A Sign Of A Sideways USC Season

2021 USC Trojans Football Media Guide - USC Athletics

If you want a sign of how USC’s season has gone sideways, look at the media guide cover.

Drake London: Hurt

Kedon Slovis: Worse

Isaiah Pola-Mao: Worse

Drake Jackson: Worse

Chris Steele: Some people might disagree but I don’t think Steele is any better than last season, which was nothing to talk about either.

48 thoughts on “A Sign Of A Sideways USC Season

    1. Can somebody remind me once again how Clay Helton got another head coaching job? The athletic director at Georgia Southern will look like a fool this time next year 😂😂


    2. EXACTLY…anyone notice Gary Patterson is leaving TCU after 22 yrs?? He is a Utah Wittingham type coach…gets a lot of 2-3 star and JC players and has always been highly respected as I recall AND NATTIONAL COACH OF THE YEAR, several times…plus many many conference titles.


      1. Suckisian and probably Kiffin … Suck without a doubt. With Herbiestreet and Cowturd never ending plugs for this fraud. Trying to fool us that doped out loser was actually a football coach. Fat Weis was bad too but that is typical ND crap.

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      1. Helton steals top “fuck up” honors from Lane.
        Losing with Sam Darnold is a lot harder to do than losing with Cody Kessler.

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      1. Ending to the Folt era: 7 little men return home in a storm & find their beloved football program in a deep sleep. They see Folt in a black hooded robe running from their cottage and give chase. She climbs up a cliff and tries to crush all 7 at once by pushing a boulder down on them. A lightning bolt strikes her and she falls into a deep chasm.
        Dave Aranda rides by the 7 little men’s cottage on a beautiful white charger named Traveler and stops to kiss the sleeping program on the lips.
        Everyone lives happily after.

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  1. The season started out breech delivery and after two games the mother died and the kid was left to a babysitter and two funny uncles. Sideways would have been a piece of cake.

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    1. Crap. Good point. [I think I said before Game #1 Drake was our offense & God help us if he got injured]….

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  2. Before you read this quote from Orlando in an interview yesterday, make sure you have the alka-seltzer ready:

    ““I’m the type of person…what can I do?” Orlando said. “That’s a coach. A coach is someone who doesn’t say anything outside of, can I get it better? Can we get it better? Where do we lose a step? Because sometimes it’s just one step from one read to one processing moment that you don’t expect a guy to have, and that’s the stuff that we’re digging into. At this point right now, if this guy does this, what was the hesitation? Why? And we’re just digging into it right now.”

    No wonder the defensive players don’t get it. Orlando doesn’t get it. What does this even mean?

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    1. If Orlando spoke those words (or even words remotely similar to them) to Saban, he’d be fired (directly after Saban slapped the shit out of him)…

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      1. I read the quote again. Gibberish. He has no idea what to do.

        You would think that the odds would be stacked against USC hiring literally every lousy football coach in the profession. Orlando. Clancy. Clay. Sark. Baxter. Harrell. Drevno. The Western Kentucky staff…

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      2. The “odds” were stacked against it….but Haden Swann & Bohn were stacked for it…..

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  3. Whew, is it finally over, Thanksgiving I mean. How much can I take of pretending to like Uncle Jack and lying to Aunt Ruth that her stuffing is even better than 2-years ago.

    No, it is time to return to my small world with my over-rated ego (What?– nobody thinks I’m great?– What is wrong with them?)

    Yep, it is time to get serious, and start hoping that BYU is praying to a “lesser god” than SC is.

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    1. My sister make pies and she always wants to know how they are. Continue bantering until I tell her. So she asked with her thinking that they are just as good as our mother’s pies, and I told her so so. She got pissed. Oh well.


  4. So we are hearing that Fickell and Aranda are off the boards and now Matt Campbell is the hot name.


    He just isnt that good of a coach. He has been at Iowa State for 6 years and his team is only 6-5? He only had one good year and went 9-3, his other years the team was 3-9, 8-5, 8-5, 7-6. Luck Fickell has shown us that a really great head coach can take a school with no recruiting advantages, like Cincinnati and turn it into a winner at the highest level. What is Matt Campbell’s excuse.

    So, we should go after Kyle Whittingham. After that, there are no other truly great head coaches that we can get. We should decide that the really great head coaches are off the table and we need to go after the best coordinator we can get. A real winner.

    What does USC need to win?

    1. Culture change
    2. Recruiting prowess
    3. Great coaches
    4. Solid schematics and overall program resources

    What type of team do we want to build?

    1. Lead with defense
    2. Balanced offense / great schematic mastery
    3. Win at the line of scrimmage

    So who fits the bill? Dan Lanning.

    How does he fit the criteria?

    1. Culture change – He is young, tough-minded, has disciplined teams and will never accept a soft culture. His youth is a plus here, not a negative
    2. Recruiting – He is simply the #1 recruiter nationwide. He does not have experience recruiting the LA market specifically, but that really wont matter.
    3. Great coaches – This is the one area he should be vetted. How would he build his coaching staff? He needs to be able to bring in a top OC to run the offensive schematics. Lure the best OC to LA with more money and more authority to run the offense the way he wants.
    4. Solid schematics and overall program resources – Lanning has been at Georgia and learned from one of the top 3 programs in the nation. He will know how to build a similar organization.

    Bohn and Sosna have done a terrible job so far of managing this transition. They didnt give Donte the authority to clean ship on TO and GH during the season, so the team just sank into apathy. They should have enticed either Fickell or Aranda to leave mid-season, before they became hotter names and decided to stay where they are. Bohn/Sosna need to make up for their failures and resist the pressure to hire a big name head coach who is mediocre, at best. Have the frickin guts to hire Lanning. Yes, you will take flack for it from some idiots who dont understand how to build an organization. Who cares?

    Hire the winner. For once guys, have some vision here.

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      1. P. S.
        Bohn is gonna (1) hire a clown and (2) sell him as a warrior [of justice and correctness….and maybe football too]…..


      2. If that is true, then I am truly disappointed. The next step for Lanning would typically be a lower Power 5 program. So getting the HC job at USC would be a really big move for him.

        If we want Lanning, but cant get him, that would be a truly pathetic state of affairs.

        So the few remaining decent head coaches that are a possibility?

        Kyle Whittingham – I cant see him wanting to come to SC
        Kalani Sitake – Not seeing him come either, but maybe
        Dave Clawson – OK, this one is good. Can we get him?

        Who else?

        I really dont know NFL head coaches, so I cant say much about possiblities there.

        I hear some NFL coordinator names thrown about. Why get an NFL coordinator, rather than the #1 college coordinator? At least a college coordinator has been involved in recruiting. We all understand we need a great defensive coach, a great recruiter and a guy who can build a great culture. How does that not fit Lanning?

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    1. John………excellent write up. Whittingham is a better coach than Matt Campbell no question about it. The question is will he leave Utah he is pretty dedicated to the church, and his family, and I think that is very doubtful at his age.

      Matt Campbell is too much of a gamble especially in recruiting. He and his entire staff all came from small schools in the Midwest. He would be a competitive coach in the Pac 12, but not going to make us competitive on the national level year in and year out. Whittingham, can recruit, knows the Southern California recruiting base, and with SC’s talent can take us further than he has at Utah. The best positive on Campbell is he can probably take over in December as opposed to January of 2022

      Sure hope it is not Campbell, but I just don’t think we can get a big time coach at this point in time nor do I think Folt, and Bohn want to pay top buck.

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    2. gametv,

      You are correct on most points, but you forgot the biggest and most important point and that is, the administration has the will to have SC win all games and if they lose a game, they are pissed. The SC administration does not care. They don’t care who they hire as long as it calms the fans down for three years. They don’t care about winning. If that is the case, you could hire Saban and he would lose and then he would leave. If i was a head coach being looked at by SC, that is the first quesiton i will ask, how much do you care about winning. If the adm looks shocked or hesitant, then you know they don’t care. Then it is time to leave the interview. You need the adm’s back.


  5. Helton recently said “I’m not a nice-guy coach. I’m nice to the media but I’m a tough-guy coach.” How dumb would an athletic director have to be to buy that crap? Well, 2 jackass A. D.’s have fallen for it — and one of them is Bohn. Bohn BELIEVED Helton when everything about his team — the penalties, the lazy tackling, the terrible blocking, the show off tactics— proved otherwise.
    Bohn is not gonna make a good hire. Get over it.


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