saving blocked pass on an open receiver in the end zone. It made front cover of the LA Times Sports page the next day.
    We were ranked #1 and tied Notre Dame
    20-20 the next week in the Coliseum.
    We then played Ohio State in the 1969 Rose Bowl for the National Championship.
    Unfortunately, we lost! OJ’s last game. Only one of my two losses at USC. The other was 3-0 vs Oregon State in the mud bowl in 1967!
    We still finished #1 after beating Indiana in the 1968 Rose Bowl.
    My four year record at USC was 32-2-2.
    No overtimes back then.
    Both ties were against ND (1968 20-20) (1969 14-14)
    Both loses I felt Coach McKay was out coached! Especially vs Ohio State and unfortunately, Woody Hayes!
    He was an absolute jerk!
    We had pregame functions (Lowry’s beef Bowl) (Disneyland Day) and Hayes was a complete Twit. His players didn’t like him also..
    Bob Jensen #51 LB 1969 CoCaptain

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    1. I always like to hear about ole Woody Hayes stories. Him being a nut to his players and the opposition. Still can’t believe after 40 years him socking a Clemson player in the chest during the Orange ball after a turnover! Then it was time to retire. By Woody rip.

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      1. Just after his death I heard several Ohio State players talk about how they could take problems to Woody any time of the day or night ….and he was always there for them. They conceded he was tough as nails as a coach —but they knew he actually cared about them.

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      2. When our team went to Disneyland the week before the Rose Bowl, we had a luncheon with the Ohio State team.
        You couldn’t believe what they were saying about their HC Woody Hayes.
        It wasn’t very complimentary!
        Most of them thought he was a screwball, and they were stuck with him.
        But I got to hand it to him. He and his staff out coached McKay and our Staff.
        As the defensive captain, I would go over to the sidelines and asked Coach McKay
        what we should do?
        They really didn’t have and answers for me!
        We led 10-0 st halftime. One half away from being back to back National Champions!
        We had the Heisman Trophy Winner OJ
        Simpson, and we still lost the game!
        I was a bitter loss for me.
        Our offense turned the ball over to many times in the second half and gave OS great field position to score.
        And again, our defense couldn’t make on field adjustments because McKay had no answers for us..
        It brings back bad memories for me!

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      3. Greatly appreciate that insight. As a fan, and being just not quite old enough to have seen or remember seeing that game, I’ve only been able to go off of what I have read. The write-ups have always been essentially that Ohio State was better because USC lost too much from the 1967 team (eg Ron Yary), but then you see that USC jumped out front, led most of the game, had the Heisman Trophy winner (should have been back-to-back), was defending national champion (again should have been back-to-back), and that it was actually turnovers (ie it appears USC should have won the game, particularly undone by O.J. fumbles).

        Your insight on Woody completely matches everything I have read over the years, both in Sports Illustrated (my favorite was the 1974 Notre Dame 55-24 ‘Earthquake’ where it describes Wood guest-commentating on the game and being happy until the comeback got under way, and that by the end he was sombre) and a more or less biographical book “Buckeye” that was like the book on Bob Knight “Season on the Brink” – the author mentions how the players actually voted not to go to the Rose Bowl because of how awful it had been the year before (him, not the 42-17 loss to USC). Very honest assessment of his strengths and weaknesses. Also went into how much he had annoyed Coach McKay in 1968 and 1972 (mentions his line that “If you hit a kid from California hard enough, they’ll bleed orange juice”).

        Think I speak for all of us here in saying we are so appreciative of what you and your mates accomplished during your time (67-69 as good or better a three year stretch as any in USC history).

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  2. Parsehgian did well in ’68, daring USC to do something other than give it to OJ. Glad the Trojan D was able to shut out the faux leprechauns in the second half to enable a tie.

    I still say that the ’69 team should have played Texas for the natty. If they had, USC would have won that game. No way Texas ‘bone could have turned the corner on the Wild Bunch.

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    1. Totally agree with you!
      We got screwed and ended up #3
      Even though we beat Michigan 10-3, who beat the defending National champion Ohio State to get to the 1970 Rose Bowl.
      I think Nixon made a comment prior to these bowl games and said “whoever wins the Texas / Penn State game should be the National Champions “
      So we had zero chance of getting the #1 spot!
      Thanks for your usual accurate comment!

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    2. If I remember correctly, we were down 20-0 at half and came back after some good defensive adjustments to tie 20-20. It cost us the National Championship outright. We then played Ohio State in the 1969 Rose Bowl for the National Championship and lost! after leading 10-0 at halftime..
      Bad memories!!


  3. Woody Hayes was a jerk no doubt about it!
    In the 1972 Rose Bowl USC was on the goal line, and Mckay pointed at Hayes, and showed him from across the sideline by waving his arms and signaling Sam Cunningham was going to get the ball, and execute his famous goal line leap into the end zone Sure enough Sam dove over the Ohio St. defensive line on the very next play like a high jumper and scored the exact same way he did throughout that game time and time again. When John Mckay looked over at Hayes from across the field Woody Hayes flipped Mckay off with the middle finger. Woody Hayes, was a poor loser, and although he had some great talent at Ohio State he was not a great representative for Ohio State University

    Sam Cunningham was MVP of that Rose Bowl, and we really dominated Ohio State that day. 1972 was the greatest college football team ever some teams might be close but none have been better.

    USC should honor Sam Cunningham with a statute right in front of the Mckay Center.
    One of the greatest USC athletes of all time, and importantly what a true Trojan athlete should be. No he did not win the Heisman Trophy, but he was simply a great football player.

    RIP – SAM BAM CUNNINGHAM. You will be missed, but not forgotten.

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  4. Mr. Bob Jensen! It must be tough to watch the Trojans these days especially the defense. I am sure you will agree we lack talent at linebacker, and on the defensive line.
    You played on some great teams, and it all started with the Trojan defenses in that era. Not only are our current players soft they also lack fundamentals, speed, and most of all heart.

    Let’s hope we get a new coach that understands defense wins championships. We need to throw this air raid offense in the trash. Run the ball, and play defense many don’t believe it works, but it is still the correct formula for building a championship football team.

    It will be interesting on Saturday if the USC defense can stop the Bruin run game. We are really weak up the middle on defense, and even with two weeks to prepare for the Bruins I just don’t think we will see much of a change in our defense. Our offensive coaching staff in the last few years has not put enough emphysis on defense with the thought USC can out score every opponent on offense. Let’s hope someone can come in and change the culture around here.

    Fight On for a better tomorrow!!

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    1. Yes, it’s been a ex Captain’s nightmare!
      I’ve tried to get Helton fired since 2017.
      Tried to talk to both Folt and Bohn.
      No success.. Never returned my calls.
      Very disappointing to say the least.
      The Football program has been an total embarrassment and continues to be led by coaches and administrators who never witnessed USC’s legendary Foot Accomplishments.
      I hope they come to realize that The university’s ultimate success and increased donor gifts
      Are directly tied into the Football Program’s
      Success in conference and Nationally.
      So far, Folt and Bohn haven’t realized this simple equation. I don’t think they ever will!!

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      1. Hang in there Bob! As you know there’s a reason none of the ex players rarely come around much anymore, and what’s worse neither are alot of the long time Trojan fans.
        All the money the University invested in the Coliseum now seems like such a waste.

        We must rebuild the defense first, and get rid of these offensive guru’s who think SC can now out score every opponent. Back in the 60’s and 70’s Stanford always had a good high powered offense with some great stats but usually alot of 6-4 records other than the “Thunder Chicken” years when they finally got it right that defense can win football games with tough guys like Pete Lazatich, Jeff Siemon, and Mike Simone.

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  5. Sorry about that folks it was Sam Cunningham day in the 1973 Rose Bowl which featured the great 1972 team.

    If you really want to see some great Trojan football players watch the replay of the 1973 Rose Bowl on youtube. You can see how important the fullback position was in the USC running game during those days especially behind Sam and Manfred Moore who were devastating blockers with a take no prisoners mentality regardless of the size of the guys they were taking on or should I say destroy.

    John Grant was a very solid defensive tackle people have also forgotten how good Richard Wood “The Batman” was. The 1972 team had no weaknesses.

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    1. TommyD – Your comment is right on the money (in its entirety, but I speak about your noting the importance of the FB to the offense). You see the same thing if you watch many of the big games from that time all the way up through JRobI…Cunningham to Bell/Farmer to Tatupu to Cain to Allen to Spencer…the 1975 Rose Bowl you see FBs pounding especially after Anthony Davis went out (that is another game like the 1980 Rose Bowl where it was the most deceptive 1 point wins – USC dominated Ohio State in both, but just made a lot of mistakes…but won on those days, as opposed to the 1969 game that Mr. Jensen has given us the direct insight into). Nothing fancy, just little FB counters and occasional short passes, in addition to the lead blocking on those iso-powers.

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