USC Sunday Buzz: Late-Night Follies

Did Carol Folt forget USC plays Cal next weekend?

Here is what she tweeted — and deleted — last night.


If that wasn’t enough, the announced attendance at the Coliseum was 55,926.

I repeat, the announced attendance was 55,926.

Just look at this photo for a laugh:

5 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Late-Night Follies

  1. News Flash – Lincoln Riley coming to USC. Didn’t see that one coming if true.

    Great for the offense and QBs! Lincoln, if you are coming, PLEASE bring a GREAT D coordinator!


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  2. SAD FROM THE VERY TOP DOWN. This is what happens when USC”s Board of Trustees recruits light weights to be politically correct!


  3. Carol Folt doesn’t know anything about football(as was the case with Max Nakias). The difference is that she isn’t against the football program and is willing to go along with what it takes to bring the program back to glory. Max wanted to destroy this program. She hired a good AD and then got out of the way and let him do his job realizing that she(and Max) didn’t know the difference between a football and a super large cucumber.


  4. hello football fans, were we are georgia takes the choke under women now a male slerby not so smart ,daniels your former 5 star qb sits on the bench ! the iowa qb petras is so slow footed you could time him with a sun dial yikes! sincerely, E


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