USC Becomes SNL Skit

The Lincoln Riley welcome event at the Coliseum has now turned into an SNL skit.

At least Oklahomans are keeping everything in perspective.

37 thoughts on “USC Becomes SNL Skit

  1. IF JUSTIN WILCOX BECOMES THE HEAD COACH AT OREGON – USC will quickly much sooner than expected become the kind of the west.

    Wilcox, is a terrible offensive coach, and just ok on the defensive side of the ball. Maybe Phil Knight has finally lost his mind like Al Davis.

    Let’s hope this happens.

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    1. What happens if whOregon is somehow able to hire Dave Aranda?

      Did Mike Bohn even contact Aranda and offer him the job?

      Wolf, if you read these comments sections in your blog, here is a request for you to write an interesting article on how all of the coaching search played out, from September until Riley was hired, detailing what went down with each of the candidates and the inside stuff, particularly with Fickell and Aranda and what shook out.


    2. You’re wildly incorrect. Ask someone who knows football and they will give you nothing but praise for him. He also just thumped USC with a bunch of players that wouldn’t make the USC or the Oregon roster.


    3. Until Lincoln Riley starts addressing the players in the trenches who make everything click, then I’ll continue to look at him in a Clay Helton light.

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    1. Carol looked at the situation just last night and was heard to whisper –“The only thing missing from next year’s offense is a big, strong receiver. Somebody like Bru McCoy. He wants to come back. Riley wants him back. But……

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      1. Another of the highly coveted 5-stars. Taking him back was obviously a mistake. It was obvious he had problems and wasn’t capable of handling them. But those stars, those coveted stars…


  2. Carol Folt is really good at handing out free pizza to the students today, but not so good at being a school president, or dancer.

    Why is Caruso all of a sudden showing up at all the athletic press conferences. Did he write the check to get Lincoln to come, or trying to regain popularity at USC before he runs for mayor or governor of California. To me Caruso is as fake as they come!!!!


  3. hello football fans, hood lum u pitt makes news this guy whipple is traveling ! a pervert,stocker.molester changing jobs? creeps hiding in the coaching ranks! sincerely.E


  4. Flow, just continue to shit on the early excitement for actual changes finally happening and hope for next season, because that’s what you do. And if that is what makes “USC an SNL Skit,” then what the hell does it say about this “blog?” Flow, you have the floor…


      1. Oh I did. I watched the whole hour and a half USC feed just hours after. And then some from other outlets. Sure, Bohn fumbled live on Tusk. But what Flow is doing is here is just his typical Snark Game. Shit on some minuscule opportunity because he hates his own life. It’s classic Flow. Oh, and the best part after tonight?

        No, “Thanks, Enfield.” Again, and again, and again, and again…


    1. There has to be something going on of a personal nature between Bohn and Enfield……some kind of serious personality conflict. Bohn was full of compassion for Helton’s “plight” but he won’t extend Enfield?!

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  5. USC Basketball now 9-0. Thank you Andy Enfield! Mike Bohn, take note your basketball coach’s contract needs to be extended. For once do something that is right not what is politically correct with Carol Folt, and Mr. Caruso.

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  6. I have driven in Oklahoma it could be there inches of a map with a scale of one inch equals one hundred miles. The whole place is desolate and wasteland. Name away okies.

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    1. I have nothing against the state ….but this meaningless act by a butt-hurt state senator is an embarrassment….

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  7. That Lincoln Riley Memorial Highway is a great idea. Symbolizes leaving Oklahoma in your rear-view mirror for California as so many have done over the years.

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  8. We should likewise honor this immature Bill Coleman (where only some dump will elect someone like that as a politician who after milking his cow (singular) got nothing better to do) by erecting a sandbox for dogs to poop in the middle of a Californian park (not in some corner so it can be well used) and name it after him or, if he prefers to share it, his whole family.

    A politician talking about professionalism what a clown


  9. For many SC students football is No. 1, women’s soccer and lacrosse is tied for No. 2 with basketball No. 3.

    Did SC basketball even make Wolfie’s Top-10?


  10. Kiffin comes to USC and Tennessee names a Sewage Treatment Plant after him. Riley gets a Highway from Oklahoma. Any suggestions on what we should name after Helton? Maybe we should rename Skid Row.


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