Did USC Really Have To Play Cal Tonight?

Talk about an anti-climatic game. It feels even less necessary today than when the game was rescheduled.

Some USC fans suggested the Trojans should have pulled a UCLA and taken a forfeit like the Bruins did with Washington this weekend in basketball.

But remember, USC was desperate to be bowl eligible and forfeits do not count as a victory for bowl purposes. So USC needed this game. It just didn’t think it would lose to UCLA and BYU. Oh well.

The 8 p.m. kickoff is diabolical, by the way.

17 thoughts on “Did USC Really Have To Play Cal Tonight?

  1. Snark master Scott can officially call this game the Toilet bowl. No matter who wins- we all lose! Scrub Helton’s stink off this team once the game ends and start a new chapter for Trojan football. Fight on! ✌🏻

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    1. Talk about snark — one of Fox News’ [many] goofballs did a piece on Lincoln Riley suggesting the fact his halftime interview was drowned on by SEC chants reflected badly on Lincoln.
      Yeah, like a good coach can will SEC chanters to disappear.


  2. 5-7 can be given consideration if there aren’t enough bowl-eligible teams after the season ends but two years ago our lovely commissioner and uni presidents passed a rule that 5 win P12 teams can’t accept bowl invites and the money and 15 extra practices that goes with them.

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  3. Yes USC needed to play this game. Carol Folt and her fellow Pac12 presidents folded like cheap suits in 2020 and were ready to cancel the season due to coronavirus until they were shamed out of it. The same Carol Folt that everyone was ridiculously slobbering over at the Lincoln Riley press conference. What a attention-seeking lightweight of a university president Carol Folt is! She’d never heard of Lincoln Riley until last Sunday.

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  4. Lincoln Riley is a great coach and hiring him was a home run(thank God we didn’t end up with Mario Cristobal who is not a great coach) but I still think the best coach in the Pac-12 is Kyle Whittingham. But once Riley gets the ball rolling, even Whittingham will not be able to beat him……too much talent in SoCal. Hopefully, Riley will start to put a fence around SoCal talent like Pete did. I hate seeing these other school come in here and steal our talent. On the one hand I hate seeing Bryce Young playing for Bama. He really is a great QB. But on the other hand, if he had come to SC, we’d be having a real good season this year and we would never get rid of CH.

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  5. Reps for Dart vs a pretty well-coached Defense at Cal.
    Reps for some of our WR to show whether they get to play in 2022.
    Reps for our O-line vs a pretty well-coached defense.
    Maybe a 1000 yd season for Keontay if he plays.
    A chance for some of our defensive players to gets some reps.

    A chance for some loyal walk-ons to get some reps.

    A chance to Fight ON!


  6. Has anyone heard about Bill Biedenbaugh? He’s supposed to be the best O-Line coach in the country and I keep hearing that he is coming over with Riley but he’s not here yet. Is he coming or not? SCOTT……what are your sources telling you?


    1. Bedenbaugh is married to a gal from Tahlequah Oklahoma, has two kids 7 and 11 was hired by Bob Stoops…I doubt he follows Riley.


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  8. hello folks, well London might want to stick around coach Riley one best offensive coaches in football ! he could only become better and prosper from that! sncerely, E


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