Morning Buzz: USC-UCLA Report Card


Jaxson Dart showed glimpses of his potential but looks like a QB who hasn’t been givene enough reps in practice and is now being forced into the lineup through injury. This is because the coaches tried to make two quarterbacks happy.

Grade: C+


The ground game wasn’t a problem but it couldn’t keep pace with the way USC’s defense was letting UCLA run wild.

Grade: C


Gary Bryant had a good game but there just isn’t a lot to say about an average unit. Despite media reports that Kyle Ford is on the verge of breaking out, it hasn’t happened.

Grade: C-


Remember when USC was so happy with its freshmen tackles? Now it has seniors anchoring the line (Andrew Vorhees, Jalen McKenzie). As usual, the line will be a big priority/headache for the new coach.

Grade: C-


Did they play against UCLA? They didn’t apply an pressure. Todd Orlando’s scheme was inept. I’m old enough to remember when USC said Drake Jackson was an All-American candidate.

Grade: F


The great invisible unit for the entire season. Some players make tackles but it’s hard to recall after a game. I really don’t understand the handling of Raesjon Davis this season.

Grade: F


Can’t defend the deep pass all season with two five-star corners. And the younger players who were hyped haven’t made any impact either.

Grade: F


USC finally gets some momentum and then gives up a 100-yard kickoff return. Sean Snyder looked like John Baxter there.



It’s pretty bad when you get outcoached by Chip Kelly. Todd Orlando is disgraceful . . . and he was hired by Mike Bohn/Brandon Sosna when better candidates wanted the job. Donte Williams’ time as head coach STILL has two games left. Who can’t take it anymore?


69 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC-UCLA Report Card

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Everyone. We can be thankful soon there will be an end to this nightmare season. Soon, hopefully, we will be thankful for a GREAT new coach who will steer us back to glory. Hope springs eternal as they say.

    Thank you, Scott, for providing this forum.

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    1. Yep. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. When you think about it we all have so much to be thankful for!
      And Happy Thanksgiving to you, Scott. A bright light in a dark season!

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    2. Carra,

      There is no garantee that the nightmare will end. Three previous AD’s have hired three horrible coaches and extended a contract to one. With Bohn Bohn in charge, we have not seen his hiring history so who is to say that he will hire a good coach. He might hire Hackett II as far as we are concerned. I will wait to see who he hires before I say anything positive on the hire.

      BTW, Happy Thanksgiving

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      1. pasadenatrojan I know you are right and I live in fear that will come true. Let’s hope bohn surprises us and rises above his abilities.

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  2. I just read the remarks of Kenan Christon’s attorney regarding the lack of due process Kenan is receiving. Kenan was involved in the kind of scuffle the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office would NEVER file charges on. And yet USC is STILL preventing Kenan from returning to the team.
    I want to remind everybody that during nationwide rioting Folt said she understood the rioters’ pain. Try to understand Kenan’ s pain. He’s not accused of burning a business down or hitting anybody over the back of the head with a skateboard. He got into a scuffle with another guy over his girlfriend. He’s apologized and wants to get back to something that he’s worked hard and sacrificed a lot for —his football career.
    What is wrong at USC these days?

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    1. Michael, you asked “What is wrong with USC these days?”

      Sadly, answer is “everything”. Need to clean house, beginning at the top of the administration.

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      1. How can USC do this to it’s own students? What kind of double standard does Folt stand for? Her heart bleeds for rioters and turns to stone when a great young man is being railroaded? Due process requires a hearing and PROMPT adjudication. How can USC continue doing this?
        Someone at USC is going to answer for this eventually…

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    2. Well MG, you know better than most how rules & regulations can be so deeply imbedded in people’s minds and institutions’ way-of-doing-business that they are almost afraid to break or bend them, that their job might be in jeopardy if they show flexibility.

      In other news, a new case is being filed this week in Los Angeles Superior Court titled John Wolcott v Allen Wallace et al.

      Discussing only the possible interesting implications of this lawsuit, as mentioned I was banned from Mr. Wallace’s site last week, so what standing do I have to sue this guy when our “relationship” was merely one of blogger-poster, and one in which the blogger can kick any poster off his blog for no reason at all.

      Well, unfortunately for Mr. Wallace, his blog started a contest in September whereby his blog members “bet” on college games with points instead of dollars, with money prizes to the Top-3 winners after the season ended. I loved the contest, and was very active in it and I was positioned to finish no worse than third-place, a money position.
      Apparently Mr. Wallace did not wish to have someone he so despised (little ol’ me) winning anything on his blog, so he had me summarily dismissed with 2-weeks remaining in the contest, and on the eve of Thanksgiving.

      However, by forming the contest, Wallace as an offeror and I, as an offeree, formed a contract between us, we were in privity of contract. Hence, Wallace breached our contract by dismissing me from his blog, whether he had a reason or not, which gave me the opening to bring this lawsuit.

      Oh, and since I will be in court with this guy anyway, I threw in an elephant cause of action called defamation , or libel, for 3-years of attacking me with basically garbage. It is a longshot, speech is so well protected today, but it will give Wallace something to deal with on this eve of Thanksgiving, while the rest of us party-on.

      MG or anyone, since Wallace has locked me out of his blog, do you know how I can obtain information on this blog guy so I can have him served?


    3. How hard is it to get the stories from the parties, see that a kid is remorseful for his actins, no one seems to be hurt, make a decision and move on.

      I’m sure Carol was in tears over the Rittenhouse verdict.

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      1. Thanks for the reply AOM. And thanks also to Watcher, who did this lazy lawyer’s job and saved me an hour of tracing time, although your response could have been couched in a more elegant manner. Send me your bill.


    4. Michael,

      It is because SC has become a woke school. Horrible. In the old days, the coaches would have the guy run for two straight hours making sure he pukes and then it was over. Now, SC wants to make sure that the victim is justified to the full extent of the law, in lay man’s terms, they want to make sure that the victim gets his just dessert. Horrible.

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  3. RBs had 33 carries for 174 yards, behind the usc o-line. Not to nit pick, but that definitely is way better than a “C”.

    As far as defense goes, they shouldn’t have been on the field. “F” does not convey just how badly they performed.

    Orlando should be worried about being employed at some place better than Georgia Southern next year.

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      1. The new coach has a lot of work to do, thankfully there’s a transfer portal now to help fix the issues a little quicker.

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      2. Yes, things were different back in the day. But 67 is right when he says Ingram was looking pretty good before he got dinged up…

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    1. Orlando would be more attractive today if he had taken this year off. Any defense that get the living shit kicked out of it each Saturday by this year’s PAC 12 mediocrities evidences a pretty fricking defective Defensive Coordinator….

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      1. Or maybe he just does not have the horses (or Trojans for that matter) to do much, Michael.

        For example, if you and I were the only ones available to play linebacker, SC might be in a bushel of trouble.

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  4. Franklin’s agent suckers PSU into a moronic deal
    LSU doesn’t seem to want any part of Aranda, neither does Miami
    Fickell’s wife wants no part of LA, happy wife happy life.

    It’s all lining up for USC and Bohn to make the right hire in Aranda.

    How can Bohn F this up ?

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    1. I’ll take Cal over uclol and SC.

      As far as coaching musical chairs, I don’t do speculate. Tedford coming back would be like Petey coming back to SC. Not good. We have a CAL lifer waiting in the wings if Wilcox needs to fly away. No problem. Anyone who wants to live in Seattle needs their head examined.

      My big ass will be at the Glendale Civic Center selling guns and ammo this Saturday. The game on my phone if I don’t get to a screen.


  5. Agree 100% with Michael on the Kenan Christon case. USC treats these kids like convicts without a fair review of the case. USC basically suspended Kenan until the Fall of 2023 over this type of argument between two guys over a girlfriend. This is totally rediculous the same goes with Bru McCoy. Two careers ruined! No appeal should be even necessary for such a rediculous ruling. USC might not be the best place for a student, student athlete, or even a new head football coach with this type of decision making at the top.

    Good luck Kenan! If they don’t let you participate in this upcoming track seasibm or in the 2022 football season move on to a new university where you are welcome!

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    1. I wrote elsewhere about the Matt Boermeester win in appeals court. He was crushed in the USC Kangaroo court that didn’t even allow basic rights to him. The testimony of his girlfriend was disallowed although she claimed they were horsing around. Someone has to abolish this court of tin gods …….too much legal power, too little brain power.

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    Will Pete Carroll return to USC? What’s next for the Seahawks?

    No question he is 70 years old, but so is Nick Saban, and Bill Snyder turned around Kansas State real quick when he returned at an age even older.

    There is no one better to turn things around quickly at USC. He did it once, and he can do it again. No way he stays in Seattle, and No way a man with this much energy retires. John Robinson failed when he returned………but Caesar is in a different league as a leader

    Mike Bohn get on the phone. Offer Pete a 3 year contract to stabilize things, and in that time hire an assistant that can be groomed to replace him.

    If Aranda turns us down ………Pete should be the choice then let Pete choose the assistants, and with one of those make him Assistant Head Coach.


  7. If Pete returns the recruits will again line up to play for him, and don’t forget the Transfer Portal which is the quickest road to take for recovery.
    Once things stabilize then the brand will be restored, and you can hire any coach that you want including one of your own assistants that learned what it takes to be successful at SC under Pete.

    Will Pete come? I think so with a short term plan to restore the program. I don’t see him continuing to live in Seattle, and I don’t see him on the couch on Sunday’s watching NFL football.

    USC needs to re-build the brand quickly if they don’t the brand might never be restored with all the competition these days in college football, and in Los Angeles.

    Some of the boosters, and ex players need to get involved on this one, and force the correct decision rather than waiting to see if Bohn can get the job done which is unlikely. Basically, Folt and Bohn need to be told it is our decision this time, and if you don’t follow our wishes we will continue to cut off the university financially.


  8. No on Carroll…………………That’s crazy. Your looking at a total rebuilding job here no one other than Nick Saban can turn a program around quicker. We need to shock the college football world, and the recruits will immediately come. If Aranda goes to LSU which is 50-50 then are you going to gamble on someone else, and if he doesn’t get the program going in 2 years are you willing to wait or get on this blog and promote that he should be fired.

    My point is the expectations are very high at USC. This is not Waco, or AAMES, Iowa, and the only way to match those expectations is to bring Pete back in to get the program moving forward in the right direction again. Once Pete re-sets the foundation in two to three years then have the correct replacement in place before Pete retires.

    The only problem I see is Bohn. Pete, demands power, and I think Bohn will be afraid of that with the idea that Carroll would eventually take his job.

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    1. I began to wonder about Pete’s judgement when he fired Chow. That cost USC a natty. Then I really wondered about his judgement when he thought Haden hiring Clay was a great day for USC.


    1. trojan1967,

      I see the writer is a racist per the woke crowd. He said 12 out of 14 people of color were hired. I thought all people had a color to them, not just the browns blacks, red, yellow, but also white, which I don’t see white, but I see a beige to them.

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    2. Get off Pedro’s back, 67. He will help Carol show us the way….


    1. Loved the way Walken played it….loved the National Geographic episode it references even more……


  9. Scooter,

    Just use the song by the Stones, “Paint it Black” as your official report card. Just make everything black. There is no good going ot come from this season. Everything is an F in all categories until the season is over. There is no good coming from this season.


    1. J Wolcott

      Wallace just posted Dan Quinn will be new coach. Not sure on his sources. Kind of doubt Bohn would tell Wallace.

      I suspect he is wrong and Aranda will be announced December 5th..

      The PC rumors are hot in Seattle.
      I think it would be fun with PC but that ship has sailed.

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      1. Burrow, I recall how many posters here were so excited about the 2021 Trojans in the pre-season leading up to the September start. Flowery language and accolades were thrown about freely. And then the season started and all the positive talk stopped, replaced by negative, even vitriolic, talk.

        So I will await the official declaring of the new coach, and will not spend time speculating who it might be. Then I will get excited with the choice, hopefully.

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  10. OWNS wants to fire the UCLA midget basketball coach, and bring back Jim Harrick the biggest crook in town as his replacement. Remember, UCLA has all its players back from last year, and still got blown out by Gonzaga who has almost an entire new team. Can’t wait for the Pac 12 basketball season to start……..!

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    1. owns doesn’t know the middle ground. He either thought Chip was winning a natty, or alternatively that Chip should be fired. Chip is a middle-of-the-road, mediocre coach, way past his prime, just right for a mediocre, way past its prime, program.

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  11. Well stated 67……… however if you questioned some of Pete’s decisions I would hate to think what you thought on some of the decisions made by Kiffin, Sarkisian, Clay Helton, and now Mike Bohn.

    Don’t be surprised if Bohn screws up this new football hire. He is not in tune with what USC football really is, and what’s worse doesn’t want to know.

    My point on bringing Pete is it’s a WOW hire something we need to do to rebuild the brand quickly. His ship has sailed, but it can sail again. If you think he’s too old his energy level is still even higher than Nick Saban who is close to his age If Pete came back it would be to rebuild the foundation of the program for a few years, and then the goal would be to have him push out Mike Bohn and become Athletic Director.

    No recruit is going to be excited about Dan Quinn………Aranda, has the makings of a good coach, but it will take 4-5 years to get the program going on. Will the USC fan base be patient enough for that??

    Stayed tuned it looks like we will have a new coach in the next two weeks maybe sooner. If I had to pick one guy who can get USC to a Pac 12 Championship/Rose Bowl within two years it would definitely be Pete Carroll.

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    1. On top of the fact he’s NOT “The Guy”, we’ll have to listen to social justice lectures every time Coach Quinn opens his trap—which is one more reason Folt will want him: it’s not about the team, it’s not about the players, it’s about HER]……


  12. At the end of the day, coaching is about results, so I would rather have a coach who has been a winner as a DC than a head coach with tons of experience and a 50-50 win rate. It is better to take a chance on promoting a DC who is stellar than hiring a head coach who has proven to be mediocre.

    I think Dan Lanning combined with Jeff Grimes should be considered. I’m not sure if Lanning has the skills to be a head coach yet, but I know that he will be a great recruiter and understands defense. And I’m pretty sure he would understand how to build culture.

    Pete Carroll is just too old, there is no reason to go down that path.

    Dave Aranda is still the best bet for a coach.

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    1. Even if we asked him real extra nice-like, even if we paid him what he’s making now plus another 5 million a year, Pete would not wanna join forces with the present power structure at USC…


      1. Money does not motivate every man. Heck, I would rather play than work because it is more fun. But of course I do both.

        Now, Mr. Carroll is an interesting case in point– he did wonders at SC, and then he moved back to the NFL and showed he was one of the greatest coaches in American history. The guy has nothing to prove. And besides, it is no longer 2001 when Carroll took over, but 2022 (coming up). The SC climate was a tiny bit more positive than it is now at present, even though that is a redundant statement.


  13. Solution: fire everyone at USC with a title above Asst. Professor. Then open requisitions for their jobs and invite applications. Quickest way to clean house, and both Bohn and Folt would not be rehired.

    Bohn, head of the Athletic Department, won’t make the right hire. Guaranteed. For all we know, he’ll give Donte Williams an extension. But for the love of all that is holy, get us a new DC. The pain of consistently horrid D is too great to bear.


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