A USC-Cal History Lesson

I always think of Sam Barry when USC plays at Cal, so it’s worth retelling this story.

If you ever attended at USC-Cal game at Berkeley, you experienced walking up the hill to Memorial Stadium.

On Sept. 23, 1950, Barry died of a heart attack while he walked up a hill west of Memorial Stadium. Barry was scouting the Santa Clara-California game for USC. He was an assistant football coach prior to the 1950 season but confined to scouting because of poor health.

When Barry collapsed, police sergeant Jack Fink held Barry on his lap as they raced to Cowell Memorial Hospital in a commandeered jeep. When they reached the hospital, Barry was pronounced dead.

More than 300 attended a mass at St. Vincent’s church on Figueroa St. and Adams Blvd. There were more than 70 honorary pallbearers. The actual pallbearers included Barry’s assistant baseball coach, Rod Dedeaux, athletic director Willis O. Hunter, assistant football coaches Ray GeorgeRoy Baker and basketball coach Forrest Twogood.

Barry is one of only three coaches in college sports history to lead teams to the Final Four and College World Series. He also coached USC’s football, basketball and baseball teams at the same time. And he created the center stripe and 10-second rule in basketball.

Barry is also the only USC coach to adorn a Wheaties box.


19 thoughts on “A USC-Cal History Lesson

    1. I’ve read Scott Wolf for 20+ years. Probably because it was free. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he comes closer to accurately reporting USC football than anybody else. I’m not sure how he makes a living out of this.

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    1. I’ve read that he is. Coaching their bowl game as a favor to Stoops. Clay Maguire and Graham Harrell deep ties to Riley, so I suspect they’ll stay on the staff.

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  1. Been to Cal one time in 2017. Walked the hill from the North Berkeley BART Station. Do not recommend this for anyone in fair to poor health. Take the shuttle, which I only found out about on the return trip. It was a tough climb.

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    1. I remember the stories about Sam. Coach George and Coach Goux used to tell fantastic stories about him. At the time I thought they must be USC. myths.


  2. Lincoln Riley needs to purge the roster from Heltons crew of lazy thugs. Rebuild around white strength

    The coaching staff has FAILED. Get rid of Donte “Thug” Williams and bring in guys with real culture. Not rap music at practice free for all guys like Helton

    It’s time to run the program with discipline and white strength. Clean house and purge the roster of lazy thugs

    Scott Wolf will hold them accountable


  3. hello football fans, look heres the thing the ncaa should not permit football head coach to be fired during the season! its very detriamential to the players and fans of those teams?its bad business ? sincerely, E


  4. hello football fans, here comes Austin O from the foothills ? slovis good riddence to that one go quitly into the night kedum /??? regards, E


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